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The Inquisition Quest


In order to join the Inquisition, head over to Thais and speak to Henricus.

Player: Hi

Henricus: Greetings, fellow believer Player!

Player: Join

Henricus: Do you want to join the inquisition?

Player: Yes

Henricus: So be it. Now you are a member of the inquisition. You might ask me for a mission to raise in my esteem.


Ask Henricus for your first mission.

Head through the sealed door behind him and open the chest to find a book.

You will need to speak to 5 guards located in Thais using the transcripts provided in the book (this can be completed in any order).

Walter, The Guard

Player: Hi

Walter, The Guard: LONG LIVE THE KING!

Player: Trouble

Walter, The Guard: I think there is a pickpocket in town.

Player: Authorities

Walter, The Guard: Well, sooner or later we will get hold of that delinquent. That's for sure.

Player: Avoided

Walter, The Guard: You can't tell by a person's appearance who is a pickpocket and who isn't. You simply can't close the city gates for everyone.

Player: Gods Would Allow

Walter, The Guard: If the gods had created the world a paradise, no one would have to steal at all.

Tim, The Guard

Player: Hi


Player: Trouble

Tim, The Guard: Ah, well. Just this morning my new toothbrush fell into the toilet.

Player: Authorities

Tim, The Guard: What do you mean? Of course they will immediately send someone with extra long and thin arms to retrieve it!

Player: Avoided

Tim, The Guard: Your humour might let you end up beaten in some dark alley, you know? No, I don't think someone could have prevented that accident!

Player: Gods Would Allow

Tim, The Guard: Listen! It's not a drama!! I think there is just no god who's responsible for toothbrush safety, that's all. And even IF through some miracle the stupid toothbrush had jumped out of the toilet into my hand, I honestly doubt I would ever use it again.

Miles, The Guard

Player: Hi

Miles, The Guard: LONG LIVE THE KING!

Player: Trouble

Miles, The Guard: I'm fine. There's no trouble at all.

Player: Foresight of Authorities

Miles, The Guard: Well, of course. We live in safety and peace.

Player: Also For the Gods

Miles, The Guard: I think the gods are looking after us and their hands shield us from evil.

Player: Trouble Will Arise In The Near Future

Miles, The Guard: I think the gods and the government do their best to keep away harm from the citizens.

Grof, The Guard

Player: Hi

Grof, The Guard: LONG LIVE THE KING!

Player: Trouble

Grof, The Guard: I think it'll rain soon and I left some laundry out for drying.

Player: Authorities

Grof, The Guard: Yes I'm pretty sure they have failed to send the laundry police to take care of it, you fool.

Kulag, The Guard

Player: Hi

Kulag, The Guard: LONG LIVE THE KING!

Player: Trouble

Kulag, The Guard: You adventurers become more and more of a pest.

Player: Authorities

Kulag, The Guard: They should throw you all into jail instead of giving you all those quests and rewards an honest watchman can only dream about.

Once you have spoken to all 5 guards, head back to Henricus to complete the mission.


Ask Henricus for your second mission.

He will give you a Special Flask (Holy Water) which you will need to use on a Large Cauldron.

Head over to Femur Hills flying carpet.

Use the code word Eclipse with Uzon who will fly to you the unholy place.

Go down the ramp and use the Special Flask (Holy Water) on the Large Cauldron and then open the chest to the west to find The Witches' Grimoire.

Return back to Henricus to complete the mission.

Vampire Hunt

Ask Henricus for your third mission.

He will direct you to Storkus who is located below.

For Storkus's first task, he will require 20 Vampire Dusts.

Give them to him and then ask for another task.

He will now ask you to kill The Count that roams underneath Green Claw Swamp.

Head over Dwarf Bridge and down the hole located below.

From entering the hole, go down another level.

Head north and then go up the rope spot.

Head north again and go up the ladders.

Go south and into a small opening where a Bonelord will be and continue south, following the route around until you see another ramp.

Go up the ramp, head north and go down the ramp on the other side.

Follow the path north-west where you will pass a sign that reads;

You read: Blood Herb

Presumably the last of its kind in Tibia. Under strict protection by the Royal Council of Carlin

Go up the ladders and you will arrive at Wyda's house.

Go under the Sewer Grate located in one of her rooms and then follow the path south until you see some Jungle Grass.

Use a Machete on the Jungle Grass and then levitate up.

Go down the ladders and then go down the hole to the east.

Continue following the cave to the east and then go down.

Use the Stone Coffin in the centre of the room and The Count will spawn.

If you are a lower level, you can put 3 Garlic Necklaces on the Counters in the room before he spawns to weaken him.

When you kill the The Count, he will drop The Ring of The Count.

Take the ring back to Storkus and then head back to Henricus.

The Haunted Ruin

Ask Henricus for your fourth mission.

Henricus will give you a Special Flask (Holy Water) to use to exorcise an evil being from a house in Liberty Bay.

Head to the below house in Liberty Bay.

Use the Special Flask (Holy Water) on the left hand corner of the room.

Kill the Pirate Ghost that will spawn and then wait 15-20 seconds for the door to re-open.

Return back to Henricus to complete the mission.

Essential Gathering

Ask Henricus for your fifth mission.

Henricus will ask for 20 Demonic Essences.

Give the essences to Henricus and in return, you receive the Demonhunter Premium Demonhunter outfit.

The Demon Ungreez

For your next mission, Henricus asks you to kill Ungreez.

Ungreez can be compared to a normal Demon and can be found under the hero cave in Edron.

Head 3 levels down and then go down the stairs located below.

Head through the sealed Door and go into the Magic Forcefield to be teleported to Ungreez.

Once Ungreez has been slain, head back to Henricus to complete the mission.

The Shadow Nexus

  • Although this part of the quest has become somewhat easier for players since it was first introduced, you will still require a group of high level players to help complete the next few missions along with many strong supplies and needless to say, you will also need to bring some supplies for yourself.

  • You may return back to the retreat at any time during the quest though it is worth noting that not every Magic Forcefield will take you back there as it depends which part of the cave you are in (some Magic Forcefields will take you back to the previous cave i.e. if you go back through the Magic Forcefield at the Battlefield, this will take you back to the Vats where as if you go through the Magic Forcefield at the Crystal Caves, this will take you back to the retreat).


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