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Troll Sabotage Quest

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:


Talk to Jerom north of Edron, near the house that is in ruins.

Ask him for a mission and he will tell you about a troll that took everything from him and ruined his life.

Player: hi

Jerom: Hello. Sorry, but I'm not in the best mood today.

Player: mission

Jerom: I'm not sure but I suppose that an evil troll lives in the mountains here! I saw him rummaging in the ruins of my house. ...

Jerom: I took a closer look and found my family casket ripped open. It contained a precious necklace. If I had it back, I could sell it and start over! ...

Jerom: Could you look for this mean beast, find out why he did it and either get me some money or my necklace to rebuild my business?

Player: yes

Jerom: Great! Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel! Come back and ask me for the quest when you solved this mystery!

Go through the mountain pass to the west and follow the river. There will be a spot where you can jump into the river.

Put on your helmet of the deep or depth galea and swim down the river into the mountain.

Swim into the vortex and go to the left. Go up the rope-hole and climb the mountain.

Beware of werebadgers if you do this during the night. Follow this pathing:

You are now on a ledge. Equip boots of haste, and go for the jump. If you stand too close to the gap and try to jump, you wont make it.

But if you make enough distance you will successfully jump over the ledge.

Go up the stairs where you will find Chief Grarkharok who is behind Jerom's misery.

Talk to him and threat him by saying kill and then offer him a lady. Name him any female player on the server you play.

Player: hi

Chief Grarkharok: Me Chief Grarkharok! No do nothing!

Player: kill

Chief Grarkharok: Hrhrhrhr! Me no fear of human! Me Chief Grarkharok!!

Player: lady

Chief Grarkharok: You help?? Human know troll lady for Grarkharok??

Player: lady

Chief Grarkharok: What name of troll lady??

Player: female player

Chief Grarkharok: Female Player ?!? Sound good! Bring troll lady to Grarkharok!! Here, give troll lady! Take take! Bring lady to Grarkharok for make tribe!! Now GO!

He will hand you Jerom's family necklace. Head back to Jerom and tell him about your success.

He will take the necklace and give you an elvenhair rope.

Player: hi

Jerom: Hello. Sorry, but I'm not in the best mood today.

Player: mission

Jerom: Thank you sooo much . Well, you know I lost everything, but recently I found this strange rope here. I don't need it, here take it!


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