Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Mad Mage Room Quest

Premium:City:ThaisLevel required:40Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Rat Giant Spider Poison Spider Fire Devil Cyclops Orc Orc Spearman Orc Warrior Minotaur Minotaur Guard General Murius Bonelord Rotworm Dragon Skeleton

To begin this quest, you need to get a key from a Prisoner who is located in Mintwallin.

Head to the Ancient Temple in Thais.

Walk north and head down the ladders.

Follow the below path to reach Mintwallin.

In order you speak to the Prisoner, you need to retrieve Key 3620.

Go south into the Barracks and open the chest to find Key 3620.

Now head north-west and go up some ladders.

Head south towards the locked door.

Use Key 3620 on the door and then go up to talk to the Prisoner about a key.

He will ask you to solve a riddle before he can give it to you.

The answer to the riddle is PD-D-KS-P-PD however, upon completting it, he will also ask for 7 Apples.

Give him the apples and in return, he will give you Key 3666.

Player: Hi

A Prisoner: Huh? What? I can see! Wow! A non-mino. Did they capture you as well?

Player: Key

A Prisoner: Sure I have the key! Hehehe! Perhaps I will give it to you. IF you can solve my riddle.

Player: Riddle

A Prisoner: Great riddle, isn't it? If you can tell me the correct answer, I will give you something. Hehehe!

Player: PD-D-KS-P-PD

A Prisoner: Hurray! For that I will give you my key for - hmm - let's say ... some apples. Interested?

Player: Yes

A Prisoner: Mnjam - excellent apples. Now - about that key. You are sure want it?

Player: Yes

A Prisoner: Really, really?

Player: Yes

A Prisoner: Really, really, really, really?

Player: Yes

A Prisoner: Then take it and be happy - or die, hehe.

Now head out of Mintwallin follow the below path to find a Gate of Expertise.

Go through the door and down to the next level.

In this room will be 1 Bonelord, 3 Demon Skeletons, 1 Dragon, 1 Ghoul, 1 Giant Spider, 1 Scorpion and 1 Skeleton.

Head south and use Key 3666 on the locked door.

Go up the ladder and you will find 2 Demon Skeletons.

Use the three chests alongside the north wall to find a Stone Skin Amulet, a Hat of the Mad and a Star Amulet.

There is also a daily respawn in the chest alongside the south wall which contains items such as some Strong Mana Potions and a Silver Dagger.


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