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Lion's Rock Quest



Lion's Rock in Darashia


For the missions: Lion's Mane Flower , Ewer with Holy Water and Cobra Tongue

For the daily tasks: Small Ruby , Small Amethyst , Small Sapphire , and Small Topaz


Head to the Lion's Rock and go upstairs. Now you can receive 'An ewer with Holy Water' from the fountain and a Lion's Mane Flower.

As soon as you collected the items, go downstairs until you reach -1. Go on until you come to the next crossroad. There you will find a Skeleton (Dead Explorer). Use him and you will optain an old parchment.

Note: now you will face a few stronger monsters like Demon Skeleton and Mummy .

  1. Now head west and then to the south until you find a Coal Basin . Use the Lion's Mane Flower on the basin and the Small Pagoda will light up.

  2. If you are done, walk north until you reach a 'Slightly Feline Statue'. Use the Cobra Tongue on the statue. The Small Pagoda will light up again.

  3. For the last mission walk to the east and you will find a 'Ornamented Stone Pedestal'. Use the Ewer with Holy Water on the pedestal. The Small Pagoda will light up for the third time.

After you finished the three missions you will be now able to enter the 'Inner Sanctum' through the Mystic Flame in the west as often as you want.

Inner Sanctum

Enter the Mystic Flame.

Note: now you will face even stronger monsters like Ancient Scarab and Roaring Lion .

Go down the stairs. Walk a few steps south, head west and north. Go down the stairs, walk north and go up. Go on walking and pass the Large Amphora . Now you should receive a message (As you pass incautiously, the ancient Amphora crumbles to shards and dust. Amidst the debris you discover an old scroll.) and a Translation Scroll .

Leave the Translation Scroll in your Backpack and try to activate it while walking on four specific tiles on the floor. You will receive a message everytime you step on the right tile.

The four tiles are here:

The last tile is at the Scorpion Altar . Just look for it a few steps south-west.

You will get a final message (With the aid of the old scroll you translate the inscriptions on the golden altar: And the mighty lion defeated the treacherous scorpion. As a sign of victory he took its poison, violet as deceit and betrayal, and created a precious treasure.).

Now you completed the premissions to do the task on a daily basis.

Daily Task

These rewards are possible:

Note: with this task it is possible to recive the The Lion's Heart . If you already own the Noble Lion Premium Noble Lion it is NOT possible to recive that reward. You can repeat the task every 24 hours.

Enter the 'Inner Sanctum' again and look for a room with a rock in the center and four different looking tiles in a rectangle. You will find that room in the north part of the Inner Sanctum.

  1. Use the Small Amethyst on the tile in the sout-east (Scorpion Poisen). A Violet Flame will light up.

  2. Use the Small Ruby on the tile in the north-west (Hyaena Blood). A Red Flame will light up.

  3. Use the Small Sapphire on the tile in the south-west (Lizard Egg). A Blue Flame will light up.

  4. Use the Small Topaz on the tile in the north-east (Snake Eye). A Yellow Flame will light up.

After placing the last gem on the slots, you will recive a message ([...] Something happens at the centre of the room...) and a Ornamented Fountain will appear where the rocks were. To get the reward you have to use the fountain.

(Note: After finishing the quest you will earn the Achievement Lion's Den Explorer )

By Guardian on 19 Nov 2017, 20:33 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

It is not very rare to get the The Lion's Heart so it should not take you more than 4 or 5 days to get your noble lion mount. Also, this item cannot break while taming the lion so you will get the mount 100% sure, however, the lion may flee so you might have to find another one.


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