Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Krailos Quest


In order to complete this quest you need to do several smaller side-quests. Most of them can be started inside Krailos Village, but completing all missions will require exploring the whole Krailos. After completing all of these missions you will earn the achievement The Call of the Wild . Note: In order to get this achievement you need all seven mission completed in your quest log at the same time. Since taking on Grubokk 's mission deletes the one the goblins give you, you are advised to do Grubokk's one first: Survival of the Strongest.

Required equipment:

Hungry New World

Skull Orchid

Find Larek in Krailos Village. Ask him for a quest and he will tell you he needs a sample of a Skull Orchid , which you'll have to collect using the Botanist's Container he gives you. You have one of the required flower here.

Use the container on it to receive a Botanist's Container (Orchid) and report back to Larek.

Player: Hello

Larek: Greetings!

Player: quest

Larek: Indeed there is something. As I may have mentioned I am a discoverer and explorer. I want to learn as much as possible about Krailos to write it down in a book. ...

Larek: I already wrote an essay about the ogres, but I want to publish something more comprehensive. The problem is that I also have to play the role of a merchant here. ...

Larek: If I don't provide the ogres with enough sweets like cookies and candy, the chieftain, Vuzrog, no longer will see my benefit for this village and eat me up. So I can't leave the village for too long. ...

Larek: Larek: But you could. Would you go out and search something for me?

Player: yes

Larek: That's wonderful! What you are looking for is a rare plant I call the skull orchid. The ogres told me about it. It supposedly has odd blooms that look like tiny skulls. ...

Larek: I don't know where exactly you could find one, but according to Ghorza it only grows in dry and very secluded places. Take this container and if you find such a skull orchid, please store a sample of it inside and bring it back to me.

Ancient Map

Larek will now want you to find something useful in a cave system to the northwest he explored earlier. Go to northwest Krailos and cross some water to reach an islet. Step into the Water Channel (you'll need Diving Equipment) and follow the way.

You will meet Shark and Jellyfish , as well as Water Elemental and finally a room containing a Nightmare . Use the Sarcophagus in the north-west of this room and you should receive an Ancient Map . Report back to Larek.

Player: quest

Larek: Have you found a sample of the skull orchid?

Player: yes

Larek: Oh, brilliant! You made a very important contribution to botany and scientific taxonomy. Say, are you interested in another mission?

Player: yes

Larek: I'm glad you're so eager to bring forth not only botany but also archaeology! Well, I possibly told you that hundreds of years ago, Krailos was populated by a highly developed human culture. ...

Larek: Its ruins are still visible at some places in the steppe, and underneath there are surprisingly well-preserved architectural complexes. I visited the place and took some interesting notes. ...

Larek: But there has to be more. I'm sure I overlooked something. I suspect that somewhere down there is a secret room which might contain something of great interest. Perhaps it is accessible only by water.

Ancient Amulet

Larek will tell you he also found something when exploring the ruins you just entered, but that he lost it to a greedy bird. He wants you to retrieve this item. Walk south of the village and you should find a Dead Tree containing a Bird's Nest here.

Use the nest and you should find an Ancient Amulet (Quest) (You see something glittering between the eggs and pull an ancient amulet out of the bird nest.). Report back to Larek.

Player: quest

Larek: Have you found the secret room in the ruins? Was there something of interest inside?

Player: yes

Larek: What an ancient map! It must be hundreds of years old. Let me see, please. This is a map of Krailos and the surrouding ocean. Oh, that's incredible! They charted many nowadays completely unknown sea routes on this map! ...

Larek: The lost culture must have been a seafaring nation, too. That's an entirely new insight for me. Oh, but there is still one thing. Would you help me one last time?

Player: yes

Larek: Thank you so much! Listen: When I was searching the northern ruins for the secret room, I already found something there. An ancient amulet, forged with remarkable artisanship. ...

Larek: Bringing back such a precious artefact to the Explorer's Society would be important for my reputation. Unfortunately a thieving steppe bird has stolen the amulet, probably because of the sparkling, colourful gems. ...

Larek: It flew southward and I assume the thief brought the amulet to its nest. I know, finding the right tree in this vast grassland is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But I'm sure you'll succeed.


As a reward for completing these missions, Larek will grant you access to the Grille that can be found in his tent. Down here there is a depot, Skill Trainers and NPC Kaya , who is a banker and a postman.

Player: quest

Larek: Have you found the lost amulet?

Player: yes

Larek: Well done! Thank you very much! You really brought forth my studies about Krailos! In return let me offer you a little convenience. You may use the depot I established here. Just use the entrance in my tent.

Player: bye

Larek: Farewell.

Quenching the Thirst

Note: this quest can only be started if the salt lake north of Ghorza 's tent is dried. If it's current filled, wait a few days and it will revert to the dried state. Also, use the keyword water instead of mission or quest when reporting missions.

Catching Spirits

Ask Ghorza about water. She is located in the northern part of the Krailos Village. Agree to help, and she'll give you a Carafe of Water Binding . Equip a Helmet of the Deep or a Depth Galea and head to the underwater area in north-western Krailos, here.

Once there, kill Water Elemental and use the carafe on their corpses until it's full (5 in total).

Travel to the dried salt lake just a few steps north-east of Ghorza, here

and use the filled carafe on the Salt Incrusted Floor .

Repeat the process 5 more times, killing a total of 30 water elementals. Once finished, the lake will be filled with Dirty Water . Notice, that server save resets your progress in the quest, so if you don't manage to deliver Elementals' essence six times in one day to the lake, after the server save you will have to start from the beginning.

Player: water

Ghorza: Water great problem in Krailos. Not enough water, not anymore. Seas and rivers drying up, become salty holes. So new powerful spirit arose. Younger than Great Hunger but even more dangerous. We calling Dreadful Thirst. ...

Ghorza: We feeding Great Hunger with meat. Always enough meat in Krailos. Dreadful Thirst wants water, but drying up all water sources. So not enough water to calm Dreadful Thirst. Not even enough for ogres to drink. ...

Ghorza: Spirits of fathers and mothers telling Ghorza that in past more water been here. Krailos been more green and lush. Now water fading. Only bigger waterhole left is here in village. Many battles against other ogres because of water. ...

Ghorza: Ogres needing more water. You helping?

Player: yes

Ghorza: Very good! Ghorza having idea how to solve problem. Listen: There dried salt sea near village. Right beside Ghorza's tent. If we fill with water again, ogres having enough water, no more problems. ...

Ghorza: You ask how. Hah, Ghorza asked spirits same question! Spirits said: Take jar or jug and enchant with shamanic spells. Spirits told Ghorza what to do. Ghorza found pretty shimmering jar in shipwrecks and made jar that can take in water spirits. ...

Ghorza: If you finding some you catching their souls and pouring them into dried sea. But only pour on purple salt. Spirits said so. Yellow and orange salt absorbing water spirit souls too fast. Here, take enchanted jar.

Detoxifying the Water

Ghorza will thank you for your help, but also tell you that the water is poisoned as it is now. She wants you to ask Larek for instructions on how to detoxify the water so that it becomes drinkable. Go to him, and he will instruct you to find Golden Quartzes . He says you can find these quartzes all over the steppe. They have an orange tone with a golden shade and are often half-buried in the steppe sand. Look around Krailos Village for these quartzes and use a Hoe (you can buy one from Larek) on them to receive Golden Quartz Powder (You are grinding the golden quartzes into a fine powder.). You'll have to use 30 of such stacks of powder on the (middle of the) lake to succeed (if you drop the powder, it doesn't count) and turn the Muddy Water into Shallow Water (You sprinkle the golden dust into the toxic water and it glitters softly.). Report back to Ghorza after doing so.

Player: water

Ghorza: Salt sea filled with water now. But water still poisonous because of salt. Must make water clean so ogres can drink it. Ghorza not knowing how. ...

Ghorza: But human merchant Larek told he knowing way to remove poison from water. Ask him. Oh, brought back enchanted jug, too. Ghorza taking back.

Player: water

Larek: Yes, I noticed that the salt sea near the village is filled with water again. But it still looks poisonous. I assume the salty sediments are the reason for this. ...

Larek: I'm not completely sure, but some of my petrology studies seem to indicate that a mineral found in the steppe of Krailos is able to serve as an antitoxin. ...

Larek: Look out for golden shimmering quartzes and grind them into a powder. I could sell you a hoe, if you need one. Then scatter it into the poisonous water.


Ghorza will be very pleased and gift you a Shaggy Ogre Bag .

Player: water

Ghorza: Sea filled with fresh water now! Now Dreadful Thirst not threatening ogres anymore. Ogres of Bloody Skull Tribe having enough water. Ogres making party now. You see? Hanging up old banners and colourful snips found in wreckage. ...

Ghorza: Larek told us that humans hanging up such things when reveling. Ghorza thought that funny idea, so ogres hanging up some shreds, too. A bit boring yet, so ogres added some skeletons. Looking better now. ...

Ghorza: You done well, little human. You not snack, you fellow. Take this, perhaps something of use inside.

Revolt of the Goblins

Note: You can't have this mission and Survival of the Strongest active at the same time.

Gathering Food

To start this mission, speak with Nibble in Krailos Village. He wants to start a revolt against the oppresive ogres and tells you to first bring some food to the goblins in the Krailos Mines. Take an Obsidian Knife and visit the mountain range to the south. Go up some stairs here

and follow the only way several times up and down until you meet Grubokk . Go up until you are here

and you will find yourself in a cave with ~20 Greasy Stones (Inhabited). If you use one, it will turn into a Greasy Stone (Uninhabited) and one of the following creatures will spawn:

  • a Bug (A light snack for a goblin, but not what you are looking for.)

  • a Centipede (Probably tasty and full of protein, but not what you were looking for.)

  • a Bog Frog (You found a holy bog frog.)

The stones turn back to their original inhabited state after a few minutes. Use your Obsidian Knife on twenty of the frogs to obtain twenty corpses of Bog Frog .

Now walk back to Grubokk and use the area between the pot with water and a Draw Well to obtain a Goblin Bone Key (You found a key made out of a goblin bone.). Now go down the hole next to Grubokk and walk all the way west until you reach a gate here

which you can open with the key just obtained. Go down the hole, walk west and go down the ramp. Walk north-east and go down a hole here.

Walk north-east until you find An Imprisoned Goblin here.

Give the 20 dead bog frogs to him.

Player: mission

Nibble: Shshsh! Not so loud! ... You help? Be goblin champion?

Player: yes

Nibble: Need three things. Food, water, weapons. Food most urgent! ...

Nibble: Find holy bog frogs in mountains! Use obsidian knife to frog god and keep holy power in frog flesh! Need lots! ...

Nibble: Bring twenty to poor imprisoned goblins before they dead!

Player: mission

An Imprisoned Goblin: You help? You come from Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad?

Player: yes

An Imprisoned Goblin: You bring holy food to starved goblins! You truly help! ...

An Imprisoned Goblin: I bring quickly to other goblins! Good human! Will be right back.

Acquiring a Weapon

After receiving the food, An Imprisoned Goblin will ask you to acquire a weapon which will aid them in their revolt and send you away to find a goblin in hiding. He will supply you with a password so that that goblin knows you're on his side. Exit the mines and make your way to A Goblin Exile here.

Tell him the password you got and he will allow you to open one of the Door near him. The one to the north will lead into a room containing Sugatrap's Obsidian Lance , the one to the right will lead into a room containing The Crossbow of Swordfish (You found Swordfish's crossbow. It looks sleek.), and the one to the south will lead into a room containing Hopgoblin's Broken Staff (You found Hopgoblin's staff, splintered and broken as it is.). Take your weapon and bring it to A Runaway Goblin here.

Player: mission

An Imprisoned Goblin: You want to help goblin cause? You good hu-man. Listen. ...

An Imprisoned Goblin: Some goblins never came back from digging. I think they hiding, biding time. But not know. Maybe found places to stay with water or swamp! You look for signs. ...

An Imprisoned Goblin: You will need to know password so they know you champion for us. You will do that? You will help? You will remember password if I tell?

Player: yes

An Imprisoned Goblin: I will tell you. Password for you to make goblins trust is 'Swordfish'/'Sugatrap'/'Hopgoblin'. You not forget that! No further hint!

Player: hi

A Goblin Exile: A hu-man! Golden eyes brought strange guest! Who sent you?

Player: Swordfish

A Goblin Exile: You come in name of resourceful city protector. I trust you. You may take sacred crossbow from eastern cave to bring home for great goblin revolt. May golden eyes look kindly on our steps.

Player: hi

A Runaway Goblin: Hu-man! Strange guest! What want? Say!

Player: Swordfish

A Runaway Goblin: Correct! You friend from friends in mines! This means they still alive! ...

A Runaway Goblin: I know secret passage, but have no holy weapon to guide my people! Bring weapons from him who no name, hiding holy stuff, and bring to me! You have holy weapon?

Player: yes

A Runaway Goblin: Hah, it is famous crossbow from goblin city protector! Fast weapon of fast goblin! I take, human. Will bring freedom to goblins!

Fixing Water Wheels

Go back to An Imprisoned Goblin and he will tell you there is still a great need for water amongst the goblin slaves in the Krailos Mines. Use the Dead Goblins in the mines and around until you find Large Pliers (You found a pair of ogre pliers. This might come in handy.). Use them on ten Crude Water Conveyors to turn them into Crude Water Conveyors (Fixed) (You fixed the conveyor wheel. It should pump water now.). When you are done (You fixed enough ten wheels just as the pliers break. The goblins should have enough drinking water for a while at least.), go back to An Imprisoned Goblin .

Player: mission

An Imprisoned Goblin: You found holy weapon, you say? Goblin will bring? Champion hu-man! Now only drinking water problem left! For us, biiiiig issue. For you, easy-peasy! ...

An Imprisoned Goblin: You fix water wheels in cistern and salt rivers in mines! Need to get unclogged! Ten wheels must function if goblins to survive!


An Imprisoned Goblin will give you 5 Onyx Chip , a Rusted Helmet , and a Rusted Shield for your efforts.

Player: mission

An Imprisoned Goblin: I hear sound of water wheels turning! Good job, hu-man! Here, take reward from me! Belonged to trusted friend, may be of use to you now he dead!

Survival of the Strongest

Note: You can't have this mission and 'Revolt of the Goblins' active at the same time.

Cutting Water

Find Grubokk in the mountain range to the south. Talk to him about a quest and he will say you can help him punish the Goblin slaves if you swear never to help any goblin ever. Do so.

Grubokk will tell you to start off by sabotaging 10 Crude Water Conveyors so that the goblins will have to suffer from thirst. In the Draw Well next to Grubokk you can find a Goblin Bone Key (Key 0555), which is needed to enter the Krailos Mines (You found a key made out of a goblin bone.). Go down the hole to the left of him and follow the way to the mines. Use the Dead Goblins in the mines and around until you find a Heavy Stone Hammer (You found a heavy ogre hammer. This might come in handy.). There are lots of goblins near An Imprisoned Goblin . Find Crude Water Conveyors all over the mines and use the hammer on them to turn them into Crude Water Conveyors (Fixed). (You sabotage the wheel. It stops turning.). There are only 6 Crude Water Conveyors, so you will have to wait some time to use some of them more than once. Locations are:

  • First one here

  • Second one here

  • Three going up this spot here

  • Sixth and last one

Trying to sabotage the same wheel again when not enough time has passed yet will result in the message This wheel is already dented as if sabotaged.. Once you are done (That's all the wheels you needed to sabotage.), report back to Grubokk.

Player: mission

Grubokk: Arr harr! Pesky goblins up to no good? You wanna teach lesson? Me reward you!

Player: yes

Grubokk: Good! But first, you promise on life you no help goblin! You SURE no help goblin?? Say it!

Player: no help goblin

Grubokk: That will show uppity goblins! Will take away water. Then they not feel so thirsty for revolt, harr! ...

Grubokk: Three things to make them sorry. Cut off water supplies in mines first. Then poison wells in their wormy city tunnels. Then flood them out of mines with sea water! ...

Grubokk: Will be nicely marinated and seasoned when they wash up here! HAHAHAH!

Poisoning Well Water

Grubokk now wants you to poison the goblins' well water. Take your Heavy Stone Hammer and go to the big dry lake to the east of Krailos Village, located here.

Use the hammer on the Crystallized Salt you'll find there to obtain a Poison Salt Crystal . If you fail, you'll see the message That was a weak blow. Try harder., but if you succeed, it will be You pound a piece of salt crystal from the solid ground. do this on two different concentrations of crystallized salt (otherwise you'll get the message You already took all the useful crystal splinters from this one. Try another.) and your hammer will break (The hammer breaks with the blow. You gather some salt crystal. This should be enough.).

Now climb the mountains near Grubokk and find the two Draw Well located there.

Use the crystals on them to complete the mission (You dump the poison salt into the water well. and You dump the poison salt into the water well. Acrid fumes waft up. Seems your job is done here.). Report back to Grubokk.

Player: mission

Grubokk: Yes? You finished task? What you do? Sabotage water wheels, poison wells or flood tunnels?

Player: sabotage

Grubokk: Ah! Ten wheels damaged, good, good. That will occupy goblins for a while! ...

Grubokk: Now to next thing. Find salt crystals in lakes! Dump crystals in all wells in goblin tunnels. All's well, harrharr! Good joke!

Flooding Tunnels

You will now need to sabotage the three Crude Treadmills in the Krailos Mines to make them flood the mines. Use the Dead Goblins in the mines and around until you find Large Pliers (You found a pair of ogre pliers. This might come in handy.). Use them on the mills

to turn them into Wooden Treadmills (You sabotaged the treadmill. The water will flood the mines speedily. Get out in time!, You sabotaged this treadmill. The water will flood the mines soon. Sabotage the remaining quickly to get out in time!, and With the last desperate twist, the pliers breakand water floods the tunnels. Now get out quick before you drown, too!). The pliers will break and you will have to get out of the mines (near Grubokk is enough) quickly in order not to drown. Wait outside until you get the message That was fast. You got out just in time before the water flooded everything. and report back to Grubokk. Do not report to Grubokk before you get this message! You'll have to wait a few minutes for it.

Player: mission

Grubokk: Yes? You finished task? What you do? Sabotage water wheels, poison wells or flood tunnels?

Player: poison

Grubokk: Hah! Only two wells! Puny goblins with puny wells! Hur hur! No big job for even puny human like you! ...

Grubokk: Now last thing - you flood tunnels! One time goblin washed up just like this! Chattered about three treadmills not holding off sea water! Kicked him back in to stop leakage. HAHAH! ...

Grubokk: Now go! Use pliers at leaky treadmills! Flood goblin tunnels! And be quick or be drowned, human!


Grubokk will give you 5 Opal and 2 Flask of Rust Remover to thank you for your help.

Player: mission

Grubokk: Yes? You finished task? What you do? Sabotage water wheels, poison wells or flood tunnels?

Player: flood

Grubokk: Good job, have eaten well! Now will have quiet for a while from goblin, har har. You get reward, human. ...

Grubokk: Here, take this. Tasty sauce. Took it off goblin, you keep!

The Chieftain's Menu

Note: Vuzrog will only give you his other mission once after completing this mission.

Ask Chieftain Vuzrog in the middle of Krailos Village for a quest and agree to help him. He needs food and will ask you to bring him some. Gather the following and return to him. Note: even though Vuzrog specifically asks for five vials of Prickly Pear juice, you can use any type of fruit to satisfy his requirements.

10 pieces of Roasted Meat (use Raw Meat (looted or skinned from Clomps) on a Campfire to roast it);

1 Ogre Beer (found inside a nearby Ogre Beer to the south-east of the village, check the screenshot);

5 Vial of Fruit Juice (use a Juice Squeezer on five pieces of fruit while having the same amount of Vials in your backpack);

12 Cookie (buy from Larek);

1 Cake (bake a Cake (there is an Oven next to Larek) and use a Kitchen Knife on a piece of fruit while having both of them in the same container).

This mission can be repeated every 20 hours and is worth 5 Opal . After doing it 3 times, you will receive the Ogre Chef achievement.

Player: mission

Vuzrog: Vuzrog hungry! Vuzrog needs food, very much food! You looking tasty, small human. But Vuzrog having deal with shaman: Not eating human visitors. Not know why that so important for Ghorza. ...

Vuzrog: But deal is deal - as long as Vuzrog not too hungry. You find food for Vuzrog, yummy titch?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Vuzrog glad hearing that! Listen what Vuzrog wants to scoff: meat! Very much meat. Not raw but roasted. Also bring beer! Last beer was stolen by mean nomadic ogres. Get it back. ...

Vuzrog: After roast Vuzrog wants tasty sweets. Human merchant sometimes had cookies for Vuzrog. Bring cookies! And bring soft thing that small tiddlers call cake! Sounds yummy. ...

Vuzrog: Don't forget prickly pear juice. Not know how juice is made but is tasty! Bring some bottles for dessert.

Player: mission

Vuzrog: You bringing food for Vuzrog?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Yum! That great meal! Vuzrog very pleased. Hmmmmmrrr, perhaps Ghorza right, shrimpy humans perhaps useful. You want little reward?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: You taking this. Pretty stones. Goblins find in mountains together with black stones. Black stones good against evil spirits. Shimmering stones just nice to look. Perhaps humans like. You want do other thing for Vuzrog? (continued during his second mission (but only once))

Player: mission

Vuzrog: You will bring more food for Vuzrog?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Very good! Bring roasted meat, beer, cookies, cake and prickly pear juice!

Player: mission

Vuzrog: You bringing food for Vuzrog again?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Yum! That great meal! Vuzrog very pleased. Want more pretty stones?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Here, taking pretty shimmering stones. Bring more food tomorrow!

The Great Hunger

Talk to Ghorza in Krailos Village and ask her for a quest. She will tell you that she senses that the spirits are upset and that something needs to be done to appease them, especially The Great Hunger. Accept the mission and she will give you a Gourd .

Filling the Gourd

Ghorza wants you to fill the gourd so that it becomes a rattle. She will tell you she wants you to find Shark Teeth and 5 Onyx Chip to put in it.

Head to the water on the way to the Water Elemental and splash in. In the water there is a Floating Green Flask , located here.

Simply use this flask to obtain the Shark Teeth . You can obtain Onyx Chip by looting them from Ogres.

After you've obtained the needed items, use them on the Gourd to make it a Rattling Gourd (You put the shark teeth into the hollowed gourd. and You put the onyx chips into the hollowed gourd.). Report back to Ghorza.

Player: mission

Ghorza: Ghorza feels that spirits restless. If spirits troubled, Great Hunger upset, too. That dangerous. But Ghorza knows reason. Some shrines damaged. Being defiled now. Site must be purged to make spirits calm again. ...

Ghorza: But Ghorza having to do many things here in village and shrines far away. Strewn about steppe. You helping Ghorza with upset spirits, little human? That would be decent reason not to eat you. You helping?

Player: yes

Ghorza: You clever chap. Ghorza explaining what to do. Taking this gourd. Preparing it so it becomes shamanic rattle. Such rattles calming evil spirits if used in right place. Find shark teeth and onyx chips. ...

Ghorza: Need as many chips as are fingers on one of your hands. Fill teeth and splinters into gourd. Then come back.

Painting the Gourd

Ghorza now wants you to paint the gourd with shamanic paste and give you a Flask of Greasy Red Oil . She will tell you to combine Voodoo Lily Pollen and Dragon Egg Shells to obtain the final ingredient needed.

Obtain Voodoo Lily Pollen by heading to whatever Voodoo Lily you come across

and using it (You gather some blue-violet pollen from the voodoo lily.), and get Dragon Egg Shells from one of the Hatched Dragon's Nests near the Dragon population on Krailos, here.

(You gather some grey, blue-spotted egg shell pieces from the hatched dragon's nest.).

Combine the two items to obtain a Grey-blue Powder (You are mixing together the voodoo lily pollen and the hackled dragon egg shells.), which you'll have to use on the Flask of Greasy Red Oil to end up with Red Paint (You are mixing a sticky red mush.). Use this paint on the Rattling Gourd to obtain a Painted Gourd Rattle (You paint the gourd with some weird ogre runes.) and report back to Ghorza.

Player: mission

Ghorza: Ah, you made gourd rattle! Yes, sound good, will please upset spirits. But now, rattle has to be painted. You mixing shamanic paste. Gather pollen of a voodoo lily and some dragon egg shells. ...

Ghorza: Mixing together and then mingling with this red oil. Painting on gourd runes you see in front of Ghorza's tent.

Using the Gourd

Ghorza now wants you to use the Painted Gourd Rattle in three specific places which need to be blessed anew. If you use it in the wrong place, you will see the message You're shaking the gourd rattle. It clatters, yet nothing else happens., doing it correctly will lead to the message saying You're shaking the gourd rattle and bless the sacred site anew. and produces the red notes effect.

Walk to the north from Ghorza until you come across three Skull in a semi-circle, here.

Stand adjacent to all of them at once and use the Painted Gourd Rattle to bless this place.

Now head to the east and into a large cactus tree forest. Stand near the Large Totem Pole here

and use the rattle to bless this place, too.

Finally, head south of Krailos Village until you encounter a large dragon ribcage here

and use the rattle inside it. Report back to Ghorza.

Player: mission

Ghorza: You paint rattle. Very good, tasty human. Now you go, purging defiled ritual sites. There are three. One is big dragon skeleton near high mountains. One is in cactus forests. Last is at salt sea near strange ruins. ...

Ghorza: But know: If rattle is used at other place than ritual site, spirits might be upset. Be careful.

Catching the Hyaena

Ghorza tells you their totem animal ran away and needs to be caught if they are to make a sacrifice for The Great Hunger. She will give you a Hyaena Trap and tell you to find it.

Head immediately west of Ghorza (if all goes well you should see the message It seems a hyaena has come along here lately. The tracks lead to a nearby sandhole. a few times) until you encounter a pitfall here.

Go down this pitfall and use the Hyaena Trap on the Sleeping Hyaena you will find there to obtain a Trapped Hyaena (Carefully you capture the sleeping hyaena with the trap net.). Report back to Ghorza.

Player: mission

Ghorza: Yes, you purge defiled ritual sites! Ghorza feels, spirits calm again. If spirits quiet, Great Hunger also at ease. But ogres not sure yet. Ghorza must make ritual for Great Hunger. ...

Ghorza: Problem: Ghorza lost totem animal. Totem is cuddly hyaena and ran away. Without totem animal Ghorza not making ritual. You finding hyaena and catch it. But use this net, hyaena savage.

Repairing the Runes

Ghorza will now tell you that parts of their protection runes outside of Krailos Village have been stolen by the Thunder Tusk tribe. She will give you an Ogre Rune Stone , Ogre Rune Stones , Ogre Rune Stones , Ogre Rune Stones , and Ogre Rune Stones and tell you you can study the ones inside of the village to know what the repaired runes have to look like.

The four protection runes to repair are located immediately north, east, south, and west of Krailos Village. Find them and use the stones on the empty places they should occupy (the one to the west needs two repairs). Doing a repair correctly will lead to the message You put the ogre rune stones in the fitting place., report back to Ghorza after repairing all four of the runes.

Ogre Rune Stones must be placed here

Ogre Rune Stones must be placed here

Ogre Rune Stone and Ogre Rune Stones must be placed here

Ogre Rune Stones must be placed here

Note: You have too 'use' the runes on the ground.

Player: mission

Ghorza: Little human bringing back hyaena! Ghorza happy! Ghorza now preparing ritual. But one thing left to do. Protection runes around village not complete. Single stones missing, stolen by thievish steppe birds or naughty ogrelings. ...

Ghorza: Ghorza preparing ritual and little human fixing runes. They on each side of village. You see complete runes here between tents on floor. Look at runes inside village so you know how fixing runes outside. Here, take stones.


Ghorza will give you an Onyx Pendant for all of your efforts. You can also buy potions and magic equipment from her now.

Player: mission

Ghorza: Protection Runes fixed, Ghorza feels! Little human done things very well. Now Ghorza will make ritual and appeasing Great Hunger. Village will be safe. Ghorza thanks useful human! Take this. Will protect against evil spirits. ...

Ghorza: And if need some shamanic brew for healing or magic or some runes, you ask Ghorza. Ghorza can sell.

The Thunder Tusk Clan

Note: this mission follows the food one only once and can therefore only be completed that one time.

After bringing Vuzrog his meal the first time, he now wants you to kill a combined total of 200 Ogre Brute and Ogre Savage . Kill them and report back to him.

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Hrrr, very good! Listen: Other tribe is breaking into ogre village more and more often. Other tribe is Thunder Tusk Clan. Need help to beat off stupid riffraff. Go and kill many Thunder Tusk ogres. ...

Vuzrog: Kill ten times as many as fingers on your hands are. No, kill twice as much. But no shamans, that bad luck. No reward for killing shamans. Then come back and Vuzrog be grateful!


Vuzrog will give you 10 Great Potions corresponding to your vocation ( Great Health Potion for Knights, Great Mana Potion for Mages, Great Spirit Potion for Paladins). From now on, you're allowed to trade with Mugruu , who deals in Weapons, Ammunition, and Creature Products.

Vuzrog: Hello, tasty little snack.

Player: mission

Vuzrog: You killed stupid riffraff?

Player: yes

Vuzrog: Done well! Hrrrmmm, Ghorza right. Humans a little more than tasty snacks. Sometimes are useful, killing enemies and bringing food. Taking this: shamanic brew. And if human wants buy things, ask Mugruu. Chieftain now allows Mugruu trade with human. ...

Vuzrog: Hmmm, if Vuzrog tomorrow hungry again, you can bring more food, useful titch.


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