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Kissing a Pig Quest

Premium:City:ThaisLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
  • access to the Grothmok Tunnel
Creatures to kill:
Giant Spider Scorpion Bug Dwarf Dwarf Guard Dwarf Soldier Cyclops Goblin Witch Dark Monk Monk Stalker Ghost Demon Skeleton Skeleton Banshee Ghoul Mummy

You do not need to talk with the pig between each mission. Only at the start and end do you need to speak with it. You also can do these missions in any order.

To start this quest go to the Pig here:

Mission 1: Saving Caramellia

Start off by heading to Hoggle here:

Ask Hoggle about his "Garden" then head downstairs behind the Door and cut the grass until you receive a orange message saying "you advanced in lawn mowing". Then head back upstairs and talk to Hoggle about his "Garden", you will receive 5 Gold Coins.

Now head to the Femor Hills and search for the tower blocked by grass. Cut the grass and head upstairs to talk to Caramellia . Talk to her about her husband "Winfred", and tell her "True love never dies" from a letter from Winfred.


Mission 2: Poem for Elvith

Head to Ab'Dendriel and talk to Elvith , ask him for "kiss" he will tell you he needs a poem to win over his heart. Go to Olrik south by the entrance to the city here:

Ask Olrik for a poetry parchment. Then use the Inkwell on parchments until you get a perfect poem (4 times):

Once you have this go back to Elvith and hand in the "poem".

Mission 3: Ice cream for Lynda

Go to Thais where you have to go see Lynda in the church north of the DP.

She will not kiss you unless you change her mind with venorean ice cream. Head to Venore to Boozer (above the venore DP) ask him for "venorean ice cream" which he will sell to you for 10 gold. You then have 2 minutes to run the ice cream to Lynda before it melts. Take the boat back to thais and give Lynda the "venorean ice cream".

Mission 4: Play with Zebron

Head to Zebron in Venore, two floors below the central depot, eastern side. Ask him for a "Kiss" and tell him that you are "Worthy". He will invite you to play dice. In order for him to tell you his secrets, you have to win against him three times in a row.

Mission 5: Favour for Dwarven Ghost

Go to Budrik in the mines west of Kazordoon here:

Talk to Budrik and ask him for access to "Grothmok Tunnel" he will need you to bring him 5 Pick . Exchange him the 5 "picks" to get access to Grothmok Tunnel. Head north and down 4 floors to

A Dwarven Ghost . Tell him you want a "kiss" and he will ask you for a "favour".(note saying favor does not trigger his response).

Go back to the ore wagon to head back into the city and take the cart to the DP and head west up the tower here:

Use the chest where you will find a fake dwarven beard. Use your fire bug on the coal basin in the lower right of the room to light it. Then use the fake dwarven beard on the lit basin. After this is done return to A Dwarven Ghost and tell him you have burnt his "beard".

Mission 6: Kiss Toothless Tim

Head to Carlin and go the the sewer grate south of the DP. Talk to Toothless Tim , but only after you have 3 containers of liquor (Beer, Wine, Rum or Mead) then ask him for a "kiss".

Mission 7: Kiss from The Queen Of The Banshee

If you have Queen of the Banshee Quest done you can skip this mission.

You need to have done all the seals of the Banshee Quest, Go to The Queen Of The Banshee, and be prepaired to face 4 banshees and a lot of other creatures, and ask her for a "kiss". (see Queen Of The Banshee Quest)

Claim Your Reward

Go back to the Pig and ask for another "kiss". Head south and down the sewer grate here:

You see Firlefanz. It weighs 10.00 oz.


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