Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Killing in the Name of... Quest

Premium:City:Port HopeLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Quara Constrictor Quara Hydromancer Quara Mantassin Quara Pincher Quara Predator Quara Constrictor Scout Quara Hydromancer Scout Quara Mantassin Scout Quara Pincher Scout Quara Predator Scout Crystal Spider Giant Spider Tarantula Wailing Widow Ancient Scarab Brimstone Bug Lancer Beetle Terramite Destroyer Hellhound Hellspawn Nightmare Nightmare Scion Carniphila Ice Golem Gargoyle Medusa Stone Golem Behemoth Werewolf Kongra Merlkin Sibang Mutated Tiger Mutated Rat Badger Gnarlhound Mutated Bat Bonebeast Mammoth Stampor Ghastly Dragon Undead Dragon Wyvern Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard High Guard Lizard Legionnaire Lizard Zaogun Draken Spellweaver Draken Warmaster Draken Abomination Draken Elite Crocodile Hydra Killer Caiman Thornback Tortoise Sea Serpent Serpent Spawn Young Sea Serpent

Unranked Tasks


Troll , Troll Champion

100 Daniel Steelsoul Level 6-19 200 exp, 200 gp -

Goblin , Goblin Assassin , Goblin Scavenger

150 Daniel Steelsoul Level 6-19, Completed the Trolls task 300 exp, 250 gp -

Rotworm , Carrion Worm

300 Daniel Steelsoul Level 20-39 1.000 exp, 400 gp -

Cyclops , Cyclops Drone , Cyclops Smith

500 Daniel Steelsoul Level 40-59 3,000 exp, 800 gp -

Green Djinn , Efreet

500 Gabel Completed Blue Djinn Quest 10,000 exp, 5.000 gp Merikh the Slaughterer

Blue Djinn , Marid

500 Malor Completed Green Djinn Quest 10,000 exp, 5.000 gp Fahim the Wise

Pirate Marauder , Pirate Cutthroat , Pirate Buccaneer & Pirate Corsair

3,000 Raymond Striker Completed The Mermaid Marina Quest 10,000 exp, 5.000 gp Can be killed only 3 times one of: Brutus Bloodbeard , Deadeye Devious , Lethal Lissy or Ron the Ripper


5,000 Budrik Level 1-40 and completed To Outfox a Fox Quest 10,000 exp, 5.000 gp The Horned Fox

Necromancer , Priestess , Blood Priest & Shadow Pupil

4,000 Lugri Level 60+ Necropharus

Necromancer , Priestess , Blood Priest & Shadow Pupil

4,000 Lugri Level 60+, completed the first Necromancer task 40,000 exp -

Grizzly Adams Tasks

To get them you need to go to Grizzly Adams at Port Hope, he will be at south east hut.

Level 6-49 Tasks

Badger 300 500 exp 1
Stone Golem 200 2,000 exp 3
Gnarlhound 300 1,000 exp 2
Terramite 300 2,500 exp 2
Kongra , Sibang , Merlkin 300 1,000 exp 2
Tortoise & Thornback Tortoise 300 1,500 exp 2
Gargoyle 200 1,500 exp 2
Crocodile 300 500 exp 1 Blood-Red Snapper The Snapper
Tarantula 300 1,500 exp 2 No More Hiding Hide
Carniphila 150 2,500 exp 3 Rootless Behaviour Deathbine
Mammoth 300 5,000 exp 3 Meat Skewer The Bloodtusk

Level 50-79 Tasks

Level 80-129 Tasks

Level 130+ Tasks

Additional Task

Task will be available after collecting 100 points and having a rank of Elite Hunter in Paw & Fur society.

Demon 6,666 - 0 Herbicide Holy Icon

Special Tasks

Tiquandas Revenge Level 90 & Trophy Hunter Rank
Demodras Level 100 & Trophy Hunter Rank

Paw and Fur Ranks

RankPoints RequiredLevel RequiredRewards
Huntsman 10 6
Ranger 20 6
  • 8,000 exp

  • ability to travel with Lorek to Chor, Banuta and mountain pass.

Big Game Hunter 40 50
Trophy Hunter 70 80
Elite Hunter 100 130
  • 30,000 exp

  • ability to start Special Demon task (6666 Task)

  • Elite Hunter

  • Ability to collect Pur & Fur points to kill any boss you wish.

  • Ability to kill low rank bosses one time without using a point.

Tarmon Gai Don
By Tarmon Gai Don on 28 Dec 2017, 22:16 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

After you obtain 100 points and thus the highest rank in the Paw and Fur society you can finish 1 more task to get a bosspoint. When you did that you can kill all the bosses from lower tiers you are still missing once without expending any boss points for those.

Note that you still need bosspoints for bosses of level 130+ creatures. After killing all bosses at least one time you will always need a bosspoint to get to them again.

on 11 Oct 2017, 14:30


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