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Demon's Lullaby

Premium:City:VenoreLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
  • I Did My Part
  • Nanny from Hell
  • If enough babies are returned until May 14 additional rewards will be: until May 21 Experience bonus of 10% and reduced death penalty of 50%
Creatures to kill:
Scorpion Fire Devil Bonelord Winter Wolf Wolf Lion Bat Carrion Worm Rotworm Dragon Snake Demon Skeleton Skeleton

Event starts on May 7th and finishes on May 14th.

Go to Jakundaf Desert, around place marked on the map with a red circle and you will find the Demon Mother on the surface.

Talk to Demon Mother to receive Demon Infant - hi/challenge/yes/bye


Use the demon infant to find out what it wants.

  • Me hungy! Wanna eat draagoon haaam! Buy or loot Dragon Ham and use the Demon Infant on it. He may want more than one on the same day.

  • Me wanna eat firefly! Find a firefly flying around in bushes and trees in Ab'Dendriel.

  • Me wanna eat many, many worms! Simply buy Worm from equipment shopkeepers or loot them.

  • Meee very hungry! Me wanna eat black sheep! Find a Black Sheep or summon one.

  • Me wanna mouldy cheeeeze! Mouldy Cheese can be looted and may be found on the ground. He may want more than one on the same day.

  • Waaah! Me ztomach hurtz! Waaah! Make it better! Get out whatz hurtz zomehow! Use a Fishing Rod for this task. You may need to use it several times to remove Torn Book , Skull or different rubbish.

  • Me wanna kizz other demon baby! Use the infant on another one.

  • Me wanna kizz draaaagooon! Find a Dragon and use Demon Infant on it. If you are a low level you can ask a friend to block it.

  • Me wanna kizz fire devil! Same as above, find a Fire Devil or summon one.

  • Me stinky! Me needing lava bath! You need to be directly next to a lava field and use the infant.

  • Muuuhaaahaa! Me wanna my pacifier! Use a Hammer on a Demon Infant .

  • Me wanna zee big zhip in Venore! Stand on the boat in Venore. When you use the baby while on deck, it might become seasick and turn you into a Bog Raider for a few seconds.

  • Me wanna see draaagons isle! Where old draaagons go. Go to Draconia and use a Demon Infant .

  • Me wanna zee emperor of lil' dwarfz! Go to Emperor Kruzak in Kazordoon.

  • Me wanna see house of saaantaaa! Go to Santa's house on Vega.

  • Me thirzty, Me wanna drink a keg of beer! Find a Beer Cask for this task.

  • Me wanna make muzic! Me wanna play waaaahdrum! Get a War Drum in Farmine or buy it from other player on the market.

  • Me wanna play in zaaand! Finding treazure, building caztlez! Find sand on a beach or desert.

  • Meee wanne eat wheat! Go to a wheat field and use Demon Infant on it.

  • Me wanna lick some snooow! Use a Demon Infant on the snow.

After completing 6 tasks you can return pleased Demon Infant to Demon Mother . - hi/pleased baby/yes/bye

Enjoy your reward :)


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