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Hero of Rathleton Quest


Hero of the city: A voice in the darkness



Go down here(look picture)

OBS on picture number 3 EXANI HUR DOWN, DO NOT enter teleport to the east

Find Strange Pipe and say Hi to him.

Now go east and enter the quest door.

Use all Strange Machine within the time frame.

Enter the mark that`s furthest away at east. Magic Forcefield

You will now be inside a small room, you got 10minutes to kill all the waves+boss.

Eventually Glooth Anemone will start spawning, for around 5-10 waves, be quick they will keep spawning no matter what, When these are dead 4 Tentacle of the Deep Terror will spawn.

These tentacles all need to die exactly at the same time

If you don't, you have 10 seconds to kill the rest otherwise it will respawn with full health,

If you do succeed the Deep Terror . Will spawn. Now when he is dead enter the teleport.

Hero of the city: The plot thickens

Do the same here.(look picture) there are 8 Strange Machine

Note: all these minions will multiply by 2 for each one you kill

Go in the teleport and 1 Feeble Glooth Horror will spawn, then Weakened Glooth Horror , and then Glooth Horror and then Strong Glooth Horror , kill all Empowered Glooth Horror witch is the last summons, bear in mind these are strong.

You can use all kinda tricks here or just stand north and hide the mages and let eks/rps block.

It`s not recommended slaying them all at once,

you only have 10minutes to finish, so you can't be to slow when finish there, head to teleport again.

Hero of the city: The dangerous lava pool

Same here (see picture) use all the Strange Machine

Magic Forcefield Enter when all are used.

Note: For each pull you get 10 second less and the first wave is on 60 seconds.

Enter and try stay as close to each other as possible so Raging Fire spawns close to northwest, then you can easy use the bodies on Crucible , you do not have that have much time.

The lava will spread for each spawn, you will only have a few sqm at last wave.

If you fail you will be sent back and are forced to do the strange machines all over.

Hero of the city: The mighty professor Maxxen

Use all Strange Machine and then head east from the teleport you came out from.

(see picture)

Enter and there will be a few waves of Glooth Golem and after Professor Maxxen will spawn. The generators will eventually become active one by one, (4 in total) Glooth Battery

You gotta be careful, if someone is to close, they will announce

the glooth generator charges up for a lethal explosion

Southwest will be the first to spawn, then southeast will spawn 35 seconds after first northeast will spawn 30 seconds after second, and northwest 25seconds after the third one.

15 seconds later they will overload electricity randomly out of the room 2+?.

If you do survive, this will disappear. I wouldn't recommend taking those hits though.

Note: use magic walls west corner loads of them

Professor Maxxen will have few monsters to fight by his side. Glooth Masher Glooth Slasher Walker . Boss will teleport himself into another room for a short amount of time.

When he is defeated, team can now enter the portal at east to get into the reward room, again do speak with Strange Pipe . Go north to obtain your reward in Box

You are now available to use the Magic Forcefield to gain access to all hunt places where the Strange Machine is located, without killing any bosses.

You can now leave through the Slime Slide .


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