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Heart of Destruction Quest


To start this quest speak with the Messenger of Heaven , which is located right next to the Vortexes in Ankrahmun/Farmine or Svargrond. If you wanna skip the conversation just say Hi, strong, yes.

To actually enter the other world every party member have to kill 10 of the Monsters which you gonna face if you step down the hole.

Player: hi

Messenger of Heaven: Greetings, mortal! I'm here in a matter of utmost importance!

Player: matter

Messenger of Heaven: The actions of Ferumbras and the sinister minions of the thing from beyond have shattered the world. The thing is worming its way into our reality and its workings will cause further damage.

Player: damage

Messenger of Heaven: While the thing becomes more real, it sheds layers of destruction and negligence of reality. Those layers are becoming threats on their own. ...

Messenger of Heaven: They eat away matter as well as laws of nature. They are threatening the creation as a whole. Even without doing anything more than becoming more and more real, the thing might win by simply undoing creation. This has to be stopped!

Player: stopped

Messenger of Heaven: The destruction that comes with that thing shares the intention of its progenitor to become more real. Therefore, the destruction has gathered into something that - under other circumstances - would be called avatars. ...

Messenger of Heaven: Some destructive and unnatural forces have condensed themselves to highly dangerous constructs that are gnawing at existence itself. Even now their workings can be felt. ...

Messenger of Heaven: All over the world incursions like this one here can be encountered. They eat away matter, sanity and order - sucking them into nothingness. Behind these incursions, on the brink to nothingness and annihilation, the non-avatars are lurking. ...

Messenger of Heaven: Their most potent incarnation has been named Heart of Destruction. But there are others - less potent but disruptive on their own. The heart gives those mindless forces unity and purpose. ...

Messenger of Heaven: It unites them to the threat that they are. Every incursion itself it only restricted to time and space. Reality will eventually heal and recover, although not for an unlimited amount of time. ...

Messenger of Heaven: It is the heart what makes them so dangerous and gives them drive. Under the hunger and anger of the Heart of Destruction, the incursions are more potent and reality is breaking. ...

Messenger of Heaven: To stop them from devouring reality, the destruction has to be stopped by destroying its heart.

Player: destroying

Messenger of Heaven: You will notice many incursions throughout the world. They are accompanied by waves of uncreated beings. By killing them, you weaken the incursion which they are part of. Yet, you will get tainted with their disruptive nature. ...

Messenger of Heaven: A person of strong will might resist the taint and even use it to enter the incursions. Beyond them awaits only a thin layer of ... let's call it yet undigested reality in which the non-avatars nest. ...

Messenger of Heaven: Each incursion, aside from similarities, hosts another of those things. All of them are kin to their source, the Heart of Destruction. ...

Messenger of Heaven: If you manage to destroy one of them, a part of its ungodly charge will be passed upon you. Again you might be able to use that to your advantage, though. ...

Messenger of Heaven: If you manage to slay the different masters of the greater incursions, you'll eventually blend in with their disruptive nature and might venture further into the incursions and challenge the heart itself. ...

Messenger of Heaven: But even getting to the masters of the incursions will not be an easy task. Each of them will be guarded by some kind of instinctive reaction that will have to be dealt with before you might advance to the incursion's master.

Player: heart of destruction

Messenger of Heaven: One can only call this thing the world devourer. It eats away reality and feeds on the world itself. ...

Messenger of Heaven: The thing is as unfathomable as the thing that spawned it. It is doubtful that its creation was an act of will. Regardless it is the utmost threat that we face right now. ...

Messenger of Heaven: As long as the world devourer exists, the healing powers of reality will not suffice to contain the damage caused by the incursions. Likely sooner than later reality and its laws will begin to break. ...

Messenger of Heaven: The thing itself is nothing anyone has ever encountered yet. Its existence alone is an anathema to creation and is hurting the world. ...

Messenger of Heaven: It's something between existence and destruction, between force and creature. Its whole existence is a paradox itself and harmful to the world. We have no idea how it works or what are its weaknesses. ...

Messenger of Heaven: It will take a keen mind to figure this out and a strong heart and soul to endure the perils on the way.

Player: strong

Messenger of Heaven: Only the strong can hope to overcome the Heart of Destruction itself. Are you willing to take this task upon you?

Player: yes

Messenger of Heaven: As it was foreseen! So be it! But be warned that your future is cloudy and even I can't tell which fate and which perils await you!

Outer Bosses

Zao (Farmine)


To get acces to Rupture you first have to complete a small mission (There is no cooldown on this mission, tho you have to do it every time you wanna kill Rupture).

As soon as you got teleported into this room, 4 Players need to stand on a Swirl, so the Crackler will change into Depolarized Cracklers, as soon as they transformed focus all your fire power on them.

You have to kill in total 10 of them to get acces to Rupture.

For the Pre-mission it's recommended to use your Summon.

As soon as you finished the Pre-Mission head east to enter the actuall lever room.

After pulling the lever, try to trap the boss in the center so he don't switch all the time.

Focus all your fire power on the boss but be ready to stop your attacks within seconds (NO Damage over time spells).

As soon as a Damage Resonance spawns you have to stop your attacks on the boss, since every damage that is dealed now will heal the boss. Focus all your fire power now on the Damage Resonance after slaying him focus again on the boss. Now just repeat the circle of killing.



To get acces to Anomaly you first have to complete a small mission (There is no cooldown on this mission, tho you have to do it every time you wanna kill Anomaly). After pulling the lever the team will appear in a small room with a purple Vortex, this mission splits the team in two (Player 1,3,5 are in a team when you get teleported aswell as player 2,4 is a team). After entering just kill as many of the Charger as you can to get teleported to a different stage with Overcharger . As soon as you've killed enought Overcharger an orange message will appear. Leave this area and head south from the Pre-Mission to find the lever to Anomaly.

For the Pre-mission it's recommended to use your Summon.

For the boss fight try to trap Anomaly in the center and focus all your fire power on the boss.

During the fight he will change into an Charged Anomaly , which you've to lure over a red vortex 3 times so it changes back into a normal Anomaly.


Foreshock Aftershock

To get acces to the bosses you first have to complete a small mission (There is no cooldown on this mission, tho you have to do it every time you wanna kill the bosses).


Inner Bosses

This bosses are avaible from the Teleport Room which you enter after slaying an outer boss or via the path shown to the World Devourer.

Remember to fight an inner boss you don't have to make any pre-missions!


To fight Eradicator , just enter the purple teleport to the right in the Teleport Room.

For this boss you don't have to follow any tactics,

just kill it with Sudden Death runes/Spells and be prepared for his summons.

It's recommened to trap the boss to the north like shown on the picture,

the red sqm should be avoided because of the area damage of the boss


To fight Outburst , just enter the purple teleport to the left in the Teleport Room.

For this boss it's very important that you have enought physical damage dealers (Explosions, Knight/Paladins)

The Boss will change from Outburst into a Charging Outburst , from now on you will have 12 seconds to kill it, if you fail the team gets teleported into the center and will receive up to 6000 damage.

The Way to the Teleport Room

Vortex Location: Zao (Farmine)

Vortex Location: Ankrahmun

Vortex Location: Svargrond

The World Devourer - The Minions

For this part, it's recommended to get a Team size of atleast 12 and max. 15 Players, every player need atleast 5 charges of the inner/outer bosses.

There should be atleast 3-4 Knights, 3-4 druids, 3-4 Paladins in the Team, to keep it as save as possible.

Be prepared to face alot of Spark of Destruction Greed Frenzy Disruption .

For the first part of the battle the team will be splitted into 3, the picture below show you how the team appears in the fight against the minions.

During the first part of the fight you have to fight 3 minions of the World Devourer

in order to get acces to the final boss room.

The tactics that you've to follow on them are kinda the same tactics you have to follow

on the final boss itself.

Keep in mind that your team will rotate every 30 seconds to a different minion,

thats aswell the reason why it's not always the best choice to focus your attack on the minions itself.

So be sure to take a look on the different tactics for each of them down below.

You should also keep in mind, that once you left the area via a teleport you will suffer aswell

of a cooldown of 14 days, the same cooldown as if you've left the fight on the World Devourer itself.

The Hunger

The Hunger

At this boss be prepared to kill several Spark of Destruction , the boss itself and be prepared to lure his summon ( Greed ) into the green vortex. Keep your attacks focused on the boss, as soon as he is spawning a Greed put your attention on the Greed. To get rid of the Greed follow this instruction.

After luring the boss over the Pink vortex, it's colour gonna change for a few seconds into green this will allow you to lure the Greed into it, so it dissapear.

The Rage

The Rage

At this boss be prepared to kill several Spark of Destruction ,

the boss itself and be prepared to kill several Frenzy ,

that keep spawning.

As soon as there is a Frenzy, focuse all your fire power on the francy, and after again on the boss!

The Destruction

The Destruction

At this boss be prepared to kill several Spark of Destruction , the boss itself and be prepared to kill Disruption that are keeping to spawn. If you don't kill these in time, they will change into a Overcharged Disruption . So again, focuse your attack first on the summons then on the boss!

You need to kill all 3 Minions within 10 seconds. Else you've to start over again.

The World Devourer

World Devourer

Placement in the Boss room.

After you killed all 3 Minions you will get teleported into the main boss room,

Now head north in the Center and place yourself like shown in the picure.

The picture explains the perfect placement for the team members.

The mages should take place all the way to the left behind a wall of Paladins that are blocking the way against summons that are not Exeta res'd by the Knights.

Infront of the Paladins there should be 2 Knights placed, one to the north and one to the south to exeta res the summons. Another 2 Blockers (the moving blockers) to the east have to block the boss itself, and havet to lure the Greeds into the green Vortex.

It's important that you keep shooting Stone Shower Rune all the time, else you get overrun by the summons.

Focuse your attack on the summons not on the boss!

Try to get as fast as possible rid of the Greeds and Francys since they will deal a ton of damage to the blockers.

There are in total 3 Raids during the boss fight, which repeat all the time.

Raid 1.


Like at the minions you have to lure the boss over the pink vortex to summon a green one, then simply lure the Greed inside. The location is marked with the orange cross. (Important: You have to lure the World Devourer over the Pink Vortex this time)

Raid 2.


As soon as you see a Disruption spawning, focus your attack on it. If you don't kill these in time, they will change into a Overcharged Disruption . So again, focuse your attack on the summons not on the boss!

Raid 3


As soon as there is a Frenzy, focuse all your fire power on the Frenzy , Since the will keep spawning and will deal alot of damage to the blockers! So again, focuse your attack on the summons not on the boss!

Small preview of the Boss Fight

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