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Grimvale Quest

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:0Level recommended:130+
Creatures to kill:
Werewolf Feroxa Werebadger Werebear Wereboar

Note: This quest can only be done during full moon nights. These occur between 12-14 day every month. Feroxa spawns on the 13th.


Start by visiting Cornell who can be found north of Stonehome and ask him to sail you to Grimvale.

You will then have to do something for Maeryn to gain access in the fight against Feroxa when it spawns on the 13th.

The Curse of the Full Moon

Find Maeryn in the house to the south-west on Grimvale. Talk to her and ask her for a mission. She will say that the curse of the werecreatures have spread to other parts of Tibia and that the people in Grimvale have been bitten by them. To cure them she wants you to bring her 3 purple nightshade blossoms.

Your task is:

Player: hi

Maeryn: Greetings, visitor. I wonder what may lead you to this dangerous place.

Player: mission

Maeryn: It causes me great anxiety that the curse has spread and reached other regions of our world. The most serious problem here on Grimvale is, that many villagers were bitten by were-creatures. ...

Maeryn: Until the next full moon they will turn into savage beasts. There is only one way to prevent this: we need enough purple nightshade blossoms. ...

Maeryn: Three of these blossoms should suffice to heal some afflicted persons. But if you bring more I'd be grateful, of course. Would you do that?

Player: yes

Maeryn: Thank you! These plants are reported to grow in the tunnels underneath the village, but I don't know the proper location.

Note: You need to harvest 3 purple nightshade blossoms. You must harvest them yourself and cannot purchase or take them from other players. It isn't required to deliver them to Maeryn.

Go down the hole to the north-east to go down the cave. You will face plenty werebadgers, werebears, wereboars and werewolves.

Harvest the blooming nightshade blossom in each location, it wont work if you stay at one location and harvest the same blossom three times.

When you harvest purple nightshade blossoms you will receive the message: You pick the large blooming blossom from the stem of this purple nightshade.

If it is not a full moon night you will not be able to harvest the purple nightshades and the following message will appear: This purple nightshade is currently not blooming. No blossoms can be harvested.

A purple nightshade blossoms will be required to cure your condition if you are turned into a werecreature. You will not be able to speak to any NPC as long as you are transformed.

Liquid Silver Trap

To defeat Feroxa during her invulnerability phase, 20 silvered traps are required as they are the only way to damage her.

Maeryn will make you a closed silvered traps if you give her vial of liquid silver and a closed trap. You can do this trade countless times.

Gladys in the house to the right sells closed traps for 280 gold a piece.

Vial of liquid silver can be collected from silver veins in the cave on floor -3. Use a pick, or equivalent, on the veins for a chance to obtain a vial of liquid silver.

When you are successful (about 25% chance) the following message will appear: Carefully you gather some of the liquified silver from this vein in a small flask. You now feel strangely affected to the moon.

If you fail (about 75% chance) the following message will appear: Even after a thorough and frustrating search you could not find enough liquified silver in this vein to fill a flask.

There is a 2 minute cooldown between tries. If you try again too soon the following message will appear: You are still exhausted from earlier attempts. Getting liquid silver out of the mountain needs concentration and a steady hand.

If it is not a full moon night, the following message will appear: Only in the light of the full moon, these strange veins of unique silver will liquify and be soft enough to be mined.


The mission will be completed once you enter Feroxa's lair behind the magic forcefield on the bottom floor (-4).

Note: This can only be done the 13th every month when the Feroxa raid happens.

In the first phase, just attack her until she transforms into her werewolf form. You now have to place silvered traps on the ground and guide her into them. Each trap deals 1000 damage. When she has stepped on 20 silvered traps, she will transform into her killable werewolf form. When her health reaches 0 she will transform again, but this time either into her human or gloom wolf form. This is her last form. Kill her and that will be the end of the fight. You can now exit to the east.

Any player that has participated in the fight against Feroxa will have a chance to receive werewolf helmet and wolf backpack. It doesn't matter if you deal 100 or 50,000 damage, these drops are random. As long as you damage her during the last two phases you are eligible for loot.

You will have to harvest 3 purple nightshade blossoms and kill 50 werecreatures every time you want access to Feroxa's hideout. If you are unsure if you have access, check your questlog. It's mission The Curse of the Full Moon under Grimvale Quest. There you can see the amount of blossoms you've harvested and amount of werecreatures you've killed.

Note that the werecreatures can be done at any time, but the blossoms can only be harvested the 12th to 14th every month. You can gain access for the next Feroxa as soon as you leave her hideout.


If you have both The Curse of the Full Moon and The Curse Spreads completed in your questlog, you will earn the Over the Moon achievement.

Shurdasquad Gahne
By Shurdasquad Gahne on 17 Oct 2017, 13:39 - 11.48

If your lucky you will obtain Werewolf Helmet .


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