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Forgotten Knowledge Quest

This quest do not have a spoiler yet! Help us with providing one and collect points to get Shield of Destiny.
By deonap on 28 Aug 2018, 12:08 - 11.86

Second portal is the Energy Portal , you need 50 Marsh Stalker Feather to be able to enter.

Start by pulling the Lever that is to your right.

Go a bit to the east, where you should find a room similar to the one where you started at, there will be another Lever for you to pull.

Once both levers are pulled, you need to kill 5 Golden Servant Replica and 5 Diamond Servant Replica ..

Afer that, simply go to the middle of the room and into the Energy Portal (not the one you started at).

You will now be in the Lever room.

The fight

You will be fighting Lloyd , the easier of all the bosses.

Simply hit him until he hits 0 hp, he will then recover fully and teleport to the middle of the room, being invulnerable to all damage while there.

You must kill the Cosmic Energy Prism A at which point Lloyd will go back to being vulnerable.

You need to repeat this process a total of 4 times, killing each of the 'Cosmic Energy Prisms' in order (A-> B-> C-> D). Simply hit Lloyd once again and he will be defeated.

Now go to the north of the room where you will find yet another Abandoned Imbuing Shrine which you can use to gain access to tier 3 imbuements for Energy Protection, Energy Damage and Speed Boost.

By deonap on 28 Aug 2018, 11:58 - 11.86

This quest is a long one. There are 6 portals each with a different boss and a mini access quest that needs to be done in order to access the final one.

First portal, from left to right is the Death Portal , which you need 50 Pelvis Bone to be able to enter.

Once inside, go all the way south-east and down a floor, then north-west and down again.

Now that you're in the last floor, go slightly east and then south to go up a floor, there will be ' Cobwebs ' on the north-western corner of the room, use them and you should get a ' Ghostsilver Lantern '.

Back on the previous floor, go further east until you find a room with bars on the entrance, go in and use the ' Old Desk ' on the center of that room and you should receive ' Old Note '.

Now, simply go as south east as you can and youll be in a room full of ' Heap of Rubbish ', which you must use to get ' Painting of a Girl '.

Now that you have all of that, simply go back to the room with the Old Desk , use it again and this time you'll get a Old Silver Key .

Finally, go to the north-east of the floor where you will meet a dead end. Simply use the Ghostsilver Lantern you found early, and use the wall.

You are now on the room before the levers for the fight against Lady Tenebris .

The fight

Once you pull the Lever , you will all be teleported to the middle of the main fight.

With you will be Lady Tenebris which is immune to all damage, for now, and a couple Shadow Tentacle .

Start by using Great Fireball Rune on the Shadow Tentacle until they all die in order to make Lady Tenebris vulnerable to damage again. Once that is done, simply attack her.

Throughout the fight she will summon Shadow Fiend which should also be killed fast as they can hit hard.

Often, she will also teleport everyone in the room to the middle, where she will then use a death UE which can hit very hard, you should all run away from her and regroup after she casts it.

Repeat all the previous steps until she is dead and the fight is over.

Simply go to the north of the room, use the Abandoned Imbuing Shrine and you will gain access to tier 3 imbuements for Death Protection, Death Damage and Life Leech.


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