Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Druid Outfits Quest


Primary color
Secondary color
Detail color
Head color
Addon 1 Addon 2
Gender Outfit
Male: Female:
Mounted Mount
Yes: No:



Go to Ustan in Port Hope. He is located south-west of Temple, upstairs.

Ask him about his addon and he will tell you that he needs 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws in order to give you the addon.

Player: hi

Ustan: Crunor's blessing, traveller player. I'm a druid teacher.

Player: addon

Ustan: Would you like to wear bear paws like I do? No problem, just bring me 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws and I'll fit them on.

Player: bear paws

Ustan: Have you brought 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws?

Player: yes

Ustan: Excellent! Like promised, here are your bear paws.

Fur Cap



Find Ceiron in Ab'Dendriel.

Ask him about his outfit and then Faolan. He will then tell you that only Faolan can grant you the addon but you will have to earn Ceiron's respect before he tells you where to find Faolan. He will give you an empty botanist's container that you will need for your first mission.

Player: hi

Ceiron: Hello there, Player. What do you want?

Player: outfit

Ceiron: What are you thinking! I would never allow you to slay my beloved friends for the sake of your narcism. Only Faolan can grant you a fur like this one.

Player: Faolan

Ceiron: I know where the great wolf mother lives, but I will not tell that to just anyone. You have to earn my respect first. Are you willing to help me?

Player: yes

Ceiron: I hope that I am not asking too much of you with this task. I heard of a flower which is currently unique in Tibia and can survive at only one place. ...

Ceiron: This place is somewhere in the bleak mountains of Nargor. I would love to have a sample of its blossom, but the problem is that it seldom actually blooms. ...

Ceiron: I cannot afford to travel there each day just to check whether the time has already come, besides I have no idea where to start looking. ...

Ceiron: I would be deeply grateful if you could support me in this matter and collect a sample of the blooming Griffinclaw for me. ...

Ceiron: Have you understood everything I told you and will fullfil this task for me?

Player: yes

Ceiron: Alright then. Take this botanist's container and return to me once you were able to retrieve a sample. Don't lose patience!

Mission 1: Griffinclaw

Your first mission is to take the botanist's container and bring Ceiron a sample of a blooming griffinclaw. A blooming griffinclaw can be found on Nargor, not at any time though. This flower is usually dry, but blooms about once a month and stays that way until next server saves once it does.

You might need to check the flower a few times before you find it blooming. When you do, use the botanist's container on the blooming griffinclaw and it will become a griffinclaw container. Now return to Ceiron and give it to him.

Player: hi

Ceiron: Hello there, Player. What do you want?

Player: griffinclaw

Ceiron: Were you able to obtain a sample of the Griffinclaw?

Player: yes

Ceiron: Crunor be praised! The Griffinclaw really exists! Now, I will make sure that it will not become extinct. If you are ready to help me again, just ask me for a task.

Mission 2: Pure Water

Speak to Ceiron and ask him for your next task.

He will give you Ceiron's waterskin which he wants you to fill with the purest water in Tibia which is located in the small Hydra mountain east of Asura Palace.

Player: hi

Ceiron: Hello there, Player. What do you want?

Player: task

Ceiron: Listen, your next task is not exactly easy either. ...

Ceiron: In the mountains between Ankrahmun and Tiquanda are two hydra lairs. The northern one has many waterfalls whereas the southern one has just tiny water trickles. ...

Ceiron: However, these trickles are said to contain water as pure and clean as nowhere else in Tibia. ...

Ceiron: If you could reach one of these trickles and retrieve a water sample for me, it would be a great help. ...

Ceiron: It is important that you take the water directly from the trickle, not from the pond - else it will not be so pure anymore. ...

Ceiron: Have you understood everything I told you and will you fulfil this task for me?

Player: yes

Ceiron: Great! Here, take my waterskin and try to fill it with water from this special trickle. Don't lose my waterskin, I will not accept some random dirty waterskin.

Use Ceiron's waterskin on the water trickle to fill it up. Beware of the hydras that dwell in the mountains!

Return to Ceiron and hand him the filled waterskin.

Player: hi

Ceiron: Hello there, Player. What do you want?

Player: water

Ceiron: Did you bring me a sample of the water from the hydra cave?

Player: yes

Ceiron: Good work, Player! This water looks indeed extremely clear. I will examine it right away. If you are ready to help me again, just ask me for a task.

Mission 3: Demon Dust

Talk to Ceiron and ask him for your next task.

He wants you to bring him 100 demon dust. Reasoning being he wants proof that you are on the right side, which is against Zathroth.

Player: task

Ceiron: I'm glad that you are still with me, Player. Especially because my next task might require even more patience from your side than the ones before. ...

Ceiron: Demons... these unholy creatures should have never been able to walk the earth. They are a brood fuelled only by hatred and malice. ...

Ceiron: Even if slain, their evil spirit is not fully killed. It needs a blessed stake to release their last bit of fiendishness and turn them into dust. ...

Ceiron: It does not work all the time, but if you succeed, their vicious spirit is finally defeated. ...

Ceiron: I want proof that you are on the right side against Zathroth. Bring me 100 ounces of demon dust and I shall be convinced. ...

Ceiron: You'll probably need to ask a priest for help to obtain a blessed stake. ...

Ceiron: Have you understood everything I told you and will you fulfil this task for me?

Player: yes

Ceiron: Good! I will eagerly await your return.

Demon dust are obtained by using blessed wooden stake on slain demons but are also dropped by demon outcasts. Alternatively, just buy the required amount.

Gather 100 demon dust and hand them to him.

Player: demon dust

Ceiron: Were you really able to collect 100 ounces of demon dust?

Player: yes

Ceiron: I'm very impressed, Player. With this task you have proven that you are not only on the right side, but also quite powerful. If you are ready to help me again, just ask me for a task.

Mission 4: Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain

For the last mission, Ceiron wants you to retrieve his lost necklace. It is located behind a sealed door inside Orc Fortress.

Player: task

Ceiron: I have one final task for you, Player. Many months ago, I was trying to free the war wolves which are imprisoned inside the orc fortress. ...

Ceiron: Unfortunately, my intrusion was discovered and I had to run for my life. During my escape, I lost my favourite wolf tooth chain. ...

Ceiron: It should still be somewhere in the fortress if the orcs did not try to eat it. I really wish you could retrieve it for me. ...

Ceiron: It has the letter 'C' carved into one of the teeth. Please look for it. ...

Ceiron: Have you understood everything I told you and will you fulfil this task for me?

Player: yes

Ceiron: Thank you so much. I can't wait to wear it around my neck again, it was a special present from Faolan.

Head to Orc Fortress. When you arrive go down immediately to the left.

On floor -1, run east past the grass and go down the first stairs you see.

On floor -2, go to the left and you will see the sealed door to the south. Open the door and click the chest to obtain Ceiron's wolf tooth chain.

Go back to Ab'Dendriel and return the necklace to Ceiron. You have now earned his trust.

Player: wolf tooth chain

Ceiron: Have you really found my wolf tooth chain??

Player: yes

Ceiron: Crunor be praised! You found my beloved chain! Player, you really earned my respect and I consider you as a friend from now on. Remind me to tell you about Faolan sometime.

Ask him about Faolan again and you will be able to speak the languange of the wolves.

Player: Faolan

Ceiron: Right, I will keep my promise. Faolan roams Tibia freely, but her favourite sleeping cave is on Cormaya. I will cast a spell on you that enables you to speak the wolf language for a while.

Now that you are able to speak the languange of the wolves, travel to Cormaya where A Majestic Warwolf (Faolan) is located. Ask her for addon and confirm.


You will get the Of Wolves and Bears achievement after acquiring both addons.


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