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Secondary color
Detail color
Head color
Addon 1 Addon 2
Gender Outfit
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Mounted Mount
Yes: No:
By Julious on 20 Aug 2016, 19:02

Items needed to this full outfit:

20 Slime Mould Weight: 3.00 oz. Stackable: till 100 Created in patch: 9.1 Slime Mould to get the outfit

1 Mage's Cap Defence: 3 Weight: 10.00 oz. Created in patch: 9.1 Against Fire: +4 Mage's Cap addon 1

1 Elemental Spikes Weight: 12.00 oz. Created in patch: 9.1 Elemental Spikes addon 2

By Xaros on 05 Aug 2016, 00:15

We will receive Mystic Fabric Magic You vanquished the mad mage, you subdued the raging mage - no spellweaving self-exposer can stand in your way. Yet you are quite absorbed in magical studies yourself. This very fabric reflects this personal approval of the magic arts. Points: 4 Premium Mystic Fabric Magic achievement after getting full Elementalist Outfit.



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