Primary color
Secondary color
Detail color
Head color
Addon 1 Addon 2
Gender Outfit
Male: Female:
Mounted Mount
Yes: No:
By PeasizeHead on 21 May 2017, 12:51 - 11.30

In order to get this outfit you will need

First Addon

50 Bear Paws

50 Wolf Paws

Second Addon

Sample of a Blooming Griffinclaw flower

Sample of Water from a hydra cave.

100 ounces of Demon Dust.

Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain from Orc Fortress

Please note that you cannot get the second Addon in Rookgaard.

Once you have collected all the items go to Ceiron Can be found in Ab'Dendriel Ceiron for the first addon and A Majestic Warwolf Can be found in Cormaya A Majestic Warwolf for the second addon in mainland or go to Tom Can be found in Rookgaard Tom at the butchers shop in Rookgaard.

By Xaros on 05 Aug 2016, 00:16

We will receive Of Wolves and Bears One with nature, one with wildlife. Raw and animalistic power, sharpened senses, howling on the highest cliffs and roaring in the thickest forests - that's you. Points: 6 Premium Of Wolves and Bears achievement after getting full Druid Outfit.



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