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Black Bert

Black Bert

Can be found in Thais
Spontaneous Speech: Psst! Over here!
Related Quests
Player: Hi
Black Bert: Hi there, "player's name"! You look like you are eager to trade!
Player: bye
Black Bert: Bye, Player!
Player: name
Black Bert: Hey, I'm Black Bert.
Player: trade
Black Bert: Here, but pssst. And remember, no guarantee that you're able to use it. YOU have to know what you're buying there.
Name Price
Almanac of Magic Almanac of Magic 600 Gold Coin
Animal Fetish Animal Fetish 10000 Gold Coin
Baby Rotworm Baby Rotworm 600 Gold Coin
Bale of White Cloth Bale of White Cloth 6000 Gold Coin
Bill Bill 8000 Gold Coin
Blood Crystal Blood Crystal 50000 Gold Coin
Bloodkiss Flower Bloodkiss Flower 10000 Gold Coin
Book with Old Legends Book with Old Legends 2000 Gold Coin
Bundle of Rags Bundle of Rags 5000 Gold Coin
Carrying Device Carrying Device 1000 Gold Coin
Cigar Cigar 2000 Gold Coin
Cookbook Cookbook 150 Gold Coin
Crate (Wine) Crate (Wine) 1000 Gold Coin
Crimson Nightshade Blossoms Crimson Nightshade Blossoms 7000 Gold Coin
Damaged Logbook Damaged Logbook 40000 Gold Coin
Dark Essence Dark Essence 17000 Gold Coin
Dark Moon Mirror Dark Moon Mirror 5000 Gold Coin
Dark Sun Catcher Dark Sun Catcher 5000 Gold Coin
Deep Crystal Deep Crystal 13000 Gold Coin
Dragha's Spellbook Dragha's Spellbook 16000 Gold Coin
Elemental Crystal Elemental Crystal 8000 Gold Coin
Empty Beer Bottle Empty Beer Bottle 600 Gold Coin
Empty Starlight Vial Empty Starlight Vial 5000 Gold Coin
Exploding Cookie Exploding Cookie 100 Gold Coin
Exquisite Silk Exquisite Silk 4000 Gold Coin
Exquisite Wood Exquisite Wood 4000 Gold Coin
Faded Last Will Faded Last Will 600 Gold Coin
Fae Talisman Fae Talisman 5000 Gold Coin
Family Brooch Family Brooch 1000 Gold Coin
Family Signet Ring Family Signet Ring 15000 Gold Coin
Fan Club Membership Card Fan Club Membership Card 10000 Gold Coin
Filled Carrying Device Filled Carrying Device 1000 Gold Coin
Fishnapped Goldfish Fishnapped Goldfish 7000 Gold Coin
Flask of Crown Polisher Flask of Crown Polisher 700 Gold Coin
Flask of Extra Greasy Oil Flask of Extra Greasy Oil 1000 Gold Coin
Flask of Poison Flask of Poison 1000 Gold Coin
Flexible Dragon Scale Flexible Dragon Scale 4000 Gold Coin
Formula for a Memory Potion Formula for a Memory Potion 5000 Gold Coin
Funeral Urn Funeral Urn 6000 Gold Coin
Fur of a Wolf Whelp Fur of a Wolf Whelp 5000 Gold Coin
Gemmed Lamp Gemmed Lamp 5000 Gold Coin
Ghost Charm Ghost Charm 20000 Gold Coin
Ghost's Tear Ghost's Tear 50000 Gold Coin
Ghostsilver Lantern Ghostsilver Lantern 20000 Gold Coin
Giant Ape's Hair Giant Ape's Hair 24000 Gold Coin
Gold Nuggets Gold Nuggets 10000 Gold Coin
Golden Symbol of Suon Golden Symbol of Suon 10000 Gold Coin
Golem Blueprint Golem Blueprint 13500 Gold Coin
Golem Head Golem Head 25000 Gold Coin
Hastily Scribbled Note Hastily Scribbled Note 3000 Gold Coin
Headache Pill Headache Pill 350 Gold Coin
Ivory Lyre Ivory Lyre 50000 Gold Coin
Julius' Map Julius' Map 25000 Gold Coin
Letter to Markwin Letter to Markwin 8000 Gold Coin
Letterbag Letterbag 8000 Gold Coin
Lump of Clay Lump of Clay 1000 Gold Coin
Machine Crate Machine Crate 8500 Gold Coin
Magic Crystal Magic Crystal 4000 Gold Coin
Mago Mechanic Core Mago Mechanic Core 13000 Gold Coin
Map to the Unknown Map to the Unknown 650 Gold Coin
Memory Crystal Memory Crystal 500 Gold Coin
Memory Stone Memory Stone 3000 Gold Coin
Monk's Diary Monk's Diary 3000 Gold Coin
Morik's Helmet Morik's Helmet 8000 Gold Coin
Mystic Root Mystic Root 4000 Gold Coin
Nautical Map Nautical Map 5250 Gold Coin
Nightshade Distillate Nightshade Distillate 15000 Gold Coin
Old Iron Old Iron 4000 Gold Coin
Old Power Core Old Power Core 13000 Gold Coin
Piece of Parchment Piece of Parchment 1500 Gold Coin
Piece of Parchment Piece of Parchment 1500 Gold Coin
Piece of Parchment Piece of Parchment 1500 Gold Coin
Plans for a Strange Device Plans for a Strange Device 1000 Gold Coin
Present (Postman) Present (Postman) 16000 Gold Coin
Rare Crystal Rare Crystal 1000 Gold Coin
Research Notes Research Notes 3000 Gold Coin
Sacred Earth Sacred Earth 1000 Gold Coin
Sceptre of Sun and Sea Sceptre of Sun and Sea 50000 Gold Coin
Shadow Orb Shadow Orb 12500 Gold Coin
Sheet of Tracing Paper Sheet of Tracing Paper 500 Gold Coin
Sheet of Tracing Paper (Full) Sheet of Tracing Paper (Full) 500 Gold Coin
Silver Nuggets Silver Nuggets 7000 Gold Coin
Snake Destroyer Snake Destroyer 8000 Gold Coin
Soul Contract Soul Contract 666 Gold Coin
Special Flask (Fools Guild) Special Flask (Fools Guild) 5000 Gold Coin
Spectral Cloth Spectral Cloth 4000 Gold Coin
Spectral Dress Spectral Dress 15000 Gold Coin
Stabilizer Stabilizer 12500 Gold Coin
Stone Tablet with Ley Lines Stone Tablet with Ley Lines 8000 Gold Coin
Strange Powder Strange Powder 5000 Gold Coin
Striker's Favourite Pillow Striker's Favourite Pillow 16000 Gold Coin
Strong Sinew Strong Sinew 4000 Gold Coin
Suspicious Signet Ring Suspicious Signet Ring 15000 Gold Coin
Tattered Swan Feather Tattered Swan Feather 2000 Gold Coin
Tear of Daraman Tear of Daraman 16000 Gold Coin
Technomancer Beard Technomancer Beard 5000 Gold Coin
The Alchemists' Formulas The Alchemists' Formulas 8000 Gold Coin
The Dust of Arthei The Dust of Arthei 40000 Gold Coin
The Dust of Boreth The Dust of Boreth 20000 Gold Coin
The Dust of Lersatio The Dust of Lersatio 25000 Gold Coin
The Dust of Marziel The Dust of Marziel 30000 Gold Coin
The Ring of The Count The Ring of The Count 10000 Gold Coin
The Witches' Grimoire The Witches' Grimoire 25000 Gold Coin
Toy Mouse Toy Mouse 16000 Gold Coin
Universal Tool Universal Tool 550 Gold Coin
Unworked Sacred Wood Unworked Sacred Wood 1000 Gold Coin
Waldo's Post Horn Waldo's Post Horn 2000 Gold Coin
Whisper Moss Whisper Moss 18000 Gold Coin
Wolf Tooth Chain (Ceiron) Wolf Tooth Chain (Ceiron) 10000 Gold Coin
Worm Queen Tooth Worm Queen Tooth 12500 Gold Coin
Wrinkled Parchment Wrinkled Parchment 4000 Gold Coin
Xodet's First Wand Xodet's First Wand 5000 Gold Coin
By Julious on 09 Jul 2016, 01:18

He sell items from some quests, you can make some profit reselling some of this items

By Jeilyn on 15 Jun 2016, 02:35

if you want to buy with Black Bert you need to complete The Thieves Guild Quest.

By Tibiasula on 23 May 2016, 22:07

In order to trade with him we have to complete The Thieves Guild Quest.

on 12 Feb 2016, 21:20
on 01 Nov 2016, 22:13
on 27 Jan 2017, 06:50


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