Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Rookgaard
Player: Hi
Zirella: Oh, welcome back, dear dudisz! Are you here for a little chat? Just use the dark blue keywords again to choose a topic.
Player: name
Zirella: My name is Zirella.
Player: tibia
Zirella: Tibia is a huge world with many cities - most of them threatened by monsters. If you help us fighting them, you will earn experience and grow into a strong warrior.
Player: rookgaard
Zirella: We are currently south of the village of Rookgaard, just follow the path to the east. Once you are there, you will meet many other citizens.
Player: main
Zirella: The main continent is so much bigger than Rookgaard. You can travel there once you are level 8 and have chosen a vocation.
Player: vocation
Zirella: The Tibian vocations are knight, paladin, sorcerer and druid, each of them has its own specialities.
Player: druid
Zirella: Druids are nature magic users, specialised in earth, ice and healing.
Player: paladin
Zirella: Paladins are distance fighters and holy magic users. They outrun their enemies and shoot them with arrows or bolts.
Player: sorcerer
Zirella: Sorcerers are elemental magic users, specialised in fire, energy and death magic.
Player: knigth
Zirella: Knights are strong melee fighters. They usually use weapons such as swords, clubs or axes.
Player: monsters
Zirella: Here on Rookgaard, we are lucky that the monsters threatening our village are rather weak. I wouldn't want to have the dragons and demons of the main continent here!
Player: citizens
Zirella: Most of the citizens are merchants. We have also two guards and a healer, and a teacher in our academy.
Player: merchants
Zirella: We have a weapon smith called Obi, Dixi is selling armors and Al Dee is offering general tools. Also, you can buy potions from Lily. I think those are the most important people to trade with.
Player: guard
Zirella: The bridge guards Dallheim and Zerbrus can tell you which monsters are suitable for your level and where to find them.
Player: teacher
Zirella: The teacher of the academy is called Seymour. The academy is just north of the temple.
Player: healer
Zirella: Our healer is called Cipfried. He guards the temple.
Player: trade
Zirella: Oh sorry, I don't trade. But if you meet other citizens, it can't hurt to ask them for a trade! If they have offers or buy your stuff, they'll tell you.
Player: dungeons
Zirella: There is a huge cave system under Tibia. Even Rookgaard has many underground dungeons. The bridge guards know all about them.
Player: oracle
Zirella: Oh, you're a bit young to hear about the oracle. Be patient, you'll learn everything in time.
Player: lily
Zirella: Al Dee sells tools such as torches, ropes and shovels. You will learn about them soon!
Player: dixi
Zirella: She's Obi's granddaughter and deals with armors and shields, just upstairs from Obi's shop.
Player: al dee
Zirella: Al Dee sells tools such as torches, ropes and shovels. You will learn about them soon!
Player: zerburs
Zirella: He's a great warrior. He can also tell you much about monsters and dungeons on this island.
Player: warrior
Zirella: Well, everybody is a 'warrior' in general. You can choose between four vocations once you are level 8.
Player: cipfried
Zirella: Visiting Cipfried is a good idea if you are badly injured or poisoned. Just ask him for a heal.
Player: obi
Zirella: Obi is a skilled smith. If you need weapons, you can buy them at his shop.
Player: bye
Zirella: Good bye player, may Uman bless you!
By Nikz on 19 May 2016, 02:41

This npc is part of the tutorial on the island of Rookgaard.


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