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Can be found in Thais
Spontaneous Speech: Bring your arena badges!
Player: (arena) badge(s)
Lorenzo: If you finish all 10 waves of an arena battle, you'll obtain a fixed amount of arena badges. The exact amount depends on the selected difficulty level.
Lorenzo: I can check the total amount and offer you potions in exchange for them. Do you want me to hand out your arena badges now?
Player: Hi
Lorenzo: Hello, brave fighter! What can I do for you? Do you want information, to exchange something or to simply talk?
Player: Information
Lorenzo: I will hand out arena badges depending on your results in the PvE arena. You can keep them or exchange them for potions - with a chance to win a special surprise cube, just to spice things up a bit.
Player: bye
Lorenzo: Take care and come back soon!
Player: doing/job
Lorenzo: It's my fate to trade potions in exchange for arena badges. Actually my whole family earns its living that way - maybe you'll get to know them someday!
Lorenzo: You can meet my brothers and sisters by visiting the other arenas.
Player: exchange
Lorenzo: It's quite easy. I give you arena badges for each completed arena battle. Surviving 10 waves against monsters in the arena will grant you a fixed amount of badges depending on the difficulty level.
Lorenzo: You can keep the arena badges or exchange them for each kind of health, mana and spirit potions. I'll charge 1 arena badge for the amount of 100 mana or health potions.
Lorenzo: 100 strong potions of either mana or health will be charged with 2, 100 great health potions with 4 and 100 great mana potions with 3, 100 ultimate potions of either type with 7 and 100 supreme potions with 10 arena badges
Lorenzo: You can also select 100 great spirit potions for 4 and 100 ultimate spirit potions for 8 arena badges.
Lorenzo: Would you like to exchange for health, mana or spirit potions now?
Player: great/ultimate
Lorenzo: Do you want to exchange four/seven arena badge(s) for 100 great/ultimate spirit potions? Yes or no?
Player: healt
Lorenzo: Which size are you interested in: regular, strong, great, ultimate or supreme health potions?
Player: level
Lorenzo: There are 5 difficulty levels when fighting against waves of monsters in the arena. Each difficulty level grants you a certain amount ofarena badges which I will hand out to you.
Lorenzo: Level 1 grants one badge, level 2 grants two, level 3 grants three, level 4 grants four and level 5 grants five arena badges.
Player: mana
Lorenzo: Which size are you interested in: regular, strong, great or ultimate mana potions? Player: regular/strong/great/ultimate
Player: no
Lorenzo: No problem, take your time! (ends conversation)
Player: regular/strong/great/ultimate
Lorenzo: Do you want to exchange one/two/four/seven arena badge(s) for 100 (strong/great/ultimate) mana potions? Yes or no?
Player: regular/strong/great/ultimate/supreme
Lorenzo: Do you want to exchange one/two/four/seven/ten arena badge(s) for 100 (strong/great/ultimate/supreme) mana potions? Yes or no?
Player: spirit
Lorenzo: Which size are you interested in: great or ultimate spirit potions?
Player: surprise cube
Lorenzo: As a special service for our most valued customers, we hand out a surprise cube! By using it, you have a chance of getting nice little goodies.
Player: talk
Lorenzo: Well, I guess you'd like to know what I'm doing here.
By Oriibz on 03 Jun 2016, 19:09

When you change Arena Badge x7 or more have the possibility to drop you a Surprise Cube Surprise Cube.

By Tibiasula on 01 Jun 2016, 22:33

He is located in Thais's PvE Arena.

It is possible to exchange Arena Badge for potions with him.

By Jeilyn on 12 May 2016, 01:58

New NPC of Summer update 2016.

on 05 Jun 2016, 21:01


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