Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Adventurers' Guild
Spontaneous Speech: Tokens! Looking for gold tokens!; Charge all kind of weapons! For the cost of some tokens only!; Trading tokens! First-class equipment available!; Farewell and come back any time!
Player: Bye
Yana: Farewell, Player.
Player: Hi
Yana: Blessings, Player! How may I help you? Do you wish to trade some tokens, prove your worth to receive powerful imbuements, or do you need some information?
Player: Yana
Yana: Yes, that's my name. My mother chose it, it means prudence or cunningness in some old and almost forgotten Tibian language.
Player: gold
Yana: Here are my deals, Chmurka Burzowa. For 50 of your gold tokens, I sell the following weapons of destruction: I can offer you a one-handed weapon: sword, axe or club. ...
Yana: You may also take a two-handed weapon: slayer, chopper or hammer. I also can offer you a bow, crossbow, wand or rod. Furthermore I trade creature products. What do you choose?
Player: information
Yana: Tokens are small objects made of metal or other materials. You can use them to buy superior equipment from token traders like me. ...
Yana: There are several ways to obtain the tokens I'm interested in - killing certain bosses, for example. In exchange for a certain amount of tokens, I can offer you some first-class items.
Player: job
Yana: I'm collecting rare tokens made of metal or gemstones. At the moment, I'm interested in gold tokens. If you should happen to have some with you, I could exchange them for special weapons of different types.
Player: name
Yana: I'm Yana O'Reilly, bespoke smith and a token trader. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Player: token
Yana: If you have any gold tokens with you, let's have a look! Maybe I can offer you something in exchange.
Player: worth
Yana: Disrupt the Heart of Destruction, fell the World Devourer to prove your worth and you will be granted the power to imbue 'Powerful Strike', 'Powerful Void' and 'Powerful Vampirism'.
By Tibiasula on 29 May 2016, 13:45
For 50 Gold Token it is possible to get:

By bringing the basic version of the weapon along with 5 Gold Token we can exchange it for:

By bringing the basic version of the weapon along with 10 Gold Token we can exchange it for:

By bringing the basic version of the weapon along with 15 Gold Token we can exchange it for:
Spoiler Alert!

Dr Sky
By Dr Sky on 01 Dec 2016, 00:02 - 10.97

Yana Is an Artisan and Collector of Adventurers' Guild. Dependent on the weapon you want, you'll be asked for a Gold Token .

By Nikz on 19 May 2016, 02:44

This npc is part of the Summer 2016 update , it charge your weapons for golden tokens.

on 28 Apr 2016, 17:54
on 10 Nov 2016, 22:55
on 11 Nov 2016, 16:45
on 11 Nov 2016, 16:45


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