Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Venore
Spontaneous Speech: Grmbl.
Player: Hi
Aldo: Just great, another ... 'customer'. Hello, Player.
Aldo: Yeah, get lost.
Player: amazons
Aldo: I heard that these chicks wear some revealing pieces of armor!!
Player: army
Aldo: So many feet ... so many ... a nightmare!
Player: bills
Aldo: Yes, I have to pay a lot of bills.
Player: bye
Aldo: That's music in my ears.
Player: carlin
Aldo: A city ruled by women!? Could anything be worse?
Player: excalibug
Aldo: I have other stuff to worry about, like paying my bills.
Player: ferumbras
Aldo: Can't be worse than my wife.
Player: here / home
Aldo: I work in a shoe shop, and still I'm not happy to come home.
Player: hugo
Aldo: He's my boss, an evil slaver of good people like me.
Player: job
Aldo: I am a salesman, I sell headgear ... uhm ... oh well, and shoes.
Player: kids
Aldo: We've got two. At least I think so. We haven't had any new kids in the last 10 years. I must be doing something right.
Player: king or Tibianus
Aldo: One day I will sell the king a pair of shoes made by me and will get out of that stinky hole I live in and my family will never find me. HE, HE!
Player: name
Aldo: I'm Aldo. No one calls me 'lucky Aldo' though, guess why!
Player: shoes
Aldo: I'm damned to sell headgear, trousers, and shoes for the rest of my life *sigh*. Let's get over with this trade.
Player: sigh
Aldo: I never wanted to get married, I am married. I never wanted kids, I have 2 of them. Why the hell am I here?
Player: thais
Aldo: I will never in my life make it there.
Player: tibia
Aldo: I doubt I will ever see much of it. It's like i am cursed to haunt this site here for the rest of my life.
Player: time
Aldo: Is it time for lunch already? Hey, stop making fun of me!
Player: trade
Aldo: Yeah, buy something.
Player: wife
Aldo: Leave me alone with her at least while I'm working. To be away from her is my only pleasure here!
By Beatrix on 02 Feb 2016, 02:04

He repairs Worn Soft Boots for 10,000 gp.

on 24 Mar 2016, 15:29
on 20 Oct 2016, 22:56


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