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Mr Morris

Mr Morris

Can be found in Dawnport
Spontaneous Speech: The Adventurers' Guild really should have equipped me with more man power. Who's to keep all those monsters in check?; I have a quest that needs doing. Interested?; There's a task for an intrepid adventurer open! Any volunteers?; So much to investigate, s
Player: Coltrayne
Mr Morris: What about him? Is he in one of his dark moods again? That's his normal mood, I mean. Just buy your armor, weaponry and ammunition there and don't worry.
Player: Garamond
Mr Morris: Tired of the academy, maybe, but not of teaching. If you need druid or sorcerer spells, go to him.
Player: Hamish
Mr Morris: Ah, good old Hamish. A real wizard with potions. Will supply you with very useful magic equipment for hunting.
Player: Inigo
Mr Morris: Ran across Inigo a few times on some remote islands, years and years ago. Talked him into coming along here, and he seems to enjoy helping newcomers find their way. Passing his knowledge on to the next generation.
Player: Oressa
Mr Morris: She's a good listener if you should still hesitate as to the choice of your definite vocation.
Player: Plunderpurse
Mr Morris: Well, for him it's always been just a question of 'Your gold or your life' - gold it is nowadays. You can stash your loose change at ol' Abram, but make sure to withdraw it once you leave Dawnport!
Player: Richard
Mr Morris: We found him here half-dead and fixed him up, now he fixes us dinner and roof beams. Definitely someone you should check out for food, a rope and a shovel.
Player: Ser Tybald
Mr Morris: Been together through many a desperate situation. A romantic underneath it all. Found the time to specialise on spells for paladins and knights somewhere along the way.
Player: Wentworth
Mr Morris: Be careful that he doesn't bore you to death with accountants of, well, your bank account history.
Player: Woblin
Mr Morris: Ah, the goblin who sneaks around here now and then? Lives in a cave to the west, somewhere.
Player: archeological
Mr Morris: It seems that throughout its history, this island was inhabited by very different species. I like to study their remains.
Player: bye
Mr Morris: Watch your back, young friend.
Player: dawnport
Mr Morris: Ah, that old story of how it was named? I spread it around. Can't remember really what its origins are. Interesting archeological findings here, though.
Player: guild
Mr Morris: Ah, I couldn't live without the thrill of adventure! The Adventurer's Guild has grown too relaxed, to my mind. I wasn't content staying there or just going on some small field trip into the Pits of Inferno! ... The Guild really needs some shaking up, some fresh blood. Well, anyway, the old adventurers were very keen on me exploring the far-off corners of our world. ... And I certainly wasn't going to miss the opportunity. On my way to some far-off corner, I fond this island and felt it was ideal for the training of young adventurers. So that's what we do here.
Player: hi
Mr Morris: Welcome, young adventurer. If you seek to help me with some things, I might have a little quest or mission for you.
Player: job
Mr Morris: There's always someone who needs to be at the front, to take the first step into the unknown. My whole life has been full of such steps.
Player: mr morris
Mr Morris: Exactly. Has a nice ring to it.
Player: name
Mr Morris: Mr Morris will do.
Player: rookgaard
Mr Morris: Yeah. Long time I haven't been to that place. How's old Vascalir? Still hanging around in the academy? And Kraknaknork? Hah, I remember our brawl after that last card game. Fun times.
By Nikz on 30 Jun 2016, 01:39

He's located on the second floor of the adventurer's outpost, he's part of the dawnport quest, and gives you some missions, 7 on total.

By Jeilyn on 02 Jun 2016, 06:33

Mr Morris Is researching several things on Dawnport.

on 26 Mar 2016, 20:32


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