Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Dawnport
Spontaneous Speech: Careful with that! That's a highly reactive potion you have there!; Health potions to refill your health in combat!; Potions! Wand! Runes! Get them here!; Mana potions to refill your magic power!; Run out of mana or a little kablooie? Come to me to resupp
Player: Hi
Hamish: Hi there, fellow adventurer. What's your need? Say trade and we'll soon get you fixed up. Or ask me about potions, wands, or runes.
Player: dawnport
Hamish: Small and deceptively friendly-looking island. Strange magical flows underground which seem to creep into certain herbs, like the Dawnfire herb. Well, I used to study the plants and herbs here for my potions. ..., Nowadays I leave that to Oressa, she has a better way with the horrible wildlife here. Garamond and Mr Morris may have something more to say about the strange magical currents if you're curious
Hamish: personally, I don't care. ...
Hamish: I prefer to distil potions in the quiet of my lab. If you need some potions, runes or other magic equipment, ask for a trade.
Player: garamond
Hamish: Can be quite feisty if you doubt his seniorship. Knows a thing or two about spells, though. Useful knowledge.
Player: job
Hamish: I craft highly efficient runes, wands and potions - always handy when you're in a fight against monsters! Ask me for a trade to browse through my stock.
Player: mainland
Hamish: Dawnport is not far off from the coast of the Tibian mainland. Lots of cities, monsters, bandits, brigands, mean folk and people of low understanding with no sense of respect towards alchemical genius. mutters to himself ...
Hamish: Ahem. Once you're level 8, you should be experienced enough to choose your definite vocation and leave Dawnport for the mainland - and Tibia definitely needs more skilled adventurers to keep those monsters in check which roam our lands!
Player: morris
Hamish: If it wasn't for Mr Morris, maybe none of us would be alive. Or at least, none of us would be here. He's been everywhere and gathered some adventurers around him to investigate the secrets of Dawnport.
Player: name
Hamish: Hamish MacGuffin, at your disposal.
Player: oressa
Hamish: Our druid, down in the temple. Just appeared out of the blue one day. Keeps to herself. She must have some reason to stay with us rather than roam the bigger mainland. Well, we all have our reasons.
Player: potions
Hamish: You can also look at runes or wands.
Player: runes
Hamish: You can also look at wands or potions.
Player: trade
Hamish: Take your pick! Or maybe you want to look only at potions, wands or runes?
Player: wands
Hamish: You can also look at potions or runes.
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