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Can be found in Ankrahmun
Player: akh
Ormuhn: As far as I know this is what you would call your body. Ask a priest for further information.
Player: akh'rah uthunç
Ormuhn: You should discuss such topics with our priests. I don't care too much for these matters.
Player: ankrahmun
Ormuhn: This is the shelter of the mortal flock who listens to the teachings of our pharaoh.
Player: bye
Ormuhn: May enlightenment be your path, <
Ormuhn: Player's Name>
Ormuhn: .
Player: daraman
Ormuhn: This continent will be the first to prosper under the guidance of our pharaoh.
Player: darashia
Ormuhn: The people there are not totally lost to the false gods yet. Who knows? They may be saved yet.
Player: elves
Ormuhn: Elves are nothing but feeble treehuggers.
Player: hi
Ormuhn: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh, Black Sabbatth. Looking for knight spells?
Player: job
Ormuhn: I am the arena master. I supervise all challenges that take place in this arena and train true fighters.
Player: kazordoon
Ormuhn: Dwarves are worthy warriors. Still their mortal Akh makes them prey to true death and so their lives are wasted.
Player: name
Ormuhn: I am called Ormuhn.
Player: pharaoh
Ormuhn: The pharaoh, our mighty leader, is an unliving god.
Player: rah
Ormuhn: That is your so-called soul. Ask a priest for further information.
Player: scarabs
Ormuhn: Scarabs might be sacred, but they are also a challenge. If you are able to overcome one of them, its spirit will forgive you. The everlasting sand will grant him rebirth anyway.
Player: spells
Ormuhn: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: thais
Ormuhn: These cities are nests of corruption and lies. For those who know the treason of the false gods is almost tangible there.
Player: tibia
Ormuhn: Tibia is a place kept in the thrall of the greedy false gods. One day though our pharaoh will free Tibia and guide all of its people to ascension.
Player: time
Ormuhn: Time only matters to you while you are mortal. Another instrument in the hands of the false gods to fool us all.
Player: undead
Ormuhn: We are the chosen ones.
Player: uthun
Ormuhn: All the things you remember form your uthun. Ask a priest for further information.
Name Price
Annihilation Annihilation 20000 Gold Coins
Berserk Berserk 2500 Gold Coins
Brutal Strike Brutal Strike 1000 Gold Coins
Charge Charge 1300 Gold Coins
Cure Bleeding Cure Bleeding 2500 Gold Coins
Cure Poison Cure Poison 150 Gold Coins
Fierce Berserk Fierce Berserk 7500 Gold Coins
Find Person Find Person 80 Gold Coins
Front Sweep Front Sweep 4000 Gold Coins
Great Light Great Light 500 Gold Coins
Groundshaker Groundshaker 1500 Gold Coins
Haste Haste 600 Gold Coins
Inflict Wound Inflict Wound 2500 Gold Coins
Intense Recovery Intense Recovery 10000 Gold Coins
Intense Wound Cleansing Intense Wound Cleansing 6000 Gold Coins
Levitate Levitate 500 Gold Coins
Light Light 0 Gold Coins
Magic Rope Magic Rope 200 Gold Coins
Recovery Recovery 4000 Gold Coins
Summon Skullfrost Summon Skullfrost 50000 Gold Coins
Whirlwind Throw Whirlwind Throw 1500 Gold Coins
Wound Cleansing Wound Cleansing 0 Gold Coins
By darkos on 11 Jun 2016, 14:18

he sells the spells for knights.

By Jeilyn on 05 Jun 2016, 06:14

Is located almost opposite of Depot, in the second floor.

on 31 Mar 2016, 20:04


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