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Strange Pipe

Strange Pipe

Can be found in Rathleton
Player: hi
Strange Pipe: Greeting, adventurers. The voice that you are hearing is that of a friend, I assure you. I have to ask for your assistance in a matter of utmost importance.
Player: importance
Strange Pipe: : I can't reveal much to you right now as time is of the essence. I can tell you though that the glooth plant and the whole town are in danger and we have to act to stop a madman and his schemes.
Player: madman
Strange Pipe: He is an old enemy of the city and I've battled him often in the past. ...
Strange Pipe: Now he has returned for vengeance, he reclaimed an old abandoned underground laboratory and he has acquired new powerful allies.
Player: laboratory
Strange Pipe: I defeated him there in the past. It has been abandoned for many years, but I suspected him to return from the dead eventually, as he has done so often before.
Player: allies
Strange Pipe: His allies are an enigma even to me. It seems they belong to some unknown race that lives deep under the earth. ...
Strange Pipe: They seem to have supplied him with resources and workforce and a powerful guardian to prevent anyone from entering the passages to his lair.
Player: guardian
Strange Pipe: It's a fearsome subterranean beast like nothing I've ever encountered. It is dangerous and almost unbeatable because its main body is hidden beneath the ground ...
Strange Pipe: And it has an endless supply of tentacles. But not all is lost, as I have devised a plan to battle the beast.
Player: plan
Strange Pipe: The creature is powerful but not very clever. It seems it can be easily enraged and then it would likely let slip all caution and would relentlessly attack without regard for its safety.
Player: enraged
Strange Pipe: While it's buried, it only uses his tentacles to attack. If one is destroyed it will simply use another set of tentacles and its supply seems endless. ...
Strange Pipe: If you manage though to kill all the tentacles it is using within a few heartbeats, it will become confused by its momentary helplessness and will probably attack with its main body. ...
Strange Pipe: That is when you have a chance to destroy it. Pass through its chamber and look for another of my tubes to contact me. Please hurry! End of communication.
Player: years
Strange Pipe: I used the time to prepare. You'll find my talking tubes all the way to his lair, and I can provide you with vital information about the things ahead.
Player: way
Strange Pipe: You will have to leave the plant through the eastern door on the lowest level. I have arranged for it to be 'accidentally' open. ...
Strange Pipe: As in the past, our enemy still uses a series of machines to open the way to the next section of his lair. You have to turn them all on to proceed. ...
Strange Pipe: They will only work for a certain amount of time though, so you will have to hurry or some of the machines will turn inactive again.
By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 01:51

This npc its part of The Hero of Rathleton Quest, you can find it on Underground Glooth Factory

on 30 Mar 2016, 20:43


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