Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Port Hope
Spontaneous Speech: Uh, uh.
Player: Hi
Hairycles: Oh! Hello! Hello! Did not notice! So busy.
Player: How are you?
Hairycles: Me fine, me fine.
Player: ape people
Hairycles: We be kongra, sibang and merlkin. Strange hairless ape people live in city called Port Hope.
Player: busy/job
Hairycles: Me great wizard. Me great doctor of ape people. Me know many plants. Me old and me have seen many things.
Player: bye
Hairycles: Bye, bye.
Player: city
Hairycles: City now our is. Chasing away evil snakemen.
Player: doctor
Hairycles: Me can heal.
Player: heal
Hairycles: You look for food and rest.
Player: help
Hairycles: Me not help you can. Other apes would get mad at me.
Player: jungle
Hairycles: Jungle is dangerous. Jungle also provides us food. Take care when in jungle and safe you be.
Player: kongra
Hairycles: Kongra verry strong. Kongra verry angry verry fast. Take care when kongra comes. Better climb on highest tree.
Player: merlkin
Hairycles: Merlkin we are. Merlkin verry wise, merlkin learn many things quick. Teach other apes things a lot. Making heal and making magic.
Player: mission
Hairycles: These are dire times for our people. Problems plenty are in this times. But me people not grant trust easy. Are you willing to prove you friend of ape people?
Player: name
Hairycles: Me is Hairycles.
Player: no
Hairycles: Hairycles sad is now. But perhaps you will change mind one day.
Player: port hope
Hairycles: Strange hairless ape people there live. We go and get funny things from strange people.
Player: sibang
Hairycles: Sibang verry fast and funny. Sibang good gather food. Sibang know jungle well.
Player: snakemen
Hairycles: Evil snakemen mean to apes and making them work and holding them captive since apes can think. But then Spartaky came.
Player: spartaky
Hairycles: He great ape was. He fled to jungle, taught other apes of snakemen secrets. Came back with other apes and together we chased snake people away. Made city our home.
Player: things
Hairycles: Things not good now. Need helper to do mission for me people.
Player: tibia
Hairycles: Me know Tibia is all we see.
Player: time
Hairycles: You look to suns or moon and time you know.
Player: wizard/magic
Hairycles: We see many things and learning quick. Merlkin magic learn quick, quick. We just watch and learn. Sometimes we try and learn.
Name Price
Banana Banana 0 Gold Coin
By Tibiasula on 08 Jun 2016, 20:58

He can be found among the apes at the Banuta, on the first floor of one of the ruined temples.

We can also meet him while doing 10th mission of What a Foolish Quest.

By Nikz on 16 May 2016, 05:33

It is part of the quest The Ape City Quest.

on 04 Apr 2016, 20:42
on 03 Jan 2017, 06:47


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