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Can be found in Krailos
Spontaneous Speech: More meat! More cookies!; Hrmpf, Vuzrog hungry!; *Grunt*
Player: Bloody Skull
Vuzrog: Bloody Skulls are ogres who live here. This tribe. Most big clan of Krailos. Most strong chieftain. Most wise shaman.
Player: Bye
Vuzrog: Push off!
Player: Ghorza
Vuzrog: Ghorza tribe shaman. She wise, old woman. But also stubborn. Seems to like shrimpy humans. Vuzrog not knowing why. But Vuzrog has deal with Ghorza. ...
Vuzrog: Allows humans coming here. As long as tasty small titches not causing trouble.
Player: Great Hunger
Vuzrog: Great Hunger powerful spirit. Always needs food, very much food. If Great Hunger not getting enough food, its stomach rumbling. Then earth quaking, trembling. At end Great Hunger will eat up entire world. So ogres always feeding Great Hunger.
Player: Grubokk
Vuzrog: Grubokk young and impatient. Strong arms, but narrow in head. Oversees goblins in mines near high mountains.
Player: Hi
Vuzrog: Hello, tasty little snack.
Player: Hostile
Vuzrog: Yes, other tribe. Call themselves Thunder Tusk Clan.
Player: Krailos
Vuzrog: This steppe and grassland here. That Krailos. Home of ogres. Sourrounded by mountains and much water. We not know what behind water or mountains.
Player: Larek
Vuzrog: Is shrimpy human living here. First Vuzrog want eat him. But Larek bringing sweets. Cookies and candy. Vuzrog likes sweets! So allowed Larek to stay, if Larek brings sweets for Vuzrog.
Player: Mugruu
Vuzrog: Mugruu friend of chieftain. Makes things like shrimpy human Larek now. Buying things.
Player: Nibble
Vuzrog: Nibble small goblin. Cooking for Vuzrog. Clearing away rubbish. Useful at moment. Perhaps later Vuzrog eats tiny titch.
Player: Thunder Tusk
Vuzrog: Hrmpf. Causing trouble all time. Attacking our village, plundering, taking away our food and water.
Player: chieftain
Vuzrog: Chieftain is big boss of ogre tribe. Strongest ogre always chieftain. Vuzrog strongest ogre here. So Vuzrog is big boss!
Player: goblin
Vuzrog: Arrgh, wimpy shrimps! Stumbling around like warty toads. Sometimes ogres let them getting black stones from mountains. Small tunnels there, ogres not getting in. But small goblins can. And sometimes ogres eat them.
Player: humans
Vuzrog: Humans tasty. Ogres often eat them, taste better than goblins. But Ghorza, Bloody Skulls shaman, says: Not eat human visitors anymore.
Player: hyaena
Vuzrog: Yes, Ghorza has mangy lap hyaena. Vuzrog not caring that hyaena ran away. Tell Ghorza to search new totem animal, har har.
Player: job
Vuzrog: Vuzrog chieftain. Big boss of Bloody Skull tribe.
Player: mission
Vuzrog: You will bring more food for Vuzrog?
Player: name
Vuzrog: Me Vuzrog.
Player: news
Vuzrog: Hostile tribe bringing trouble upon Bloody Skull ogres.
Player: no
Vuzrog: Grrrr. Then get lost, shrimpy human! Before I'm getting hungry! (ends the conversation)
Player: shaman
Vuzrog: Shaman is spirit leader of tribe. Makes things right with spirits and Great Hunger. Blesses newborn ogrelings. Ghorza is Bloody Skulls shaman.
Player: time
Vuzrog: It's mealtime!
Player: trade
Vuzrog: Larek selling things. Ask for trade. And Mugruu trading things, too.
Player: water
Vuzrog: Very few water in Krailos. Most seas drying out. Ogres fighting for water. If want know more, ask Ghorza.
By Nikz on 19 May 2016, 02:51

This npc is part of The Krailos Quest.

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