Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Guide Behil

Guide Behil

Can be found in Darashia
Spontaneous Speech: Hello, is this your first visit to Darashia? I can show you around a little.; I'm well informed about the status of the world despite all the recent changes.; Need some help finding your way through Darashia? Let me assist you.; Free escort to the depot f
Player: Hi
Guide Behil: Daraman's blessings, Black Sabbatth, welcome to Darashia! Would you like some information and a map guide?
Player: armor
Guide Behil: Azil's armor shop is on the market place, just north of the depot.
Player: awash
Guide Behil: The mine tunnels under Kazordoon are currently flooded. Coal is needed to get the waterpumps running.
Player: bank
Guide Behil: Muzir takes care of our bank business. His office is in the north-western part of the caliph's palace.
Player: bye
Guide Behil: Daraman's blessings, enjoy your stay in Darashia, Player.
Player: carpet
Guide Behil: That's even better than travelling by ship. Chemar transports premium adventurers on his flying carpet. The station is just above the furniture store. You should give it a try!
Player: darashia
Guide Behil: Darashia is an oriental settlement ruled by Caliph Kazzan Ibn Gadral. We have a lot of shops, carpet travel and a rotworm plague, that sums it about up.
Player: deepling
Guide Behil: The creatures of the deep are currently hiding in the black waters beneath. If their god-king can be pleased with the treasures of the deep, a pathway may open to further venture into their area. ...
Guide Behil: 50 actions against the Deeplings have been taken. 200 actions are necessary to advance further into the deep.
Player: demon war
Guide Behil: The demon war is in a stalemate once again.
Player: depot
Guide Behil: The depot is a place where you can safely store your belongings. You are also protected against attacks there. I escort newcomers there.
Player: escort
Guide Behil: This service is only for newcomers below level 10. I think you can manage the way on your own! If you need marks on your map, let me know.
Player: food
Guide Behil: Omur and Mugluf sell food on the market place north of the depot. However, most food is quite expensive here.
Player: furniture
Guide Behil: Hofech's furniture store is to the north of this harbour, just below the carpet station.
Player: gems
Guide Behil: Ishina offers beautiful gems. Her shop is on the market place north of the depot.
Player: hive
Guide Behil: The hive is well defended and prepared for war. ...
Guide Behil: 0 actions have been taken against the Hive Born. 200 actions are necessary to advance further into the hive.
Player: horestis
Guide Behil: Horestis's body has been desecrated. His curse now hangs over Ankrahmun like the shadow of the vulture and his tomb is almost empty.
Player: information
Guide Behil: Currently, I can tell you all about the town, its temple, the bank, shops, spell trainers and the depot, as well as about the world status.
Player: job
Guide Behil: I'll show you around Darashia if you like. I can mark important locations on your map and give you some information about the town and the world status.
Player: keyword
Guide Behil: Valid keywords are: Horestis, Mage Tower, Master's Voice, Swamp Fever, Thornfire, Twisted Waters, Awash, Steamship, Horses, Overhunting, Demon War, Deepling or Hive.
Player: mage tower
Guide Behil: The raging mage is currently in his tower in Zao and experimenting with the portal into another dimension.
Player: magical
Guide Behil: Asima sells magical equipment like runes and potions. She lives in one of the western chambers of the caliph's palace.
Player: marks
Guide Behil: Would you like me to mark locations like - for example - the depot, bank and shops on your map?
Player: master's voice
Guide Behil: The strange tower with the servants on Edron is covered in slime.
Player: name
Guide Behil: My name is Behil. Glad to be your guide.
Player: overhunting
Guide Behil: There are white deer roaming the region near Ab'Dendriel. Don't slay too many of them, or they will leave the region.
Player: rotworm
Guide Behil: Oh yes, there are many rotworm tunnels surrounding this city. I fear that someday they will have undermined Darashia.
Player: shops
Guide Behil: You can buy weapons, armor, tools, gems, magical equipment, furniture, spells and food here.
Player: spells
Guide Behil: You'd like to learn new spells? Then you're looking for Shalmar. You can find him in the south-western chamber of the caliph's palace.
Player: swamp fever
Guide Behil: The swamp fever in Venore is currently under control and there is enough medicine for everyone.
Player: temple
Guide Behil: The temple is a few floors over the depot. Just walk up the numerous stairs there.
Player: thornfire
Guide Behil: Most guards and elves preventing the firestarters from breaking out have been slain. Shadowthorn is in danger of being set ablaze.
Player: time
Guide Behil: It's 9:34 pm right now. But I can give you more valuable information than that!
Player: tools
Guide Behil: General goods like ropes and shovels can be bought in Halif's shop on the market place, just north of the depot.
Player: town
Guide Behil: Darashia is an oriental settlement ruled by Caliph Kazzan Ibn Gadral. We have a lot of shops, carpet travel and a rotworm plague, that sums it about up.
Player: twisted waters
Guide Behil: The great lake near Port Hope is clean.
Player: weapon
Guide Behil: Habdel's weapon shop is on the market place, just north of the depot.
Player: world status
Guide Behil: If you'd like to know the status of this world just say the keyword for a world change.
Player: yes
Guide Behil: Here you go.
By Kuray on 16 Jul 2016, 22:00

He helps the players to show the city of Darashia or any other additional information can be found Tibia. You can see him leaving the ship of this beautiful city.

By Sahery on 22 Jun 2016, 22:34

you can talk with this npc and ask about the city map and after talking with other npc Guide Alexena Guide Davina Guide Edna Guide Elena Guide Jonathan Guide Kunibert Guide Rahlkora Guide Thelandil Guide Tiko Guide Luke you can get the achievement Territorial

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