Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Edron
Player: Hi
Puffels: Yeah, another fool {disturbing} me, what a joy.
Player: army
Puffels: Fine army that is. Half of them have already deserted.
Player: bye
Puffels: Whatever.
Player: carlin
Puffels: I don't care about some remote cities.
Player: edron
Puffels: Sciences are thriving on this isle.
Player: excalibug
Puffels: I have no use for such stuff.
Player: ferumbras
Puffels: The day will come even he makes a fatal casting mistake... I know what I am talking about.
Player: hugo
Puffels: Hugo? I heard it was an accident that created this beast.
Player: job or disturbing
Puffels: I have to teach the {spells} of least importance to some fools. Well, let's face it - to knights.
Player: king or tibianus
Puffels: I give nothing for kings, queens... or other people at all.
Player: name
Puffels: I am Magister Puffels, any problem with that?
Player: news
Puffels: I heard in Thais the new brand of cheese was... uhm...
Player: spells
Puffels: Guess what, smartypants. I'm the wrong teacher for you. Go see Ursula or Zoltan if you want to broaden your horizon.
Player: thais
Puffels: I was there once, almost died. The fools there mistook me for an ordinary rat, can you believe that!?
Player: tibia
Puffels: Bah, the whole Tibia can &
Puffels: #&
Puffels: $*# my #$&
Puffels: *!
Name Price
Annihilation Annihilation 20000 Gold Coins
Berserk Berserk 2500 Gold Coins
Brutal Strike Brutal Strike 1000 Gold Coins
Charge Charge 1300 Gold Coins
Cure Bleeding Cure Bleeding 2500 Gold Coins
Cure Poison Cure Poison 150 Gold Coins
Fair Wound Cleansing Fair Wound Cleansing 500000 Gold Coins
Fierce Berserk Fierce Berserk 7500 Gold Coins
Find Person Find Person 80 Gold Coins
Front Sweep Front Sweep 4000 Gold Coins
Great Light Great Light 500 Gold Coins
Groundshaker Groundshaker 1500 Gold Coins
Haste Haste 600 Gold Coins
Inflict Wound Inflict Wound 2500 Gold Coins
Intense Recovery Intense Recovery 10000 Gold Coins
Intense Wound Cleansing Intense Wound Cleansing 6000 Gold Coins
Levitate Levitate 500 Gold Coins
Light Light 0 Gold Coins
Magic Rope Magic Rope 200 Gold Coins
Recovery Recovery 4000 Gold Coins
Summon Knight Familiar Summon Knight Familiar 50000 Gold Coins
Whirlwind Throw Whirlwind Throw 1500 Gold Coins
By Sahery on 26 Jun 2016, 04:54

This npc sells spells for knight and it is in modern magic academy in Edron

on 28 Mar 2016, 17:10


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