Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Carlin
Spontaneous Speech: Join us, orange is where the fun is!Just for fun!What's with that sad face? Do something FUN for a change!
Player: Hi
Friedolin: Why hello player! I hope you're up to some serious FUN! Oh by the way, I have some news about the contest!
Player: name
Friedolin: My name is Friedolin. Fun is what I love and orange what I represent!
Player: job
Friedolin: I am a fan of Furb of Fun and I'm going to inform other Tibians about the BEST colour to join - orange of course!
Player: news
Friedolin: The wizard contest has begun, join orange if you want to have some fun! Seriously. I can also help you check the status of the contest if you're already a fan!
Player: wizard / contest
Friedolin: There are 3 wizards. Each of them represents a different element which can be easily identified by a unique colour. ...
Friedolin: There is 'orange' for wizard Furb of Fun, 'green' for wizard Fern of Nature and 'violet' for wizard Feiz of Power.
Player: join
Friedolin: You can join any wizard by using the powder you can find in the envelope on yourself and the rest on someone who did not already join a wizard and has the right colour. ...
Friedolin: Combining yellow and red will result in orange, yellow and blue will be green and red with blue results in violet.
Player: fan
Friedolin: There are two others like me, some nature freak in Venore and a random girl for violet in Thais. What, do you want to go there? Why? Why would you do that when you could have FUN instead!
Player: orange / fun / colour
Friedolin: Well orange is my colour! Fun is what I stand for. Orange represents Furb the wizard of fun! Why would anyone choose anything else?
Player: envelopes
Friedolin: The three wizards dropped these envelopes everywhere in the world. A lot of creatures have been carrying envelopes all over Tibia.
Player: power / Feiz
Friedolin: Feiz is the wizard of Power. Strength, influence and infinite might are his attributes. If you value these attributes, join him.
Player: Furb
Friedolin: Furb is the wizard of Fun. Pranks, jokes, funny things - he loves all of it. If you want to have some fun - it's the way to go.
Player: Fern
Friedolin: Fern is the wizard of Nature. Behold his powers and the elemental might that is nature itself.
Player: nature
Friedolin: Nature is the element of Fern, the wizard with the green colour. Yeah was never that much of a nature lover myself but hey.
Player: powder
Friedolin: The envelopes that came with the creatures contain a magical powder. The three wizards created it to let you represent each of their elements.
Player: Bye
Friedolin: Where did he go? Where did he go?
By Nikz on 29 Jun 2016, 02:34

this npc appears on Carlin only when The Colours of Magic event its active.

By Jeilyn on 14 May 2016, 23:57

Part of world quest The Colours of Magic.

on 25 Mar 2016, 01:12


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