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Can be found in Ankrahmun
Player: Ashta'daramai
Umar: This place is the Marid's safe haven. No enemy has ever managed to take this fortress by assault, and we will see to it that it stays this way.
Player: Fa'hradin
Umar: Fa'hradin is a powerful wizard and the smartest djinn I know. I love talking to him because there is so much he can teach me, but he rarely has time for me.
Player: Kha'labal
Umar: Ah yes - the desert. I still remember how beautiful that land was back in the days before the war. ...
Umar: land full of song and bliss it was - a veritable paradise. Fa'hradin once said its destruction was a supreme example of the transitoriness of all things mortal. ...
Umar: I am not sure I agree because I don't know what 'transitoriness' means.
Player: ankrahmun
Umar: was there, long ago. We had a garrison based in Ankrahmun during the early phases of the war. That was before the whole plains of the Kha'labal were set on fire.
Player: bye
Umar: salutes>
Umar: Aaaa -tention!
Player: darashia
Umar: They say Darashia is a beautiful human city somewhere to the north. I would really love to see it, but I can't abandon my post.
Player: djinn
Umar: Well, I am a djinn, but only as far as my physical aspect is concerned. As far as my way of thinking is concerned, I think I might actually be somebody else. You now - not even a djinn. In fact, I think I might be a dwarf.
Player: dwarf
Umar: Yes. Consider this: Dwarfs live in the mountains. So do I. And just like dwarfs I really like gold. But most of all, dwarfs like beer. ...
Umar: Isn't that amazing? I think that is more than a coincidence. You know - perhaps I am a reincarnated dwarf or something. You never know.
Player: gabel
Umar: He is our king and leader. Well, he isn't a king, you know. I mean, from a technical point of view he is, but he does not wear a crown or anything. And he says he isn't one, so even though he is one, he isn't, right?
Player: gatekeeper
Umar: You already have the permission to enter Ashta'daramai.
Player: girls
Umar: You did not know there are female djinns, did you? That's because they are quite rare. They are the greatest treasures of our race, and we guard them jealously.
Player: here
Umar: I am the gatekeeper of Ashta'daramai. That's what Gabel told me to do. You know - keeping the courtyard clean, getting rid of salesmen, keeping Efreet vermin out... that kind of thing. But in my spare time I work as a part-time philosopher.
Player: hi
Umar: How's it going these days? What brings you here?
Player: job
Umar: I am the gatekeeper of Ashta'daramai. That's what Gabel told me to do. You know - keeping the courtyard clean, getting rid of salesmen, keeping Efreet vermin out... that kind of thing. But in my spare time I work as a part-time philosopher.
Player: king
Umar: Okay, let's do this again. Gabel says he isn't a king, but he acts like one, which makes him one anyway - right? ...
Umar: But you know, he does not really act like one, either. I mean, he does give us orders and all that, and we obey sure enough, but it's not that we have to, I mean, technically speaking. ...
Umar: I mean - I don't know what would happen if anybody would not follow his orders for a change. After all, he is no longer a king, right? ...
Umar: But then I don't want to be the first one to find out what happens if you disobey so I always do as I'm told. ...
Umar: Which means I do not really know whether he is king or not. <
Umar: sighs>
Umar: Things were so much easier when Gabel still said he was king. Matters were so much clearer then.
Player: marid
Umar: That's us. I suppose we are the good guys in this war. Although good is relative, of course. So let's say, we are relatively good. Depends on the point of view, really.
Player: mission
Umar: What are you talking about? If you want to join our fight against the evil Efreet just let me know.
Player: name
Umar: I am Umar. Pleased to meet you!
Player: philosopher
Umar: Yes. Comes with the job. You see - here I am, sitting on the same chair all day and staring at the same blank wall. So what happens is that my mind starts wandering. And, you know, I start thinking. You know - about all kinds of things.
Player: thais
Umar: I understand the humans have founded some beautiful cities. I would like to see them, but as long as I have to stay here that won't happen. Which means I will not go anywhere as long as the war goes on.
Player: things
Umar: Yes. About the world and the gods and all that. And about girls. Yes, about girls, mostly.
Player: tibianus
Umar: Tibia is a beautiful world. Not that I see much of it, staring at this wall night and day.
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