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Can be found in Liberty Bay
Spontaneous Speech: <mumble>
Player: Edron
Malunga: Edron is a place of learning, magic and secrets. But others are dealing with that already in other places. It is my obligation to handle those issues here.
Player: Hi
Malunga: Greetings. I have only little time to spare, so the conversation will be short. I teach sorcerer spells and buy a few magical ingredients.
Player: academy
Malunga: I was sent here by the Edron academy for scientific researches. I am also responsible for the magical education of the citizens.
Player: civilisation
Malunga: The little we know about the extinct civilisation hints about a magically advanced race of humanoids, possibly of elven heritage, that once inhabited those isles until the disaster struck ...
Player: cult
Malunga: It would not surprise me much if some superstitious fools mess around with the chaotic magical currents of this isle. Only the gods may know what harm they could do to themselves and others.
Player: disaster
Malunga: The disaster took place at least some centuries ago. Our researches convinced us that the isles here belonged to a single landmass in the past. That should give you an idea of the extent of this catastrophe.
Player: education
Malunga: I teach aspiring sorcerers several spells.
Player: ferumbras
Malunga: I will not discuss this issue now and here. If you have any questions about him, the academy in Edron is the place to ask ...
Player: king
Malunga: The king's support of the academy is dwindling. I hope results in my researches will change this significantly.
Player: pirates
Malunga: Pirates are a constant pest. As long as their existence does not interfere with my researches, I don't care much about them.
Player: quaras
Malunga: The quara are something that is worth some research. Sadly I lack the time and resources for further investigations.
Player: raymond striker
Malunga: I heard he is one of the more notorious pirates.
Player: researches
Malunga: These isles hold more secrets than those that meet the eye. I am convinced that once a great civilisation prospered here. Some sort of disaster wiped out almost completely any trace of it.
Player: secrets
Malunga: Magic is not available everywhere at the same strength and intensity. There are areas that are dry like a desert, magically spoken, others are rich of magic. At some places magic flows as strong as if there were springs of magic ...
Malunga: Considering that this is a rather delicate issue, you should have a good reason to ask though.
Player: spare
Malunga: I was sent here by the Edron academy for scientific researches. I am also responsible for the magical education of the citizens.
Player: thais
Malunga: Well, Thais is not the city it used to be. Too many people, too noisy, too dirty.
Player: triangle of terror
Malunga: There seems to be some demonic cabal called Triangle of Terror. We don't know anything about its members except that there are three of them.
Player: venore
Malunga: Those haggling and scheming merchants sometimes give me more shivers than a demon. At least you know what to expect from a demon.
Player: voodoo
Malunga: The superstition of the natives pushes this kind of hedge magic. It is intolerable that they are fooling around with powers they don't understand.
Name Price
Boggy Dreads Boggy Dreads 200 Gold Coin
Bonecarving Knife Bonecarving Knife 140 Gold Coin
Centipede Leg Centipede Leg 28 Gold Coin
Cliff Strider Claw Cliff Strider Claw 800 Gold Coin
Cobra Tongue Cobra Tongue 15 Gold Coin
Compound Eye Compound Eye 150 Gold Coin
Crawler Head Plating Crawler Head Plating 210 Gold Coin
Damselfly Eye Damselfly Eye 25 Gold Coin
Damselfly Wing Damselfly Wing 20 Gold Coin
Deepling Breaktime Snack Deepling Breaktime Snack 90 Gold Coin
Deepling Claw Deepling Claw 430 Gold Coin
Deepling Ridge Deepling Ridge 360 Gold Coin
Deepling Scales Deepling Scales 80 Gold Coin
Deepling Warts Deepling Warts 180 Gold Coin
Demonic Finger Demonic Finger 1000 Gold Coin
Dowser Dowser 35 Gold Coin
Essence of a Bad Dream Essence of a Bad Dream 360 Gold Coin
Eye of Corruption Eye of Corruption 390 Gold Coin
Eye of a Deepling Eye of a Deepling 150 Gold Coin
Eye of a Weeper Eye of a Weeper 650 Gold Coin
Fir Cone Fir Cone 25 Gold Coin
Ghastly Dragon Head Ghastly Dragon Head 700 Gold Coin
Ghoul Snack Ghoul Snack 60 Gold Coin
Gland Gland 500 Gold Coin
Hair of a Banshee Hair of a Banshee 350 Gold Coin
Half-Digested Piece of Meat Half-Digested Piece of Meat 55 Gold Coin
Half-Eaten Brain Half-Eaten Brain 85 Gold Coin
Hatched Rorc Egg Hatched Rorc Egg 30 Gold Coin
Haunted Piece of Wood Haunted Piece of Wood 115 Gold Coin
Hellhound Slobber Hellhound Slobber 500 Gold Coin
Horoscope Horoscope 40 Gold Coin
Incantation Notes Incantation Notes 90 Gold Coin
Lancet Lancet 90 Gold Coin
Lizard Essence Lizard Essence 300 Gold Coin
Mutated Flesh Mutated Flesh 50 Gold Coin
Mutated Rat Tail Mutated Rat Tail 150 Gold Coin
Necromantic Robe Necromantic Robe 250 Gold Coin
Pelvis Bone Pelvis Bone 30 Gold Coin
Petrified Scream Petrified Scream 250 Gold Coin
Piece of Dead Brain Piece of Dead Brain 420 Gold Coin
Piece of Scarab Shell Piece of Scarab Shell 45 Gold Coin
Piece of Swampling Wood Piece of Swampling Wood 30 Gold Coin
Pieces of Magic Chalk Pieces of Magic Chalk 210 Gold Coin
Pig Foot Pig Foot 10 Gold Coin
Pile of Grave Earth Pile of Grave Earth 25 Gold Coin
Poison Spider Shell Poison Spider Shell 10 Gold Coin
Poisonous Slime Poisonous Slime 50 Gold Coin
Rorc Egg Rorc Egg 120 Gold Coin
Rotten Piece of Cloth Rotten Piece of Cloth 30 Gold Coin
Scale of Corruption Scale of Corruption 680 Gold Coin
Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail 25 Gold Coin
Slime Mould Slime Mould 175 Gold Coin
Small Pitchfork Small Pitchfork 70 Gold Coin
Spider Fangs Spider Fangs 10 Gold Coin
Spidris Mandible Spidris Mandible 450 Gold Coin
Spitter Nose Spitter Nose 340 Gold Coin
Strand of Medusa Hair Strand of Medusa Hair 600 Gold Coin
Swampling Moss Swampling Moss 20 Gold Coin
Swarmer Antenna Swarmer Antenna 130 Gold Coin
Tail of Corruption Tail of Corruption 240 Gold Coin
Tarantula Egg Tarantula Egg 80 Gold Coin
Tentacle Piece Tentacle Piece 5000 Gold Coin
Thorn Thorn 100 Gold Coin
Tooth File Tooth File 60 Gold Coin
Undead Heart Undead Heart 200 Gold Coin
Vampire's Cape Chain Vampire's Cape Chain 150 Gold Coin
Venison Venison 55 Gold Coin
Waspoid Claw Waspoid Claw 320 Gold Coin
Waspoid Wing Waspoid Wing 190 Gold Coin
Widow's Mandibles Widow's Mandibles 110 Gold Coin
Winged Tail Winged Tail 800 Gold Coin
Yielocks Yielocks 600 Gold Coin
Yielowax Yielowax 600 Gold Coin
Name Price
Cure Poison Cure Poison 150 Gold Coins
Curse Curse 6000 Gold Coins
Death Strike Death Strike 800 Gold Coins
Energy Beam Energy Beam 1000 Gold Coins
Energy Strike Energy Strike 800 Gold Coins
Fire Wave Fire Wave 500 Gold Coins
Flame Strike Flame Strike 600 Gold Coins
Great Energy Beam Great Energy Beam 1800 Gold Coins
Great Light Great Light 500 Gold Coins
Haste Haste 600 Gold Coins
Ice Strike Ice Strike 800 Gold Coins
Ignite Ignite 1500 Gold Coins
Intense Healing Intense Healing 350 Gold Coins
Light Light 0 Gold Coins
Light Healing Light Healing 0 Gold Coins
Lightning Lightning 5000 Gold Coins
Magic Rope Magic Rope 200 Gold Coins
Magic Shield Magic Shield 450 Gold Coins
Strong Energy Strike Strong Energy Strike 7500 Gold Coins
Strong Flame Strike Strong Flame Strike 6000 Gold Coins
Strong Haste Strong Haste 1300 Gold Coins
Summon Thundergiant Summon Thundergiant 50000 Gold Coins
Terra Strike Terra Strike 800 Gold Coins
Ultimate Healing Ultimate Healing 1000 Gold Coins
Ultimate Light Ultimate Light 1600 Gold Coins
By Sahery on 26 Jun 2016, 07:04

with it I can sell some products as Tarantula Egg among others

By faiky on 01 Apr 2016, 03:11

She is the sorcerer guild leader from Liberty Bay.

on 23 Mar 2016, 19:27
on 28 Oct 2016, 23:35


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