Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Gnomebase
Player: Bye
Gnomission: Good bye!
Player: Hi
Gnomission: Hello Player. You are probably eager to enter the warzones. But perhaps you are also interested in other aspects of my job.
Name Price
Mushroom Pie Mushroom Pie 150 Gold Coin
Name Price
Arbalest Arbalest 42000 Gold Coin
Arcane Staff Arcane Staff 42000 Gold Coin
Baby Seal Doll Baby Seal Doll 20000 Gold Coin
Bejeweled Ship's Telescope Bejeweled Ship's Telescope 20000 Gold Coin
Blade of Corruption Blade of Corruption 60000 Gold Coin
Bloody Edge Bloody Edge 30000 Gold Coin
Blue Legs Blue Legs 15000 Gold Coin
Blue Rose Blue Rose 250 Gold Coin
Bright Sword Bright Sword 6000 Gold Coin
Ceremonial Ankh Ceremonial Ankh 20000 Gold Coin
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' 15000 Gold Coin
Crystal Wand Crystal Wand 10000 Gold Coin
Demon Helmet Demon Helmet 40000 Gold Coin
Dragon Robe Dragon Robe 50000 Gold Coin
Dwarven Axe Dwarven Axe 1500 Gold Coin
Dwarven Legs Dwarven Legs 40000 Gold Coin
Egg of the Many Egg of the Many 15000 Gold Coin
Executioner Executioner 55000 Gold Coin
Frozen Starlight Frozen Starlight 20000 Gold Coin
Golden Amulet Golden Amulet 2000 Gold Coin
Golden Fafnar Trophy Golden Fafnar Trophy 10000 Gold Coin
Golden Sickle Golden Sickle 1000 Gold Coin
Greenwood Coat Greenwood Coat 50000 Gold Coin
Marlin Trophy Marlin Trophy 5000 Gold Coin
Modified Crossbow Modified Crossbow 10000 Gold Coin
Mucus Plug Mucus Plug 500 Gold Coin
Orichalcum Pearl Orichalcum Pearl 40 Gold Coin
Ornamented Shield Ornamented Shield 1500 Gold Coin
Panda Teddy Panda Teddy 30000 Gold Coin
Pet Pig Pet Pig 1500 Gold Coin
Purple Tome Purple Tome 2000 Gold Coin
Red Tome Red Tome 2000 Gold Coin
Runed Sword Runed Sword 45000 Gold Coin
Sea Serpent Trophy Sea Serpent Trophy 10000 Gold Coin
Silkweaver Bow Silkweaver Bow 12000 Gold Coin
Silver Fafnar Trophy Silver Fafnar Trophy 1000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Explosion) Silver Rune Emblem (Explosion) 5000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Heavy Magic Missile) Silver Rune Emblem (Heavy Magic Missile) 5000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death) Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death) 5000 Gold Coin
Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing) Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing) 5000 Gold Coin
Souleater Trophy Souleater Trophy 7500 Gold Coin
Star Amulet Star Amulet 500 Gold Coin
Statue of Abyssador Statue of Abyssador 4000 Gold Coin
Statue of Deathstrike Statue of Deathstrike 3000 Gold Coin
Statue of Devovorga Statue of Devovorga 1500 Gold Coin
Statue of Gnomevil Statue of Gnomevil 2000 Gold Coin
Stuffed Dragon Stuffed Dragon 6000 Gold Coin
The Avenger The Avenger 42000 Gold Coin
The Ironworker The Ironworker 50000 Gold Coin
Trophy of Jaul Trophy of Jaul 4000 Gold Coin
Trophy of Obujos Trophy of Obujos 3000 Gold Coin
Trophy of Tanjis Trophy of Tanjis 2000 Gold Coin
Unholy Book Unholy Book 30000 Gold Coin
Windborn Colossus Armor Windborn Colossus Armor 50000 Gold Coin
By Oriibz on 17 Jul 2016, 00:48

To negotiate with him, you need to kill 20 times the bosses of Bigfoot's Burden Quest.

After delivering a Deathstrike's Snippet , a Gnomevil's Hat , and Abyssador's Lash to Gnomission , you will receive the achievement Gnomish Art Of War .

on 25 Mar 2016, 01:14


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