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Spirit Speaker

Spirit Speaker

Can be found in Venore
Spontaneous Speech: Gather around!; How... disappointing.; Ugh... these younglings...; I will teach you the ways of the spirits.
Player: Hi
Spirit Speaker: Can you hear that...!? Oh, hello there. Have you come seeking wisdom...? A story perhaps?
Player: bye
Spirit Speaker: Good bye.
Player: gift
Spirit Speaker: The gift that has been bestowed upon me is the ability to communicate with the spirits and other ethereal entities who are among us. ...
Spirit Speaker: It helps me uncover important knowledge about our surroundings. Knowledge I then share with the people who visit this place to inspire them to explore the wonders this world has to offer.
Player: god
Spirit Speaker: Zathroth is the god that controls the Ruthless Seven and he is the God of Destruction, Lelka Even. He is the evil half of one of the elder god. The other half is Uman the Wise. ... Together they are one. Interesting, isn't it? Thought so.
Player: havoc
Spirit Speaker: Many have tried to wreak havoc and destruction on various cities over the years. In days past our cities were raided by hordes of orcs, but they were defeated in their attempts to conquer our capital cities by the brave adventurers of those times. ...
Spirit Speaker: They carried with them strong unique sets of armor, specifically crafted for that war. ...
Spirit Speaker: They were recovered by the warriors who defeated them
Spirit Speaker: but those ancient pieces of armor are rarely seen these days.
Player: hear
Spirit Speaker: Yes.. nature speaks, this whole continent has a voice and it screams for help when changes are about to happen, it senses danger and warns us of evil presences and changes of the world. ...
Spirit Speaker: This land is alive and every event we participate in has an impact on its people and on the environment. ...
Spirit Speaker: So be ready and aid the world in its time of need. You may be greatly rewarded.
Player: horrors
Spirit Speaker: Do you want to know what horror is, young adventurer? Horror has a name in these lands... actually, seven names. ...
Spirit Speaker: Apocalypse, Ashfalor, Bazir, Infernatil, Pumin, Tafariel and Verminor. The Ruthless Seven, seven archdemons under the command of a god.
Player: job
Spirit Speaker: Job? I am a spirit speaker and a traveller of these lands. I discover its mysteries and learn about its past... our past. ...
Spirit Speaker: Now you may be wondering what I do with all that knowledge and the answer is simple - I share it.
Player: legend
Spirit Speaker: Ahh so you like legends, do you? Here's another one. It is said that the ancient pharaohs who ruled Ankrahmun in days long past, were mummified and buried with their most precious belongings in tombs beneath the sands of the desert. ...
Spirit Speaker: It is also said that they were buried with the pieces of an ancient magical helmet of great power. Legend holds that the pharaohs will not part from their treasures easily... even after death.
Player: mysteries
Spirit Speaker: Mysteries! This world is full of them
Spirit Speaker: take for instance the mysterious creature who lurks in the jungles of Port Hope which is said to carry one of the rarest plants known to botany! ...
Spirit Speaker: Or the tales of underwater kingdoms ruled by fish-like creatures. Or perhaps the legend surrounding a demonic tree on the Plains of Havoc. ...
Spirit Speaker: Interesting, isn't it? And this is just a taste of what is out there for you to explore.
Player: name
Spirit Speaker: I do not have a proper name, for I am a child of nature. I was given the gift to communicate with ancient ethereal beings
Spirit Speaker: that is where my name comes from: the 'Spirit Speaker'.
Player: story
Spirit Speaker: Here's a story worth telling, one that I'm sure will get your attention. There is a legend that says that in the small island of Rookgaard, where new adventurers start their journeys, there is a sword. ...
Spirit Speaker: Guarded by the most powerful of minotaur sorcerers! The sword is known as the Sword of Fury. Is the legend true? Who knows.
Player: treasures
Spirit Speaker: There are many treasures out there for adventurers like you to claim, child. If you are brave enough to descend into hell itself! ...
Spirit Speaker: There are many tasks around the world for experienced adventurers like you on the journey to the very Pits of Inferno! But beware! You never know what horrors stand between you and your desires.
Player: wisdom
Spirit Speaker: WISDOM! Such a desirable thing, isn't it? You have come to the right place, I have much knowledge to share about the world you live in, more than you could ever imagine. ...
Spirit Speaker: But not everyone was born to possess great wisdom, especially when they intend to use it as a tool of destruction. Like Ferumbras for example, who used his immense power to call upon great demons to lay havoc on the city of Thais.
By Tibiasula on 13 Jun 2016, 17:45

This NPC was created by Hashiru (player) who won "Create Your Own NPC" contest organised by CipSoft. It was implemented in June 2013 (update 10.1). He claims to talk with the spirits.

By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 01:49

You can found it on the south-west exit from venore.

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