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The Orc King

The Orc King

Can be found in Ulderek's Rock
Spontaneous Speech: Yes, flee this place, but you will never escape my revenge!
Player: Hi
The Orc King: Harrrrk! You think you are strong now? You shall never escape my wrath! I am immortal!
Player: immortal / name / job
The Orc King: I am Charkahn the Slayer! The immortal father of the orcs and master of this hive.
Player: orcs / divine
The Orc King: The orcs are the bearers of Blog's rage. This makes us the ultimate fighters and the most powerful of all races.
Player: hive
The Orc King: I can sense the presence and the feelings of my underlings and minions. I embrace the rage of the horde.
Player: horde / minions
The Orc King: The orcish horde of this hive is under my control. I sense their emotions and their needs and provide them with the leadership they need to focus their hate and rage.
Player: hate
The Orc King: Hate and rage are the true blessings of Blog, since they are powerful weapons. They give the hive strength. I provide them with direction and focus.
Player: Blog
The Orc King: The Raging One blessed us with his burning hate. We are truly his children and therefore divine.
Player: direction
The Orc King: To conquer, to destroy and to dominate. Orcs are born to rule the world.
Player: world
The Orc King: One day I will rule the world, even when turned into a slime.
Player: slime
The Orc King: Pah! Don't mock me, mortal! This shape is a curse which the evil djinn bestowed upon me!
Player: djinn
The Orc King: This cursed djinn king! I set him free from an enchanted lamp, and he cheated me!
Player: lamp
The Orc King: For eons he was trapped in an enchanted lamp by some ancient race. Now he's free to roam the world again. Although he cheated me I appreciate what he and his brethren will do to this world, now it's the time of the Djinn again!
Player: cheated
The Orc King: Because I freed him he granted me three wishes. He was true to his word in the first two wishes.
Player: wishes
The Orc King: He built this fortress over Ulderek's grave within a single night. Also, he granted me my second wish and gave me immortality. Test it and try to kill me if you want. Har Har!
Player: Bye
The Orc King: We will meet again.
By Nikz on 29 Jun 2016, 02:19

he summons 2 Orc Warlord , 3 Slime and 3 Orc Leader the first time that you say the word "hi"

By Nikz on 09 Jun 2016, 18:57

This npc its located in orc fortress, Venore, its part of several Quests like What a Foolish Quest and The Djinn War.

on 22 Mar 2016, 20:18


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