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Can be found in Venore
Spontaneous Speech: Where to get enough food for all?; All these troubles...; Oh my! Oh my!!; This time things are getting troublesome.
Player: Ab'Dendriel
Ottokar: The word is that the elves don't like foreigners at all.
Player: Bye
Ottokar: Good bye, "player's name".
Player: Carlin
Ottokar: It is said that in Carlin, a female aristocracy suppresses men, and that to laugh on the open streets there is deemed a frivolous and punishable offense.
Player: Edron
Ottokar: What we hear of Edron is that it is a war-ridden isle on which a knightly order fights for supremacy again monsters, with the ordinary people paying a high blood toll for a futile agenda.
Player: Hi
Ottokar: Greetings my friend! You look like you're in quite good health!
Player: Kazordoon
Ottokar: Kazordoon is a dark and humid place filled with smoke and the constant sound of hammering. As far as I know, only dwarfs can survive there.
Player: Liberty Bay
Ottokar: The stories of Liberty Bay sound all too familiar to the ones that foreigners tell who have come to Venore. ...
Ottokar: I know a lot of desperate people who left with the intent to begin anew in Liberty Bay. Until today, we have never heard of them again.
Player: Thais
Ottokar: Some Thaians came here, lured by rumours of becoming rich within a short time. ...
Ottokar: Of course their dreams were shattered, and the few that could even earn a meagre living can consider themselves lucky.
Player: Venore
Ottokar: In Venore with all its riches, the difference between the rich and the poor are extreme. The upper class cares little for anything beside their own personal gain.
Player: donations
Ottokar: I have to be honest: there is no reward I could give you for a donation, regardless of how high it is. Your only reward would be to know that you have helped. ...
Ottokar: So do you still intend to make a donation for the poor, knowing that there is no reward waiting for you?
Player: health care
Ottokar: The poor often are the ones worst afflicted by plagues, for various reasons. Here in Venore, the swamp fever makes things even more dangerous. If I had some more medicine, though, things would surely change!
Player: job
Ottokar: I used my family's fortune to provide Venore with a poor house, where those without money, food and hope can find shelter.
Player: king
Ottokar: The king is far away and I doubt that he cares for the poor even in his own royal city. We here in Venore feel little of the king's benevolence, but still have to pay taxes.
Player: medicine
Ottokar: Do you have any medicine pouch with you?
Player: no
Ottokar: Oh, I see. If you happen to loot any of them, please bring them here. We need them desperately.
Player: poor
Ottokar: Well, it might be true that Venore is full of opportunities, but sadly it attracts many people that then find themselves in a situation even more hopeless than before. ...
Ottokar: People often are desperately looking for work and it seems the rich can pay them as little as they want.
Player: rich
Ottokar: He who has the gold, makes the rules in Venore. Money buys you influence and power. If you are poor, you are deemed worthless and will be used.
Player: shelter
Ottokar: With the funding by some temples and donations of gracious adventurers, I am able to provide the homeless with some food and health care.
Player: swamp fever
Ottokar: The swamp fever is an old curse that has befallen this settlement ever since its founding. We still know very little about it. ...
Ottokar: There seems to be a connection with humidity and starvation though. The upper classes apparently need not fear the fever as much. They contract it significantly less often, and usually receive immediate treatment with effective medicine. ...
Ottokar: A luxury that the poor cannot afford.
By Venner on 08 May 2016, 09:52

He can exchange a Medicine Pouch for a Belongings of a Deceased . It gives opportunity to get a Slug Drug , which is needed to tame a Slug ( Tiger Slug Premium Tiger Slug ).

on 25 Mar 2016, 17:41
on 21 Oct 2016, 22:06
on 21 Oct 2016, 22:15
on 21 Oct 2016, 22:16
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on 14 Jul 2016, 14:48


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