Walter, The Guard

Walter, The Guard

Can be found in Thais
Spontaneous Speech: LONG LIVE THE KING!
Player: Bye
Walter, The Guard: LONG LIVE THE KING!
Player: City
Walter, The Guard: Behave while in the city or we get you! Do you want to know where to find a shop or a guild?
Player: Druids
Walter, The Guard: Marvik is the great druid of the local guild. You'll find him by climbing up the citywalls at the east.
Player: Guards
Walter, The Guard: I am a guard and proud of it.
Player: Guild
Walter, The Guard: In the city you will find the guildhouses of the knights, paladins, druids, and sorcerers.
Player: Hi
Walter, The Guard: LONG LIVE THE KING!
Player: Job
Walter, The Guard: It's my duty to protect the city.
Player: King
Walter, The Guard: Tibianus III is our beloved king! He resides in the castle in the north west of the city.
Player: Knights
Walter, The Guard: The high knight of the knights' guild. It is in north-east of the town.
Player: Paladins
Walter, The Guard: Elane is responsible for the local paladins' guild. It's in the west of the town, directly south of the post office.
Player: Provisioner
Walter, The Guard: Gorn is our provisioner. You'll find him north of the main crossroads. His shop is to the right.
Player: Shop
Walter, The Guard: There's a smith, a provisioner, and a tavern.
Player: Smith
Walter, The Guard: Sam is our blacksmith. You'll find him north of the main crossroads. His shop is to the left.
Player: Sorcerers
Walter, The Guard: Muriel is the head of the local sorcerers' guild. You'll find it in the south-west of the city.
Player: Tavern
Walter, The Guard: Frodo runs the local tavern. You'll find it at the main crossroads to the north-west.
EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 22 Dec 2015, 02:23

South gate of Thais, on Harbour Street. Although This NPC walks only a few SQM it is a well known fact on all Hardcore Servers that this NPC has better PVP then the character buyer "walty". One day with all his lvl 400+'s he might actually be a fraction of the pvper this NPC is.

on 22 Dec 2015, 02:16
on 17 Nov 2016, 23:01


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