Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Venore
Spontaneous Speech: Uhhh! Rather hasty. Quite suspicious! Me better check if something's missin'!
Player: Advertising
Rafzan: Me need to get well known all over the swamp. Cheapest prices, best service in whole swamp. Me need you to place some advertisement signs in the swamp. Are you helping poor me?
Player: Hi
Rafzan: Hello, hello. Me peaceful, poor and honest goblin. Are you lookin' for trade or want to help me?
Player: business
Rafzan: Me humble little trader. Making a coin now and then, just enough not to starve to death. If you hear strange noise it's not dragon but empty stomach of poor goblin trader.
Player: busy
Rafzan: You no ready! Gogogo!
Player: bye
Rafzan: Bye bye. Come back with much money to trade soon.
Player: destroy
Rafzan: Ratmen often make deal with poor me. Sad story short, they always make profit, me never. If stuff they buy is destroyed, they have to buy new stuff. I need you to destroy stuff they bought from me. ...
Rafzan: But ratmen are STRONG and DANGEROUS!!! (Not recommended for levels below 35) Better not go alone when you are inexperienced. Are you helping poor me?
Player: dwarfs
Rafzan: Beardmen are nasty. Always want to kill little goblin. No trade at all. Not good, not good.
Player: elves
Rafzan: They are mean and cruel. Humble goblin rarely trades with them. They would rather kill poor me if not too greedy for stuff only me can get them. ...
Rafzan: Still, they rob me of it for a few spare coins and there is noooo profit for poor goblin.
Player: get
Rafzan: So much to be done! Me desperately need advertising. Me have to create new ratmen perfume. Me in need of guards to keep me safe when trading. ...
Rafzan: Me looking for someone to keep ratmen busy, me need hero to destroy some ratmen stuff, and me need someone to kill evil marsh stalker.
Player: goblins
Rafzan: Most goblins so afraid of everything, that they fight everything. Me different. Me just want trade.
Player: gold
Rafzan: Me have seen a gold coin once or twice. So bright and shiny it hurt me poor eyes. You surely are incredibly rich human who has even three or four coins at once! ...
Rafzan: Perhaps you want to exchange them for some things me offer? Just don't rob me too much, me little stupid goblin, have no idea what stuff is worth... you look honest, you surely pay fair price like I ask and tell if it's too cheap.
Player: guards
Rafzan: Me little, me weak. Me need strong guys to protect me. Sadly humans love more be adventurers than protecting poor goblin. Me think they think adventuring is more fun and safe. ...
Rafzan: Me think when something bad would happen to them, that would teach them. Are you helping poor me?
Player: help
Rafzan: So much to do, so little help. Me poor goblin desperately needs help. Me have a few tasks me need to be done. ...
Rafzan: I can offer you all money I made if you only help me a little with stuff which is easy for strong smart human but impossible for poor, little me.
Player: humans
Rafzan: You humans are so big, strong, clever and beautiful. Me really feel little and green beside you. Must be sooo fun to be human. You surely always make profit!
Player: job
Rafzan: Me job merchant is. Me trade with all kinds of things. Me not good trader though, so you get everything incredibly cheap! ...
Rafzan: You might think me mad, but please don't rip off poor goblin too much. Me has four or five wives and dozens of kids to feed!
Player: merchants
Rafzan: Ah, yes, yes, merchant me be. Me is looking for help to start me business.
Player: name
Rafzan: Me humble name is Rafzan. Good old goblin name meaning honest, generous and nice person, I swear!
Player: perfume
Rafzan: Me mostly deal with ratmen for old stuff they collected. Nothing to make any profit, nonono. But me need stuff to keep alive. Ratmen are fond of perfume I invented. ...
Rafzan: I need you to create more of it. Are you helping poor me?
Player: profit
Rafzan: To be honest to me human friend, me only heard about it, never seen one. I imagine it's something cute and cuddly.
Player: ratmen
Rafzan: Furry guys are strange fellows. Always collecting things and stuff. Not easy to make them share, oh there is noooo profit for little, poor me to be made. ...
Rafzan: They build underground dens that can stretch quite far. Rumour has it the corym have strange tunnels that connect their different networks all over the world.
Player: task
Rafzan: Are you here to get a task or to report you finished task?
Player: thais
Rafzan: Me heard Thais is big city with king! Must be strong and clever, to become chief of all humans. Me cannot imagine how many people you have to beat up to become king of all humans. ...
Rafzan: Surely he makes lot of profit in his pretty city.
Player: trade
Rafzan: Ah, you too clever for me to make any meagre profit. Just please, please don't rob poor stupid goblin too much, you master of shrewd trading.
Player: venore
Rafzan: Humans so clever. Much, much smarter than poor, stupid goblin. They have big rich town. Goblin lives here poor and hungry. Me so impressed by you strong and smart humans. ...
Rafzan: So much to learn from you. Poor goblin only sees pretty city from afar. Poor goblin too afraid to go there.
Player: yes
Rafzan: Oh, so thankful me be! Take this hammer and use it on the crates they got from me. Me sure they not yet unpacked it, you find it in some storage area.
By Oriibz on 04 Jul 2016, 05:36

He is part of the Goblin Merchant Quest.

By Oriibz on 30 Jul 2016, 00:37

And he is buy and sell equipment, tools, and others items for equipment.

on 25 Mar 2016, 17:46
on 17 Oct 2017, 21:34


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