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Can be found in Ankrahmun
Spontaneous Speech: I sell furniture both to the mourned and the enlightened.
Player: Akh
Feizuhl: The Akh is our vulnerable, ageing flesh.
Player: Ankrahmun
Feizuhl: Our city is old. Older even than our beloved pharaoh.
Player: Darama
Feizuhl: This is the continent of my birth, my death and also of my ascension, if I learn enough in my mortal days.
Player: Darashia
Feizuhl: If they would only see the light and follow the way of ascension. Thrice mourned be they.
Player: Rah
Feizuhl: The Rah is our spiritual essence.
Player: all
Feizuhl: Well, keep looking at them all as long as you like.
Player: ascension
Feizuhl: The ascension to salvation and perhaps even to divine status.
Player: Bye
Feizuhl: Good bye.
Player: furniture
Feizuhl: Well, as you can see, I sell furniture. Ask me for a trade if you're interested to see my wares.
Player: Hi
Feizuhl: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh and welcome to the furniture store.
Player: job
Feizuhl: I sell furniture both to the mourned and the enlightened.
Player: name
Feizuhl: I'm the mourned Feizuhl, pilgrim.
Player: pharaoh
Feizuhl: Our pharaoh holds the key to our ascension. Praised be our pharaoh.
Player: tapestries
Feizuhl: Here you go.
Player: time
Feizuhl: It is 12:55 am right now.
Player: trade
Feizuhl: Have a look. Most furniture comes in handy kits. Just use them in your house to assemble the furniture. Do you want to see only a certain type of furniture?
Player: type
Feizuhl: I have beds, chairs, containers, decoration, flowers, instruments, pillows, pottery, statues, tapestries and tables. Which of those would you like to see?
Player: Uthun
Feizuhl: The Uthun is our memory. Call it personality if you like.
Name Price
Amphora Amphora 4 Gold Coin
Armor Rack Armor Rack 90 Gold Coin
Barrel Barrel 12 Gold Coin
Big Table Big Table 30 Gold Coin
Birdcage Birdcage 50 Gold Coin
Blue Bed Kit Blue Bed Kit 80 Gold Coin
Blue Pillow Blue Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Blue Tapestry Blue Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
Bookcase Bookcase 70 Gold Coin
Box Box 10 Gold Coin
Canopy Bed Kit Canopy Bed Kit 200 Gold Coin
Chest Chest 10 Gold Coin
Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers 18 Gold Coin
Chimney Chimney 200 Gold Coin
Coal Basin Coal Basin 25 Gold Coin
Crate Crate 10 Gold Coin
Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock 40 Gold Coin
Dresser Dresser 25 Gold Coin
Empty Goldfish Bowl Empty Goldfish Bowl 50 Gold Coin
Flower Bowl Flower Bowl 6 Gold Coin
Globe Globe 50 Gold Coin
Goblin Statue Goblin Statue 50 Gold Coin
God Flowers God Flowers 5 Gold Coin
Green Bed Kit Green Bed Kit 80 Gold Coin
Green Cushioned Chair Green Cushioned Chair 40 Gold Coin
Green Pillow Green Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Green Tapestry Green Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
Harp Harp 50 Gold Coin
Heart Pillow Heart Pillow 30 Gold Coin
Honey Flower Honey Flower 5 Gold Coin
Indoor Plant Indoor Plant 8 Gold Coin
Large Amphora Large Amphora 50 Gold Coin
Large Trunk Large Trunk 10 Gold Coin
Locker Locker 30 Gold Coin
Minotaur Statue Minotaur Statue 50 Gold Coin
Orange Tapestry Orange Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
Oven Oven 80 Gold Coin
Pendulum Clock Pendulum Clock 75 Gold Coin
Piano Piano 200 Gold Coin
Picture Picture 50 Gold Coin
Picture Picture 50 Gold Coin
Picture Picture 50 Gold Coin
Potted Flower Potted Flower 5 Gold Coin
Purple Tapestry Purple Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
Red Bed Kit Red Bed Kit 80 Gold Coin
Red Cushioned Chair Red Cushioned Chair 40 Gold Coin
Red Pillow Red Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Red Tapestry Red Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
Rocking Chair Rocking Chair 25 Gold Coin
Rocking Horse Rocking Horse 30 Gold Coin
Round Blue Pillow Round Blue Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Round Purple Pillow Round Purple Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Round Red Pillow Round Red Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Round Turquoise Pillow Round Turquoise Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Small Blue Pillow Small Blue Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Small Green Pillow Small Green Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Small Orange Pillow Small Orange Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Small Purple Pillow Small Purple Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Small Red Pillow Small Red Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Small Round Table Small Round Table 25 Gold Coin
Small Table Small Table 20 Gold Coin
Small Turquoise Pillow Small Turquoise Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Small White Pillow Small White Pillow 20 Gold Coin
Sofa Chair Sofa Chair 55 Gold Coin
Square Table Square Table 25 Gold Coin
Statue Statue 50 Gold Coin
Table Lamp Table Lamp 35 Gold Coin
Telescope Telescope 70 Gold Coin
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1000 Gold Coin
Trophy Stand Trophy Stand 50 Gold Coin
Trough Trough 7 Gold Coin
Vase Vase 3 Gold Coin
Venorean Cabinet Venorean Cabinet 90 Gold Coin
Venorean Drawer Venorean Drawer 40 Gold Coin
Venorean Wardrobe Venorean Wardrobe 50 Gold Coin
Wall Mirror Wall Mirror 40 Gold Coin
Wall Mirror (Oval) Wall Mirror (Oval) 40 Gold Coin
Wall Mirror (Round) Wall Mirror (Round) 40 Gold Coin
Water Pipe Water Pipe 40 Gold Coin
Weapon Rack Weapon Rack 90 Gold Coin
White Tapestry White Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
Wooden Chair Wooden Chair 15 Gold Coin
Yellow Bed Kit Yellow Bed Kit 80 Gold Coin
Yellow Pillow Yellow Pillow 25 Gold Coin
Yellow Tapestry Yellow Tapestry 25 Gold Coin
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