Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Ankrahmun
Player: Hi
Haroun: Be greeted, human Masaxre Knight. How can a humble djinn be of service?
Player: name
Haroun: My name is Haroun. At your service.
Player: job
Haroun: I am a merchant. Though I have not chosen this position for myself I have accepted the task with humility and devotion. ...
Haroun: If you have the permission of Gabel to trade with me, I can sell you some useful magical equipment.
Player: human
Haroun: Back in the dark days we used to be enemies, the humans and us. But then a human came and radically changed the way we see things. ...
Haroun: He taught us to see your race as brothers. Of course... of course we still have lessons to learn, I suppose.
Player: djinn
Haroun: That is my race. I like to compare it to iron. It has the potential to be forged into the finest steel, but it does need a lot of work and devotion. ...
Haroun: Without that it is nothing but worthless scrap metal. Like our master said in the scriptures: Forge thyself! Be a blade of the true creed! (Book VI, chapter 14, verses 3 and 4).
Player: service
Haroun: I am a merchant. Though I have not chosen this position for myself I have accepted the task with humility and devotion. ...
Haroun: If you have the permission of Gabel to trade with me, I can sell you some useful magical equipment.
Player: permission
Haroun: I am not allowed to trade with you unless Gabel gave you the permission to trade with us.
Player: sell
Haroun: My task is to buy and sell supplies. We are dealing with magical equipment like rings, amulets, rods and some special items. I can also perform magical extractions. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: gabel
Haroun: He is our leader. Not because he desires power or distinction, of course, but because the community needs a guide in spiritual and in worldly matters. ...
Haroun: He has accepted this burden with the modesty that is required of a true follower of Daraman.
Player: enchanted chicken wing
Haroun: I need one pair of boots of haste to extract one enchanted chicken wing. Would you like me to perform the extraction?
Player: yes
Haroun: Al Tauaman Saratan Asad!
Player: king
Haroun: We do not have kings. Of the members of our community, Gabel is closest to being what you would consider a leader, but he would resent being called by that presumptuous title.
Player: darashia
Haroun: I understand the humans living there are self-indulgent and decadent. I am sure Daraman would disapprove of their ways.
Player: ankrahmun
Haroun: Ankrahmun has a venerable tradition, but now that heretic fool has acceeded to the throne it has degenerated into a breeding place for wicked heresy.
Player: daraman
Haroun: How could my unworthy tongue ever find words to praise the enlightened one the way he deserves to be praised? Daraman took the veil from our eyes. He made us realise the extent of our misery. ...
Haroun: However, he did much more than that. He showed us a way out. He gave meaning to our lives. The service he has done to my race will never be forgotten.
Player: marid
Haroun: We are the chosen ones. Those who walk the path to enlightenment with serenity and humility.
Player: bye
Haroun: Farewell! May the serene light of the enlightened one rest shine on your travels.
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