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Sherry McRonald

Sherry McRonald

Can be found in Thais
Player: bye
Sherry McRonald: Grace our home with another visit soon, Broulf Bendezeris.
Player: hi
Sherry McRonald: Hello Broulf Bendezeris! Welcome to our humble farm. If you need food, just ask me for a trade.
Player: trade
Sherry McRonald: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Player: Name
Sherry McRonald: I am Sherry McRonald.
Player: Job
Sherry McRonald: I and my husband run this farm.
Player: Husband
Sherry McRonald: My husband Donald is busy on the fields almost all night and day.
Player: Fields
Sherry McRonald: The druids helped us by placing a blessing on the fields of our farm.
Player: Farm
Sherry McRonald: It is a hard work, but the city needs us.
Player: City
Sherry McRonald: The city needs our crops.
Player: Crops
Sherry McRonald: t's hard to harvest it, carry it to the mill in the north and make flour. If you can bake some bread I will buy it for 2 gold.
Player: Mill
Sherry McRonald: The miller is a lazy fellow and afraid of his own mill, because he thinks it is spooked.
Player: Spooked
Sherry McRonald: I don't know for sure. The miller claims that his mill is threatened by some monsters sometimes.
Player: Eclesius
Sherry McRonald: Oh, he's a nice old man. He often comes and buys our goods. I haven't seen him since a while though.
Player: Frodo
Sherry McRonald: He is a friend of my husband.
Player: Sam
Sherry McRonald: He is too busy to care much about farmers like us.
Player: Gorn
Sherry McRonald: He doesn't talk much to us.
Player: Oswald
Sherry McRonald: This lazy fellow has nothing better to do than to spread rumours.
Player: Elane
Sherry McRonald: We a mere peasants and don't know much about the guild leaders.
Player: Marvik
Sherry McRonald: We a mere peasants and don't know much about the guild leaders.
Player: Muriel
Sherry McRonald: We a mere peasants and don't know much about the guild leaders.
Name Price
Bread Bread 2 Gold Coin
EturnaLL Me
By EturnaLL Me on 22 Dec 2015, 02:14

Thais, on Farm Lane. East to the Temple.

on 22 Dec 2015, 02:15
on 17 Nov 2016, 22:59
on 17 Dec 2016, 00:41


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