Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Venore
Spontaneous Speech: Mooh! Tah!; May your path be as straight as an arrow.
Player: Bye
Asrak: May your path be as straight as an arrow.
Player: Hi
Asrak: I welcome you, palyer! If you need paladin or knight spells, you've come to the right place.
Player: Mintwallin
Asrak: The city is only a shadow of what we could have accomplished without that curse of rage that the gods bestowed upon us.
Player: Mooh'Tah
Asrak: The Mooh'Tah teaches control. It provides you with weapon, armor, and shield. It teaches you harmony and focus.
Player: armor
Asrak: Courage is the only armor that shields you against rage and fear, the greatest dangers you are facing.
Player: army
Asrak: Your human army might be big but without skills. They are nothing than sheep to be slaughtered.
Player: battlesongs
Asrak: Each Mooh'Tah master focuses his skills on the harmony of battle. He is one with the song that he's singing with his voice or at least his heart.
Player: dungeon
Asrak: The dungeons of your desires and fears are not only the solely ones you have to fear but also the only ones you have to conquer.
Player: excalibug
Asrak: If it's truly a weapon to slay gods, it might be worth searching for it.
Player: ferumbras
Asrak: To rely on magic is like cheating fate. All cheaters will get their just punishment one day, and so will he.
Player: general
Asrak: The human generals are like their warriors. They lack the focus to be true warriors.
Player: gladiators
Asrak: Those wannabe fighters are weak and most of them are unable to comprehend a higher concept like the Mooh'Tah.
Player: gods
Asrak: They implanted the rage in us that almost cost our existence. They used us as pawns in wars that were not ours.
Player: harmony
Asrak: There is harmony in everything that is done correctly. If you feel the harmony of an action, you can sing its song.
Player: help
Asrak: I teach worthy warriors the way of the knight.
Player: job
Asrak: I'm the overseer of the pits and a paladin trainer, but I also know some knight spells.
Player: king or Tibianus
Asrak: I pledge no allegiance to any king, be it human or minotaurean.
Player: minotaur
Asrak: In the ancient wars we lost many things due to our rage. The only good thing is that we lost our trust in the gods, too.
Player: monsters
Asrak: Inferior creatures of rage, driven by their primitive urges. They are only useful to test one's skills.
Player: name
Asrak: I'm known as Asrak the Ironhoof.
Player: rage
Asrak: Rage is the legacy of Blog, the beast. It is our primary goal to overcome this rage. The Mooh'Tah is our only hope of salvation and perfection.
Player: shield
Asrak: Your confidence shall be your shield. Nothing can penetrate that defence.
Player: song or sing
Asrak: Each harmonic action has it own song. If you can sing it, you are in harmony with that action. This is where the minotaurean battle songs come from.
Player: spell
Asrak: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: time
Asrak: It is 7:35 pm.
Player: venore
Asrak: The city pays me well and those undisciplined gladiators need my skills and guidance badly.
Player: weapon
Asrak: Make your will your weapon, and your enemies will perish.
Name Price
Conjure Arrow Conjure Arrow 450 Gold Coins
Conjure Explosive Arrow Conjure Explosive Arrow 1000 Gold Coins
Conjure Poisoned Arrow Conjure Poisoned Arrow 700 Gold Coins
Cure Poison Cure Poison 150 Gold Coins
Find Person Find Person 80 Gold Coins
Food Food 300 Gold Coins
Great Light Great Light 500 Gold Coins
Intense Healing Intense Healing 350 Gold Coins
Light Light 0 Gold Coins
Light Healing Light Healing 0 Gold Coins
Magic Shield Magic Shield 450 Gold Coins
Ultimate Healing Ultimate Healing 1000 Gold Coins
Wound Cleansing Wound Cleansing 0 Gold Coins
By Nikz on 23 Jun 2016, 02:43

He sells spells for paladins and knights on the city of venore.

on 22 Mar 2016, 20:08
on 19 Oct 2016, 21:31
on 22 Oct 2016, 23:15
on 24 Sep 2018, 18:36


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