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Can be found in Thais
Player: hi
Loria: Welcome Player.
Player: job
Loria: I am studying the power of magic all the time.
Player: magic
Loria: I could tell you much about all sorcerer spells, but you won't understand it. Anyway, feel free to ask me.
Player: time
Loria: Time means nothing to me.
Player: name
Loria: I am Loria, a former apprentice of Alatar, the Sage.
Player: lake
Loria: I hope you like it. It is named like my master, Alatar, the Sage.
Player: alatar
Loria: Well, he was my great master. He taught me all these fantastic things about magic. I really miss him.
Player: quest
Loria: I heard from a mystic bone of the lich lord below the House of Necromant. Bring it to me, and you will receive a reward.
Player: necromant
Loria: He lived in a lonely house in the south eastern part of Tibia beyond the mountains.
Player: reward
Loria: I'll teach you a very seldom spell.
Player: spell
Loria: I'll teach you 'exevo gran mas vis', but bring me this bone first!
Player: gorn
Loria: He runs an equipment shop close to the north gate of the city.
Player: murie
Loria: He runs his magic shop in the southwest of the city. He sells runes and spells and helps you, if you want to become a sorcerer.
Player: xodet
Loria: He runs a magic shop in the main road.
Player: find person
Loria: If you search someone, this spell will give you an idea of the direction you must head. You will not be able to see, whether he is below or above you.
Player: light
Loria: A ray of light will emerge from your flat hand to illuminate your environment.
Player: light healing
Loria: The paths to the next temple are long. Even in Tibia. So learn this spell, and be able to heal yourself during your travels. This spell will only cure small wounds, but it is pretty helpful.
Player: light magic missile
Loria: You can activate this spell by pointing your index finger in the direction of your enemy, conjure the power of your rune and shoot the magic missiles in your enemy's body.
Player: antidote
Loria: This spell sucks the venom out of your veins, that some enemy might have injected.
Player: intense healing
Loria: This spell will cure more wounds or greater ones at once. This is of course more 'mana intensive', but everybody will sooner or later get in a situation where mana is nothing - compared to life.
Player: poison field
Loria: This spell will create a single field of poisonous gas. Cast it on a creature you were not able to arrange a peace treaty with. If it has no antidote, watch what could happen if you forget yours.
Player: fire field
Loria: This spell acts similar to the 'poison field' spell, except that you create fire instead of poisonous gas. Don't enter it yourself or you will realize why it is said that 'fire eats everything'.
Player: heavy magic missile
Loria: Remember the spell where you only got to wave your hand? Well, wave it twice and shoot a heavy magic missile at your enemy. This spell will create a rune with five charges.
Player: magic shield
Loria: I could tell you much about all sorcerer spells, but you won't understand it. Anyway, feel free to ask me.
Player: fireball
Loria: A perfect symbiosis of fire and wind. More is not to be said about this spell. Use this fireball as a warning or as your defence, but don't burn your fingers.
Player: energy field
Loria: This one will create a field of energy. Everyone stepping in will be struck from lightning. This field will not last as long as poison or fire fields, but it is more deadly.
Player: destroy field
Loria: Trapped again between fire, poison and energy fields? This spell will give you the ability to destruct the fields, so you can pass safely.
Player: fire wave
Loria: Turn to you opponent and release the forces of nature with a whisper of your voice. A triangle of fire will burn all persons in your view, so take care, in which direction you look!
Player: ultimate healing
Loria: This spell is able to cure almost every injury at a higher cost than the other healing spells.
Player: great fireball
Loria: Imagine scaling the normal fireball by two and raising the fire temperature.
Player: firebomb
Loria: With a snip of your finger you can cover the floor with a burning carpet that keeps on burning for a while.
Player: poison wall
Loria: With this one you can create a huge wall of poisonous gas. Many monsters will be too scared to pass the wall and if they do, they will choke from nausea.
Player: explosion
Loria: A strong blast of fire wounds the opponent you point at, and the adjacent squares.
Player: firewall
Loria: As the poison wall, this spell creates an even larger wall of fire, burning everyone who passes.
Player: great energy beam
Loria: A lightning bolt strikes the point you look at.
Player: invisible
Loria: This spell drains the colors out of you body, making yourself invisible for an hour or two.
Player: summon creature
Loria: This one gives you the ability to summon monsters that aid you in your battles.
Player: energy wall
Loria: Attracts lightning bolts from the sky, to form a giant wall, seriously damaging everyone who passes.
Player: sudden death
Loria: The best spell for deciding a battle within seconds. The spell tries to interrupt the opponents heart beat, leading to his instant death in most cases.
Player: ultimate explosion
Loria: A strong blast of fire wounds the opponent you point at, and the adjacent squares.
Player: bye
Loria: May the magic be with you, Player.
By Jeilyn on 12 May 2016, 02:01

Is located in North Lake (Thais).

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