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Cranky Lizard Crone

Cranky Lizard Crone

Can be found in Razachai
Player: hi
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hello zere! Erm, iz... iz zere zomeone zere? Come clozer I can't zee zo good anymore.
Player: anymore/name
Cranky Lizard Crone: My name iz... iz... hmmm, I zeem to have... forgotten it. Ah well I am old. Pleaze exzcuze my zilly behaviour. Ahehe.
Player: behaviour
Cranky Lizard Crone: All izz gtting harder and harder witzz zze yearzz, even my job.
Player: job
Cranky Lizard Crone: Oh I'm a fisherwoman, fishing zinze ze firzt day I can remember. Ahehe. In fact, my whole family waz. But now I... I am alone. I'm ze only one left.
Player: family
Cranky Lizard Crone: We were fisherz, all of uz. My whole family. Ze draught waz our life, yez. Now I catch zem on my own, no one iz here to help me anymore. But I get along.
Player: bye
Cranky Lizard Crone: Goodbye erm... your name waz... erm...
Player: Zao
Cranky Lizard Crone: The world in which we all dwell. I have been here for zo long now, zo long.
Player: emperor
Cranky Lizard Crone: Hm, I don't really know, it seemz I.. cannot really remember. Well, I guezz he did not interfere wiz ze lifez of uz small folk here in ze village. And we alwayz had problemz of our own.
Player: village
Cranky Lizard Crone: Yez, beautiful izn't it... ahehe. Ah, I live here, yez. For zuch a long time. Az far az I can remember, I waz alwayz here. I like ziz village, I really love it. Like I loved my family, ah my family... how I mizz zem now.
Player: spirits
Cranky Lizard Crone: Ze... ze zpiritz. Zey are everywhere - and nowhere. In ze morning zey zit on my windowzill, in ze evening zey linger on my very doorztepz. In ze night I can almozt hear zem calling for me, longing for my... zoul.
Player: memory
Cranky Lizard Crone: It iz gone... I cannot remember much. I am old, you know. I forget... zingz. Like my clozez, where did I put zem? My flowerz, too. Oh how I love flowerz. Almozt az much az my family. My poor family.
By Tibiasula on 14 Jun 2016, 20:28

She is an old lizard who lost her whole family. She wants to fulfill their last will. We meet her while doing The Spirit Will Get You Quest.

She exchanges Old Cape and Sedge Hat for addons of the Wayfarer Outfit.

on 25 Jun 2016, 00:53


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