Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Edron, Grimvale
Spontaneous Speech: Passage to Edron available here!
You can find NPC in this locations:
Player: Bye
Cornell: Good bye.
Player: Edron
Cornell: The isle of Edron is rumoured to have been the home of a powerful ancient race. But King Tibianus III reclaimed it for humanity and founded a colony.
Player: Gladys
Cornell: Our druid. She was already old when I was still young, and has been living here on Grimvale for ages. She's very interested in were-creature body parts. If you find any, she might give you some coin for them.
Player: Grimvale
Cornell: Grimvale is a small island north-east of here. But I have to warn you - strange and dangerous things are happening there.
Player: Maeryn
Cornell: She's become a kind of protector for this village. A forceful woman, very courageous and experienced with the bow.
Player: Owin
Cornell: He's the village's most experienced hunter. Not a young man anymore, but he can defend himself well enough against the werewolves. He's the one who knows most about Grimvale's forests, animals, and the werewolves here.
Player: dangerous
Cornell: Werewolves, my friend! They dwell on Grimvale, where a horrible were-sickness transforms peaceful villagers into savage beasts. Why or how the curse found its way to this small island, we do not know. But somehow it did.
Player: hi
Cornell: Welcome on board, Sir/Miss Player. May I sail you to the island nearby?
Player: job
Cornell: I'm offering a little ferry service between Edron and Grimvale.
Player: name
Cornell: My name is Cornell.
Player: no
Cornell: Then not. Have a nice stay on Edron.
Player: sail / yes
Cornell: Do you seek a passage to Grimvale for 100 gold? / Cornell: The price for a passage to Grimvale is 100 gold. Agreed?
Player: werewolves
Cornell: Yes, werewolves, indeed. They dwell here on Grimvale. The were-sickness transforms our peaceful villagers into savage beasts. Why or how this curse found us, we do not know yet. Only that it is here now.
Player: yes
Cornell: Off we go!
By Xaros on 30 Oct 2016, 21:18 - 10.97

If we are on Grimvale this npc can bring us to Edron for 100 Gold Coin .

Be careful! If it is the full moon (12, 13, 14 day of the month) and we are affected by the curse, the NPC won't talk with us until we cure ourselves by eating Purple Nightshade Blossoms .

By Sahery on 26 Jun 2016, 06:09

It takes you to the island Grimvale from 100 Gold Coin

on 16 Feb 2016, 00:30
on 13 Sep 2017, 18:17
on 13 Sep 2017, 18:17


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