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Can be found in Rookgaard
Player: Hi
Hyacinth: Greetings, traveller Player.
Player: gods
Hyacinth: As far as I know there is a library in the village. Teach yourself about the gods.
Player: job
Hyacinth: I am a druid and healer, a follower of Crunor.
Player: name
Hyacinth: I am Hyacinth.
Player: time
Hyacinth: Time does not matter to me.
Player: king
Hyacinth: I don't care about kings, queens, and the like.
Player: magic
Hyacinth: I am one of the few magic users on this isle. But I sense a follower of the dark path of magic hiding somewhere in the depths of the dungeons.
Player: tibia
Hyacinth: It is shaped by the will of the gods, so we don't have to question it.
Player: mainland
Hyacinth: There's a huge world waiting for you.
Player: Rookgaard
Hyacinth: I rarely visit the town. It's much better here.
Player: spell
Hyacinth: I can't teach you magic. On the mainland you will learn your spells soon enough.
Player: weapon
Hyacinth: I don't care much about weapons.
Player: monster
Hyacinth: Most of the so-called monsters of this isle are only creatures of the gods. There are some beasts that are truly monstrous on the mainland.
Player: dungeon
Hyacinth: The dungeons are dangerous for unexperienced adventurers.
Player: crunor
Hyacinth: May Crunor bless you and protect you on your journeys!
Player: amber
Hyacinth: I saw her stranding with her raft.
Player: cipfried
Hyacinth: His healing powers equal even mine.
Player: Dallheim
Hyacinth: A man of the sword.
Player: obi
Hyacinth: A greedy and annoying person as most people are.
Player: Al Dee
Hyacinth: One of those greedy merchants.
Player: tom
Hyacinth: Tom is the local tanner. That means he always needs fresh corpses or leather.
Player: willie
Hyacinth: An unpleasant person.
Player: seymour
Hyacinth: He has some inner devils that torture him.
Player: dixi
Hyacinth: I think she's under bad influence.
Player: Lily
Hyacinth: She's a druid. Since she started selling health potions, people visit me only rarely. Which is a good thing, but of course I'll help if I'm needed.
Player: Oracle
Hyacinth: The oracle will lead you to your destiny once you are level 8.
Player: destiny
Hyacinth: Who knows what it will be? Only time will show.
Player: sell
Hyacinth: I just sell some revitalizing life fluids.
Player: shield
Hyacinth: You'll have to buy that from one of the merchants in town. I'm just a simple druid and healer.
Player: druid
Hyacinth: There are only two other druids on Rookgaard, Lily and Cipfried.
Player: potion
Hyacinth: Yes, I sell small health potions. Ask me for a trade if you need one.
Player: food
Hyacinth: Are you hungry? I'm sorry, I have no food here.
Player: bye
Hyacinth: May Crunor bless you.
By darkos on 11 Jun 2016, 14:31

he is part of the rookie guard quest.

on 06 Apr 2016, 22:28


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