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Can be found in Svargrond
Spontaneous Speech: Greetings stranger. Let me know if you want to trade gems or jewellery. I am also the local bank contact.; Gems, jewels... all a woman could dream of is right here.; Leave your money with me where it's safe!
Player: Bye
Jessica: Good bye.
Player: Chyll
Jessica: That belongs to some superstitious belief of the locals.
Player: Edron
Jessica: All Thaian colonies are in the firm grip of the schemes of Venorean trade barons.
Player: Excalibug
Jessica: If that weapon existed, some greedy Venorean would have dug it up and sold it to the highest bidder.
Player: Ferumbras
Jessica: There are enough heroes around to take care of those obvious threats.
Player: Nibelor
Jessica: Some mysterious isle which was hardly seen by any outsider. I wonder what's happening there in all that secrecy.
Player: Svargrond
Jessica: This wannabe city full of hardly civilised barbarians is a dangerous mixture. It takes little for the Venorean agents to cause havoc here.
Player: Thais
Jessica: Thais is just a puppet of Venore without knowing it.
Player: Uman
Jessica: The gods only help those who help themselves.
Player: Venore
Jessica: The trade barons are the worst enemies one can have. They have their hidden agents everywhere and murder and treachery are natural to them.
Player: advanced
Jessica: Your bank account will be used automatically when you want to rent a house or bid on an item on the market. Let me know if you want to know about how either one works.
Player: bank
Jessica: We can change money for you. You can also access your bank account or your guild account options.
Player: bank account
Jessica: Every Tibian has one. The big advantage is that you can access your money in every branch of the Tibian Bank! ...
Jessica: Would you like to know more about the basic functions of your bank account, the advanced functions, or are you already bored, perhaps?
Player: barbarians
Jessica: Those are simple people. Sadly, they have been influenced by others.
Player: basic
Jessica: You can check the balance of your bank account, deposit money or withdraw it. You can also transfer money to other characters, provided that that they have a vocation and are not on Dawnport.
Player: chakoyas
Jessica: We have never ever seen one here. Instead of talking about far-off chakoyas, they should concentrate on REAL threats like the Venoreans.
Player: enemies
Jessica: Well, there is Venore and there are those who work for Venore. They SEEM to lack any interest in here but I know it better! The frightening thing is that we have no idea to what they are up this time.
Player: god
Jessica: The gods only help those who help themselves.
Player: guild
Jessica: You can transfer money from your account to the account of a guild via player guild transfer. If you are a member of a guild, you can deposit money on its account via guild deposit.
Jessica: If you are leader or vice leader of a guild, you can also withdraw gold from your guild account via guild withdraw or use a guild transfer to transfer money from your guild to another guild.
Jessica: As a leader or vice leader of a guild you can also transfer money from your guild account to a player account via guild player transfer.
Jessica: Please keep in mind that we may need some time to process such requests.
Player: hi
Jessica: Greetings stranger. Let me know if you want to trade gems or jewellery. I am also the local bank contact.
Player: jarl
Jessica: The local chieftain does nothing to help us. It would be so easy for him to drive those other barbarians away from the mines. I suspect he was bribed to remain inactive by agents of Venore.
Player: job
Jessica: I sell jewellery and serve as the local bank contact.
Player: king
Jessica: The king in Thais works for the Venorean trade barons. I can't imagine what sinister ideas they might implant into his mind right now.
Player: market
Jessica: If you buy an item from the market, the required gold will be deducted from your bank account automatically. On the other hand, money you earn for selling items via the market will be added to your account. It's easy!
Player: mines
Jessica: How convenient for Venore that we lost control over the mines. And isn't it also convenient for Venore that Carlin seems to lack interest to recapture the mines. I'd say that smells like conspiracy.
Player: mission
Jessica: I don't have anything to do for you.
Player: monsters
Jessica: There are enough monsters around to suit the taste of any adventurer. It's all too easy to forget the Venorean threat here.
Player: name
Jessica: My name is Jessica.
Player: news
Jessica: There are no news. I think that's quite suspicious
Player: queen
Jessica: If only our queen would know, how the Venoreans are scheming her downfall.
Player: raiders
Jessica: Of course those raiders work for Venore. The only question is if they are aware of it or not.
Player: rent
Jessica: Renting a house has never been this easy. Simply make a bid for an auction. We will check immediately if you have enough money ...
Jessica: Please keep in mind that the sum you have used to bid will be unavailable unless somebody places a higher bid. Once you have acquired a house the rent will be charged automatically from your bank account every month.
Player: shamans
Jessica: I can't say that I trust these fellows.
Player: trade
Jessica: Here, take a look.
Player: yeti
Jessica: There are no yetis. That's just another story to draw off our attention from what is really happening.
Name Price
Amber Amber 20000 Gold Coin
Amber with a Bug Amber with a Bug 41000 Gold Coin
Amber with a Dragonfly Amber with a Dragonfly 56000 Gold Coin
Ancient Coin Ancient Coin 350 Gold Coin
Bar of Gold Bar of Gold 10000 Gold Coin
Black Pearl Black Pearl 280 Gold Coin
Blue Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard 1500 Gold Coin
Blue Crystal Splinter Blue Crystal Splinter 400 Gold Coin
Brown Crystal Splinter Brown Crystal Splinter 400 Gold Coin
Coral Brooch Coral Brooch 750 Gold Coin
Crunor Idol Crunor Idol 30000 Gold Coin
Cyan Crystal Fragment Cyan Crystal Fragment 800 Gold Coin
Dragon Figurine Dragon Figurine 45000 Gold Coin
Gemmed Figurine Gemmed Figurine 3500 Gold Coin
Giant Amethyst Giant Amethyst 60000 Gold Coin
Giant Emerald Giant Emerald 90000 Gold Coin
Giant Ruby Giant Ruby 70000 Gold Coin
Giant Sapphire Giant Sapphire 50000 Gold Coin
Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl 3000 Gold Coin
Giant Topaz Giant Topaz 80000 Gold Coin
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 5000 Gold Coin
Gold Nugget Gold Nugget 850 Gold Coin
Golden Figurine Golden Figurine 3000 Gold Coin
Green Crystal Fragment Green Crystal Fragment 800 Gold Coin
Green Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard 1500 Gold Coin
Green Crystal Splinter Green Crystal Splinter 400 Gold Coin
Hexagonal Ruby Hexagonal Ruby 30000 Gold Coin
Lion Figurine Lion Figurine 10000 Gold Coin
Onyx Chip Onyx Chip 500 Gold Coin
Opal Opal 500 Gold Coin
Ornate Locket Ornate Locket 18000 Gold Coin
Prismatic Quartz Prismatic Quartz 450 Gold Coin
Rainbow Quartz Rainbow Quartz 500 Gold Coin
Red Crystal Fragment Red Crystal Fragment 800 Gold Coin
Skull Coin Skull Coin 12000 Gold Coin
Small Amethyst Small Amethyst 200 Gold Coin
Small Diamond Small Diamond 300 Gold Coin
Small Emerald Small Emerald 250 Gold Coin
Small Ruby Small Ruby 250 Gold Coin
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire 250 Gold Coin
Small Topaz Small Topaz 200 Gold Coin
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye 350 Gold Coin
Unicorn Figurine Unicorn Figurine 50000 Gold Coin
Violet Crystal Shard Violet Crystal Shard 1500 Gold Coin
Watermelon Tourmaline Watermelon Tourmaline 30000 Gold Coin
Watermelon Tourmaline Watermelon Tourmaline 230000 Gold Coin
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring 100 Gold Coin
White Pearl White Pearl 160 Gold Coin
White Silk Flower White Silk Flower 9000 Gold Coin
By Benxzzz on 03 Feb 2017, 10:01 - 11.04

Jessica Is NPC of Svargrond is the Banker and with him you can transfer/withdraw/deposit money Gold Coin Platinum Coin Crystal Coin .

By Tibiasula on 05 Jun 2016, 23:21

This NPC is located between depot and boat. She buys/sells jewelry.

on 23 Mar 2016, 19:26
on 01 Jul 2016, 03:01
on 30 Oct 2016, 05:18
on 31 Oct 2016, 21:33
on 08 Nov 2016, 22:36


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