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Can be found in Kazordoon, Robson's Isle, Thais
Spontaneous Speech: So much to do. So many things to be fixed.Still so much work.
You can find NPC in this locations:
Player: Hi
Junkar: Welcome, Player! You are lucky that the service is running right now. Save your coal for the days to come though!
Player: coal
Junkar: Ah, the black gold, dropped by many beasts.
Player: beasts
Junkar: Oh there are so many beasts that swallow coal in their ravenousness, unable to digest it. The carrion worms are the first that come to my mind. ...
Junkar: Other monsters pick up coal for different reasons. Cyclopes who are famous for their ironwork often carry some coal with them.
Player: job
Junkar: I run this steamboat of course. As long as there is enough coal left, that is. Are you looking for a passage?
Player: passage
Junkar: Where do you want me to take you? To Kazordoon, Thais or to Robsons Isle?
Player: dwarf
Junkar: My people are hardly understood by you humans. Only due to my constant contacts with humans I recognised the differences in our thought processes. ...
Junkar: Even if we can communicate and some motivation might be understood, there are things that cannot be grasped by the other race. ...
Junkar: For most things our communication is fine but when it comes to philosophy and outlook on life, there are differences that cannot be easily bridged.
Player: Bye
Junkar: See you next time!
By Oriibz on 19 Sep 2016, 05:15 - 10.97

He can transport:

From Sunken Mines to: Kazordoon (10 gp), Robson's Isle (70 gp) and Thais (90 gp).

From Thais for: Mines (90 gp), Kazordoon (100 gp) and Robson's Isle (80 gp).

Robson's Isle for: Sunken Mines (70 gp), Kazordoon (80 gp) and Thais (80 gp).

on 03 May 2017, 21:02


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