Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Ankrahmun
Spontaneous Speech: "Need ammunition, bows or crossbows? Have a look at my wares."
Player: Hi
Dario: Ashari Player. If you're a distance fighter, you might want to have a look at my wares and spells.
Player: Tibia
Dario: I travel a lot to see everything. For now I settle here for some time.
Player: ankrahmun
Dario: Ankrahmun is unlike any other city I've seen. Sometimes it gives me shivers ... on the other hand it makes me stay on guard and feel alive, despite the undeath cult.
Player: arena
Dario: People who fight here do it on their own choice. So I don't care.
Player: bye or asha thrazi
Dario: Asha Thrazi, player.
Player: carlin
Dario: I was there some time ago. It was lovely and reminded me of my home Ab'Dendriel.
Player: darama
Dario: This continent is hard and challenging. I like challenges.
Player: darashia
Dario: The city seemed a bit dull and peacefull to me, so I left for Ankrahmun.
Player: dwarfs or kazordoon
Dario: The small people are too hectic and greedy. They don't understand the harmony of nature.
Player: edron
Dario: I think Edron is quite typical for a human settlement.
Player: elves or ab'dendriel
Dario: Sometimes I miss my brethren and sisters. But for now I want to see the world and travel around.
Player: job
Dario: I am the master archer of the arena. I train distance fighters and sell them equipment.
Player: name
Dario: I am Dario of Ab'Dendriel.
Player: offer or buy
Dario: My offers are bows, crossbows and ammunition. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade. I also teach paladin spells.
Player: rah or uthun
Dario: I don't care for this human concepts.
Player: scarab
Dario: Scarabs are dangerous. They are quick, resistant to poison and theis shells are hard as steel.
Player: spears
Dario: Yes, I sell spears. Ask me for a trade if you're interested to see my wares.
Player: thais
Dario: Thais is too crowded for my taste.
Player: time
Dario: Time is unimportant to me.
Player: trade
Dario: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Player: venore
Dario: I did not like the greedy attitude of the people there.
Name Price
Cancel Invisibility Cancel Invisibility 1600 Gold Coins
Conjure Arrow Conjure Arrow 450 Gold Coins
Conjure Bolt Conjure Bolt 750 Gold Coins
Conjure Explosive Arrow Conjure Explosive Arrow 1000 Gold Coins
Conjure Piercing Bolt Conjure Piercing Bolt 850 Gold Coins
Conjure Poisoned Arrow Conjure Poisoned Arrow 700 Gold Coins
Conjure Power Bolt Conjure Power Bolt 2000 Gold Coins
Conjure Sniper Arrow Conjure Sniper Arrow 800 Gold Coins
Cure Curse Cure Curse 6000 Gold Coins
Cure Poison Cure Poison 150 Gold Coins
Divine Caldera Divine Caldera 3000 Gold Coins
Divine Healing Divine Healing 3000 Gold Coins
Divine Missile Divine Missile 1800 Gold Coins
Enchant Spear Enchant Spear 2000 Gold Coins
Ethereal Spear Ethereal Spear 1100 Gold Coins
Find Person Find Person 80 Gold Coins
Great Light Great Light 500 Gold Coins
Haste Haste 600 Gold Coins
Holy Flash Holy Flash 7500 Gold Coins
Intense Healing Intense Healing 350 Gold Coins
Intense Recovery Intense Recovery 10000 Gold Coins
Levitate Levitate 500 Gold Coins
Light Light 0 Gold Coins
Light Healing Light Healing 0 Gold Coins
Magic Rope Magic Rope 200 Gold Coins
Recovery Recovery 4000 Gold Coins
Salvation Salvation 8000 Gold Coins
Strong Ethereal Spear Strong Ethereal Spear 10000 Gold Coins
Summon Emberwing Summon Emberwing 50000 Gold Coins
By Jeilyn on 05 Jun 2016, 06:16

Dario Is located almost opposite of Depot, in the third floor.

on 26 Mar 2016, 15:59
on 01 Nov 2016, 22:18
on 04 Nov 2016, 19:52


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