Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


Can be found in Liberty Bay
Spontaneous Speech: Ohhh Tibia, my one true love...; Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!; Demons dance in the hall of bones!; Laaaaand of the twin suns, how beautiful you are...; The stars are so pretty, so pretty tonight...; Okay, now I need some rum to keep my throat wet.
Player: Carlin
Bradford: In Carlin the arts are held in high value. I'd love to visit that city one day. If I only wouldn't get seasick that easily.
Player: Excalibug
Bradford: The legends about this weapon are by far older than our settlement. So I doubt that anyone will find a clue about its whereabouts here.
Player: Ferumbras
Bradford: Once Ferumbras was the most powerful sorcerer in the known lands. He was in liege with the powers of evil and darkness. Rumour has it that he is so evil that not even hell can keep him captive after his death ...
Bradford: So he escapes now and then to the world of the living to wreak havoc once again.
Player: HI
Bradford: Greetings, traveller Sewif Herigaronn.
Player: Thais
Bradford: Thais is the centre of a huge kingdom. As such it must be marvellous and filled with wonders and people from all over the world.
Player: Treasure
Bradford: Hmmm, I'm just not in the mood to talk about treasures right now.
Player: Venore
Bradford: I heard Venore was built completely in a swamp. It must be a great sight indeed to see that strange city with your own eyes.
Player: bye
Bradford: Farewell, player.
Player: job
Bradford: I'm a bard and entertain the sailors and travellers here with my songs.
Player: songs
Bradford: Do you want me to sing a song?
Player: traveller
Bradford: I'm a bard and entertain the sailors and travellers here with my songs.
Player: yes
Bradford: Ding! Dong! The witch is dead! The witch is dead...
By Nikz on 23 Jun 2016, 02:44

You can found Bradford on Liberty bay, he talks about many topics his job its entertains people.

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