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Can be found in Liberty Bay
Player: Admiral Wyrmslicer
Chantalle: He's handsome, yet a bit old. And sadly you'll never get rich being in the army. It's a shame but for these reasons he probably will never be able to find an accomplished woman.
Player: Charlotta
Chantalle: It's the name of a scary old hag that the natives sometimes call if they are sick. Why don't they just buy some medicine or call for a healer? Silly people.
Player: Chondur
Chantalle: Who might that be? Probably one of these horrible natives.
Player: Eleonore
Chantalle: She's a bit younger than me and a bit jealous that I and her father get along with each other so well.
Player: Ferumbras
Chantalle: He's some evil sorcerer. Sorcerers are horrible people anyway.
Player: Hi
Chantalle: Hello. What brings you here?
Player: Isolde
Chantalle: She thinks she is better than everyone else. But I know that a good part of her so-called noble family lives in Carlin, imagine!
Player: Liberty Bay
Chantalle: What a horrible, horrible little town. Have you seen those huts some people live in? How can they stand this? Silly people. And that stench! Everything and everyone that is native smells like fish! Horrible, I say it's just horrible!
Player: Loveless
Chantalle: You can say that Mr. Loveless is kind of an ambassador of Venore. He is very important and I run his business here. He's a good friend of the local governor and back in Venore he's an important figure of the trade association.
Player: Raymond Striker
Chantalle: That is one of those horrible cutthroats that lead the pirates.
Player: Thais
Chantalle: Thais must be a wonderful place. Almost comparable to Venore as far as I can tell.
Player: Tristan
Chantalle: Quite handsome and what a well-trained body he has. I can't imagine what he sees in this colourless and pale Isolde.
Player: Venore
Chantalle: Venore is such a wonderful place. Mr. Loveless had to leave it to come here to Liberty Bay for business matters and to become Venore's representative here.
Player: bye
Chantalle: Farewell.
Player: cult
Chantalle: I don't know anything about a cult. On the other hand, I wouldn't be too surprised if this fish smelling natives, that are up to no good anyway, would have some horrible cult.
Player: explorer society
Chantalle: I don't understand why someone would want to go to some dirty corners of the world or crawl through dusty dungeons. Phew.
Player: goblets
Chantalle: Ah, our newest import! We have golden goblets, silver goblets and bronze goblets. All of them have space for a hand-written dedication.
Player: governor
Chantalle: The governor is a fine and polite man. I think he even likes me a bit. <
Chantalle: giggles>
Chantalle: Sad enough that people who like him or Mr. Loveless are rare here.
Player: horrible
Chantalle: Yes, horrible. Isn't it?
Player: job
Chantalle: I'm a trader and I sell gems, jewellery and goblets. Just ask me for my offers.
Player: king
Chantalle: The king must be a very special man. I think he's handsome and tall.
Player: name
Chantalle: My name is Chantalle.
Player: offers
Chantalle: I sell gems and goblets. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: pirates
Chantalle: Pirates are scary. Mr. Loveless tries hard to get the army to do more against these horrible pirates. Unfortunately the army people are rather reluctant and always find some excuse for their inactivity.
Player: plantations
Chantalle: I better don't think about all those dirty people that work on the plantations, else I could no longer enjoy my sugared tea. Imagine that their ugly dirty hands have touched this sugar.
Player: quara
Chantalle: These horrible fishmen even haunt me in my dreams! I'm sure the natives are in league with them. It's no coincidence that they both smell alike.
Player: rum
Chantalle: It tastes horrible. I can't understand what people like about it.
Player: sugar
Chantalle: Sugar is quite important as far as I understand it.
Player: time
Chantalle: Currently it is (hour) am/pm.
Player: trade
Chantalle: Here, take a look.
Player: voodoo
Chantalle: Isn't that the name of the governor's daughter's dog?
By Nikz on 20 Jun 2016, 16:37

Chantelle its part of the mission 6 of The Thieves Guild Quest.

on 23 Mar 2016, 19:21
on 15 Jun 2016, 03:24
on 29 Oct 2016, 14:48


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